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How Scotland's influence created the United States Sovereign Identity and Laws
All Articles on this page are copyright by Gary Gianotti

By Robert J. Silverstein,

This explains Roberts Scots guild control and its influence in all of the United States art and symbolism origins to the United States Identity!


Robert Scot was sent to America by several factions of Scottish Royal families as, "The International Guild President." His authority would cover all practicing artisans being of all nationalities operating in the American colonies; as well as other European countries. Only Robert Scot was granted the Royal authority (and trained from childhood) to use the Scottish Royal Culture Symbols of the House of Stuart in the commissioned artistry he produced. Accompanying this authority is the right to use Royal religious symbol "E" which grants divinity from God.

Meaning, their was a plan set in motion to infuse Scottish Royal Culture into the U.S. Federal System. This newly introduced insignia which originates in the history of Scottish Royal culture will act as the official authoritative backingin country affairs with foreign nations. So, using his platform in America Very Discreetly working as the official International Artisan Guild President, he was able to successfully wield his influence behind the scenes of well known artisans that provided the foundation artwork for America's insignia and long list of other official state relics through Congressional Committees.

The Silverstein Proposition: George Washington felt "Obligated" to become America's first President not because of his love for the people, but because Prince Edward Stuart died in 1788. George Washington personal life was submerged in generational traditions of Scottish Royal culture. His relationships through Scottish Masonic Lodges who adhered to Strict Observance was his obligation, not the common person. The Zoroastrian Phoenix which transformed into an Eagle is where divine authority originates and this symbol belongs to Prince Edward Stuart. Born on December 31st 1720 in Italy on the new year his birth song celebrated by the Pope Cement XI was the Phoenix. This Transformational Phoenix was worn on Washington's earliest Commander & Chief's uniform in 1775. Meaning, this was his army, and his Scottish noble Jacobites out of power were the true movement behind America's cause.

Allusion: George Washington's 1774/1775 Continental Army Uniform Button depicted the "Sons of Liberty 13 Stripes" on the Bonnie Prince's Zoroastrian Pheonix insignia. As General of the Continental Army against the British empire, George Washington carried this Zoroastrian Crest on his buttons from the first battle in Cambridge when it broke out in 1775. Then 12 years later with the death of the Bonnie Prince in 1788, Robert Scot skillfully transformed the Scottish Zoroastrian Fire Alter with Prince Edward Stuart's Phoenix into the American Eagle for the U.S. Federal government. This also placed Robert Scot into the position of being able to graft the Kings Right of Sovereignty " E," and through the Artisan allusion technique, he was able to lay it into the foundation of the Grand Architects Design for our government,- NOT into a representational symbol for George Washington. This is supported by the infusion of the letter "E" into 18th century governmental insignia and state relics which were created by the same Philadelphia artisans under Robert Scot's Masters authority.

Why I Love Buttons: George Washington's Gilt Zoroastrian Phoenix / Eagle Uniform button he wore as Commander and Chief would be the earliest "Artist Creation" of the Great Seal of the United States! With Gary Gianotti's irrefutable evidence that Robert Scot was the International Artisan Guild President directly from Scotland, he had behind the scenes influence and was behind the symbolism of the Scottish crown, and influence behind the Great Seal Design within Congressional Committees. This button engraved by Robert Scot to be worn by George Washington ended up being transformed into America's Eagle, The Great Seal of the United States!

The creation of both the Presidential and the United States great seals evolved directly from the symbolism of the exiled Scottish Sovereigns. The evolution of the right to rule that predates the 1745 Up-Rising in Great Britain with the founding of the United States.

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Confessor Cross

Garry Gianotti
Gary has been sending in articles for the site for a number of years so thought we should bring all his articles under this page instead of spreading them throughout the site and so below you will find his various contributions and also ones where he has been quoted in...

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Gary Gianotti — Great Seal of the USA - Stuart Freemasonry
Dr. Robert Hieronimus and Gary Gianotti discussing the Washington Peace Medal, now finally authenticated by the punchmarks, Joseph Wright, Dr. Baraby,, the Nathaniel Ames Revolutionary War Flag the only period 13 Stars and Stripes proven authentic to exist in US history from the American Revolution. Hey that's just the first ten minutes! Happy 4th America.

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