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Arbroath and its Abbey
Appendix - No. III.—Selections

From the Records of the Magistrates and Council of Arbroath, illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants about the time of the Reformation.

THESE selections are in the first place burgh, made from a court-book in the town-house of Arbroath, very carefully written in the old character, and extending from Michaelmas 1563 to 1575. The entries here given are only specimens of many others of a similar kind.

12 November 1563.—The quhilk day Magy Thornton, of her awin fie will., oblist her to pay vj sh to the bailyeis and town, gyf shoe tuk in ony brandy to sell in tym to cure, without leif of the bailyeis.

26 Nov. 1563. —The qlk day it is found be the bailyeis and court that Richart Brown sail pass to the chapell the morne, and ask Jonat Cary and Jhon Ramsay her son forgyffness for calling her ane shoe witch, and him ane he witch; and the said Jhon Ramsay sail ask the said Ricliart forgy$anes for calling him theif carll.

2 Jan. 1563-4.—The qlk day it is fund be the assys aboue writyn that Jonat Carynton the spous of Robert Spynk, Jhon Spynk her son, and Agnes Spynk her douchter, his down wrang in the trubling of Tybbe Boury and Jhon Stewart her servand; and lykweyes the said parsons ar fund in the wrang for the trubling of Mage Henderson; and the said Jonat, Jhon her son, and Agnes her dowchter, ilk ane of them, ar amerciat for the trubling of the said Tybbe, Jhon, and Margreit, and dowin gyffin thairvpon.—Decernit be James Pekyman, chancier.

The qlk day Nyniane Hales is cum lawbroich for David Guthre that Jhon Spynk sail be skaithles of bodily harm of the said David, ondyr the payn of law.

The qlk day it is decernit be the assis aboue writtyn that yf ony of the foirsaids parsonis molest or trubill udders in tym to cunt, and be complainet, they sail pay xxi sh to be disporiit as the bailyeis thynks expedient for the tym; to the qlk the saids parteis consentit.

25 February 15G3-4. — The qlk day Jlwn Cargyll and George Garden ar chosyn punders to kelp the comown griss and corn, and sail have for ilk aker of the falds and burrow rudis of qubeit, ry, banis, peis, and aits, iiij d; and the saids punders sail mak the griss and corns haill at the end of the Bair seid, or fynd ane punder thairfor, quhairthrow the man that hes sustend the skaith may be recompensit and satisfeit.

It is statute be the bailyeis and counsell gyf ony man mispersone ane of the townis flesh prissers and ony uder officers in the exsecution of the office thairof, thay, be, burges or his wyf, sal pay viij sh for the first tym, and xvi sh the nyxt tym, and say oft as thay mak falt to be dowblit; and gyf thay be onfre, the man sal be put [in] the stokis and the woman in the gowis for the, first tym, and gyf they comit sick lyk again they sal be banist the town for yeir and day.

Item, that na manor of personis have middenis upon the hyegait Langer nor viii dayis, nor stanes nor clay langer nor yeir and day, onder the payn of viij sh.

It is stated and ordainit that thair be nae mercats upon the Sabouith day befoir aucht hours, noder flesh nor uder merchandeis, on the pain of viii sh.

2 June 1564.—Nyniane Clement, minister, is made Ire and burgess, and hes maid the aith to the town, as use is, and sail pay the spyce and wyne to the bailyeis and counsall.

26 June.—David Ferror is amerciat for falt of presens to ansuer for braking of the common statute in balding of tuitherds, and down gyffyn thairupon.

27 July.—Anent the day assignit to Jhon Hales to enter Alexr. Paterson, burges in Dundee, for the wrangous braking of the mereat eors of this broich, and way-taking of ane part of the w ark of the samin, comperit the said Jhon Hales and aleggit the said Alexr. Paterson to be passet to his merchandeis fourth of this realm, and desyret the bailyeis to assign him ane competent term to present the said Alexr.; at quhais request the bailyeis assigriit the sext day of October nyxt to cum to the said Jhon to enter the said Aiexr, onder the payn of xl lib., conform to the act maid thairupon befoir; and gyf the said Alexr. comperis not the said day the said Jhon Hales obleist him as afoir, gyf the said Alexr. be within the realm to enter him within the tolbuith of this broich, he beand warnit fourty dayis of this be the bailyeis and officers, and day assignit thair to, how soon or quhat tym he be requirit. [This entry is deleted in the original record.]

28 July.—The qlk day comperit George Halis and said in jugment gyf ther wes ony sik thing as ane witch Jonat Lam wes ane, and James Davis affirmet the samin ; and the bailyeis descernit the said mater to pass to ane assize this day xv dayis. [The trial did not take place.]

2 September per David Peirson and William Scott. --Willyam Crysty is amerciat for braking the comon statute, sellyng his aill derrer na iii d the pynt, and dowm gyffyn thairupon.

The qik day Willyeam Crysty maid the aith in jugment that he dreids bodelye harm of Willyeam Scott, bailyie, and desyrit law bowrowis of hym ; and David Peirson, bailyie, stud gude for his. coleig, that the said Willyeam Crysty suld sustan na harm be the said Willyeam Scott.

Curia capitulis burgi de Arbroithok tenta in pretorio ejusdem per David Peirson et Wm. Scott, secundo die mense Octobris Anno Domini M. quadmo sexagesimo qto. [1564.]

The qlk day David Peirson is chosyng bailye for the plaice [the Abbey], and Wlm. Scott for the town; George Garden and Jhon Cargyll, officers; and John Dunlop, clerk.

6 Oct.—James Davis hes tayn the comon firlots, custom, and ladyll, for aucht merks vij sh ; and James Ramsay is cum caution to the bailyeis for the said viij merks.

Nyniane Clament hes tayn the sowth buith, onder the tolbuith, for xiiij sh vi a; and David Peirson the north-most buith, for x sh iiij d; and Sant Nycholas thre buttis of feld land set to David Ferror for three yeirs, for three punds vi sh in the yeir.

The names of the Counsall: Adam Peirson, Jhon Aikman, Willyeam Bardy, Patre Ramsay, Jhon Lyne, Alex. Lyell, Jhon Halis, James Ramsay, Copyne Guthre, Nyniane Halis.

Lynars: Alexr. Lyell, Jhon Lyne, Jhon Akman, Jhon Halis, Jhon Dunlop.

Dyikprissers: Thom. Gardyne, Wlm. Ochterlony, Jhon Peirsone, Wat. Jak, Nyniane Yowng.

Jhon Henderson said in jugment that David Bran is ane comoun theif ; upon the qlk the said David askit act.

Wilm. Ochterlony is cum sourtie and lawbroich for Jhon Henderson that David Bran sal be skaithles of hym of bodely harm, onder the payn contenit in the law.

Kepars of the keyes of the kyst: Jhon Hales, Patro Ramsay, Wilm. Ochterlony.

10 Nov.—David Blak is electit and chosyng maister of schuill, and sail have ten pundis of our lady chaiplanry ilk yeir to his fe, and iiij sh for ilk fremans barn within the town, and his wantaig of the barns without the town, sa lang as the said David maks gude service thairfoir.

19 January 1564-5.--Comperit Andro Fethy in Gund, and persewit Thomas Garden, burges in Arbrot, for xx sh mony for rest of certain Bair, and referit the samin to the said Thomas aith; comperit the said Thomas, and maid the with in jugment, and deponyt that he wes not awand to the said Andro ane peny mony nor silver; and the said Andro said in jugment, Be all the wordis of this buyk he is mensworne; upon the qlk the said Thomas askit act of court.

Comperit Alexr. Wat, and aleggit that Jonat Paterson his wyf did mony divers thyngs by [without] his comand and counsall; and thairfoir protestit quhatever show dyd to his hurt in tym to cum, suld not be hurt nor skaith to him; and askit act of court thairupon.

3 February.—The bailye Wilm. Scot, at the comand of the comoun counsall, delivert the . akir qlk was Wat Nycholl's in the aid fald to David Segat; the said David payand thairfor to the town aucht merks, and the said David oblist hym to cum and duell within this broicb, and scott, lott, walk, and ward with them.

The bailyeis comandyt Jhon Dunlop to gyf Andro Gib his twa potts again qlk was tayn for Sant Nycholas an-well, the said Andro payand to James Ramsay, depositer, xi sh, qlk fourty schelenis Jhon Hales payit to the said James.

2 March.—Anent the complaint of Nyniane Clament, mynister, upon Jonat Boyis for myssaying hym, alegand that lie cawsit her to part with twa barnis; the bailye and court takand cognission in the said mater, fyndis the said Jonat's complant of nan effect nor avayll, and the said Jonat is maid be the bailye and court to cum to the chapell upon Sonday nyxt to cum, or gyf show may not that day, to cum ony uder day or tym befoir the bailyeis and nybors quhow sown schow may be haill of body, and ask the said mynister forgiffanis; and gyf schow duis siklik in tym to cum, to be put in the gowis, and set thair fra the son riysing qll [till] the ganging to thairof, and forder indurand the bailyeis will; and dowm gyffyn thairupon.

17 March.—It is decretit be the bailyeis and court that David Lychtoune in Newtown sail deliver to Jonat Brown in Crowdy all the corns and sheip qlk ar contenit in ane decreit, gyffyn be Nynian Hales, Jlion A man, Wlm Ochterlony, Jhon Ochterlony, and Jhon Ledall, qlk parsonis sail conven upon sonday, and decern upon certain claims debatabill betwixt the said David Lych-toune and Jonat Brown ; and baith the saids parteis ar sworn in jugment to stand at the deliverans ; and thairupon the saids David and Jonat requirit act.

In the action and caus mwfit be Nyniane Ywong agains Rob. Croftis anent the warrandys of twa schelenis anuell rent, clamyt be Den Thomas Fethy, master of comon, of the tenement of land quher the said Nyniane dwellis, upon the west syd of Coipgait, qlk tenement the said Robert said and analeit to Thomas Young, fader to the said Nyniane, fre of all anuellis excep the kyngis mark, as his charter producit befoir the bailycis, maid thairupon, at mair lynth proports, &c.

4 April 1565.—The sam day James Schabart protestit that he mycht haue tym and place to call Wlm Yowng and his spous for twa pair of schetis, ane welwet parclaith, sewyne powder weschell, ane bucrowm apron, 16 wder dudis, gair worth twenty punds, qlk the said James allegges by the gair that eves prisit.

11 May 1565.—Thom. Grant is maid fro man of the broich, and hes maid the aith to the town, as us is, and sail pay to my lord of Regy vj sh viij d.

It is statut and ordanit be the bailycis and comunite that quhatsomever person within this broich byis flesh fra ony fleshar and payis not the samin within aucht dayis the fleshar sall shave to the officers, and than incontenent the officers sail pas with the said fleshar and pund the avail of the flesh without ony calling or jugment; and gyf the said fleshar causes pund 'wrangusly, he sail restoir the pund agane, with viij sh to the bailyeis.

It is fund by interloquiter and ward of court that George Bowar hes doun wrang in the myssaying of Wim Crysty, and is ordained that the said George sail pass to the mercat cross and ask the said WVlm forgyfanis for amendis; and gif he duis siklyk in tym to cum to the said Wim or ony uder honest man, he sal be banist the town.

20 June 1565, (Statut of myddynis).—It is statut and ordanit be the bailyeis and comunite that thair be na mwk, turves, clay, nor stanis laid upon the he cawsay within four fut to the rigging-stane upon every syde; and every man to have the cawsay Glen ilk fyften dayis anent his heyd rowm, under the payn of viij sh, excep clay or stanis to ane bigand, to be our seyn at the sycht of the bailyeis and counsal.

The bailyeis and nychtbours lies commandit James Ramsay, depositur, to gif Jhon Farar, litstar, ten punds mony of the comon gud to supple and help hym, quhill [till] God releve the said Jhon that he be abill to pay the samin againe.

The xxvij day of July anno 1565, the bailyeis counsal and comunite of this broich, patrons of our lady chaiplaniy at the brig-end of Arbrot, now wacand in thair hands, for just and gud causis and yeirly augmentation of the rentell and uphald of the bigging qlk is now rouynws, with ane consent and assent grantit and gef in few and heretaig to Thomas Lyndsay [reader] twa ruids of land with the hous and pertnands, pertenand to the said chaiplanry, lyand within the said broich, upon the est syd of Newmercatgait, efter the tenor of ane charter to be maid thairupon onder the comon seale of the town.

9 September.—The qlk day Andro Benet said in jugment to David Saddlar, Be Goddis wounds, theif smaik, I sail have thee stikkit; upon the qlk wordis the said David Saddlar twk aith, and requirit the bailyeis to gyf him lawbroich of the said Andro and Robert his broder. [Caution is found, and an assize of fifteen jurymen impannelled.]

The qlk day it is fund be the assiss abwn writyn and deliverit be Thomas Gardyn, chansler, that David Saddlar hes down wrang in the trublyng and hurtyng of Andro Benet and Robert Benet his broder, and trublyng of the town ; and for the trublan of the town the said David sail pass to the mercat cross and ask the bailyeis and nyctbours forgyffnes, and gyf he dwis sik lik in tym to cum he sal be banist the town for yeir and day; and anent the hurt and skaith down be the said David to the said Andro and Robert Benets, the pronunciation thairof is continuyt to this day fyfteen dayis with consent of the bailyeis that the hurt of tham may be the better cognossit be the assis.

7 January 1565-6.—The bailyeis, with awis of court, hes gyffyn the barters ane act that the twa penny laif be vij once, guid and sufficiant stuff ; and the brosters sell na derer aill nor thre pennies the pynt, onder the payn of dalyng the braid and aill to the puyr, and viij sh to the bailyeis wha that beis convict for brekyn the samin.

18 January.—The qlk day in actioun and taus mwfit be Marion Ogilvy of Melgund aganis David Lyell and David Ferror, allegit sourteis and cawtioners for the sowm of four skoir merks mony for David Bell anent the by rown malis of the lands of Spittelfeld, comperit the said David Bell with David Lyell and David Ferror his alleggit cautioners, and denyit that he auch or suld pay the saids sowm of four skoir merks, quhill just compt and rekning be maid betwix him and the saids honorabyll lady, &c.

1 February.—Comperit Alex. Gardyne of Brax, and desyret the bailye that he mycht have ane officer creat in his court to execut the office of stuardry within his lands of Brax, and presentit Alex. Hantown to be creat: at quhais request the bailye gef the aith in jugment to the said Alex. Hantown, qa maid the aith of fydelytie that lie svld leillelie and trewlye execut the office of stuardry within the said lands, but faid or favor, hatrent or luf of ony manner of parson; and the bailye deli-vent ane wand in jugment to the said Alex. I3antown to the effect forsaid.

25 February.—The qlk day be the awiss and consent of the bailyeis and haill counsel, George Garden and Jhone Cargill are chosyng punders to keep the comon gyrss and corn and sail have for ilk aker of banis, peis, quhit, ry, or aits within the comon fald, burrow rudis and Disland, iiij d. with thair pwnlands and tedder panics us and wont, and viij sh to the bayleis of thair gudes that breks order.

8 March.—The haill counsall lies consentit that Mr Thomas Mekyson collect and tak up the anuellis and malis pertenand to Sant Nycholas chaiplanry that restis ontayn up be James Ramsay, depositer of twa yeirs bypast, and forder indurand the will of the bailyeis and counsall. The said Mr Thomas makyn thankfull pament of three pundis usuall moray yeirly to the depositer of the town: And lykwis Thomas Lyndsay is chosing and electit to garder and tak up our lady anuellis and malis that an ontayn up be the said James Ramsay, and forder indurand the will of bayleis and counsall; and sall have four punds yeirly down of the rentall, and mak his compt to the town of the rest.

1 April 1566.—It is statut and ordaint be the bailyeis and nyctboris that na manner of comoun meill sellars bald within thair house main mail nor ane firlot, and will not sell to the nyctbours, the kepars of the said meill sal pay viij sh the first tyme, and the secund tym to type thair fredom; and gyf he be comandit be the bailyeis or officers to sell his meill and disobey, thay sall be banist the town for yeir and day.

4 May.—It is thought expedient be the bailyeis and haill counsell that every on fremans boit that ridis in the havyn sail pay ancorag, iiij d ilk tyme.

31 May.—It is statut and ordanit be the bailyeis and nychtbors that gyf ony bestis be fund within cornon upon the nycht, fra the evening sky gayn tue tyll the day sky ryis, that ilk best sail pay ij sh to the takar of the best, and viij sh to the bayleis for thar contention.

26 July.—The qlk day the bailyeis and counsall hes comandit Thomas Lyndsay to gyf Jhone Paramor x1 sh of our Lady anuellis becaus he is ane puyr man ; and als hes ordanit to gyf David Blak xl sh of the saids anuellis to pass to Edynbro to seek relief of the queins thrids of the said chaiplanry.

26 August.—Anent the ordour tayn for eschewyng the pest, it is statut and ordanit that na maner of parson within this broich resauve ane stranger or out man within thair hous day nor nycht without lecens askit and optenit of the bailyeis, onder the payn of tynsall of his fredom and comon landis; and the brekeris heirof to be haldyn as suspect; and the quarter maisters to pass nychtly and wesy thairefter gyf ony beis strykyn with infirmitie or rasaue strangers, and schaw the samin to the bailyeis. Follows the names of the quarter maisters: David Lyell, Jon Ledall, Jhon Lyell, Jhon Akman, Ja. Pekyman, Wm. Bardy, Jhon Hales, James Ramsay, Copyn Guthre, Patro Ramsay, Jhon Lyne, Wm. Ochterlony, Nyniane Yowng, David Ferror, Henry Craik.

20 Sept.—It is fund be the bailyeis and court that Alex. Akman rasauit his gudbroder within his hous, quha cam fourth of Montross contrar the actis of this broich, and is amerciat thairfor; and gif he dwis siklik in tym to cum he sail tyne his fredom, and be banist this towne for yeir and day.

The qlk day Jhon Akman, in presens of the bailyeis and court, oblish hym onder the payn of his lyf, lands, and guidis, that thair sail cum na danger nor skaith to this town throw his rasaiuing of George Brown or his wyf ; and gyf he dwis siklik in tym to cum he sail tyre his fredom and his comon landis.

23 Sept.—It is fund be the bailyeis and court that Jhon Hynd hes brokyn the statut of the town maid anent the pest, passyng to Breichin mercat without leif of the bailyeis, and thairfor his fredom is dischargit, and hys cocoon lands wacand, conform to the act maid thairupon : and siklik Archibald Alathau for gyffyng meit and drynk to his [sic] without leif of the bailyeis.

4 Oct.—It is statut be the bailyeis and counsall that thair be na derrar aill sauld nor iij d the pynt, and that the twa penny laif be ten once fra this day fourth, onder the payn of daling of the aill and braid, and viij sh to the bailyeis.

11 Oct.—It is statut be the nychtboris that bailyeis sail haue xl sh of ilk parson that breks the actis anent the statute of the pest, and the rest to pass to the comon weill.

21 Oct.—Alex. Gardyn of Brax is ordanit to be wardit within the tolbwith qll he aske the bailyeis forgiffanis for missaying tham; and David Ferror is sourtie to enter the said Alex. on Fry day nyxt to cum to fulfill the samin, and to pay his onlawvis.

13 Dec.—The bailyeis and counsall hes decernit and ordanit that all the anuellis quhilk pertenyit to the Deribeis be tayn vp and disponit be the awiss of the bailyeis and counsall, conform to the ordour of Dunde and Sanctandross; and na manner of man that suld pay the saids derige anuellis bald ony part thairof in his awin hands.

5 Feb. 1566-7.—Anent the complaynt maid be Nyniane Clement mynister, apon James Baxter for the wrangus uptaking of the rudis of his yard in the Abay called Denichin yard,—the bailyeis ordained the officers to pass with the said Nyniane and mak opyne the yettis and durris of the said yard to hym, and red and void the samin to the said Nyniane.

28 Feb.—The qlk day the officers ar chosyn punders, and sail have of ilk akar of peis, banes, quhit, and ry, oatis, iiij d, and thairpunlay use and wont.

7 April 1567.—WVlm Storok apellit fra the jugment of the elderis and decanis anent the wordis of injurie gyfl'yn to hym be Jhon Lyne and Bessie Hunter his spous: the said Jhon Lyne offeret hym rady to fulfill thair decreit in all punctis.

18 April.—It is decernit be the bailyeis, minister, elderis, and decanis that gyf Jhon Ramsay, Webster, missay Jonat Lam his moder with wordis of injuric, he sail tyne his fredome and comon lands the first tym, and the secund tym to be banist the town.

16 March.—It is statut be the bailyeis and nyctboris that thair be na twitherdis fra this furth, conforme to the actin maid thairupon, onder the payn of viij sh onforgyffyn.

12 Jan. 1567-8.--It is statut and ordanit be Jhon Hales bailyie and the counsell that na out man be maid fre nor burges of this broich for sewyn yeirs to cum, and for divers causes concernyng the comon weill.
May 1568.—The xxvij day of Maij the counsall decernit that Agnes Fergusson, witch, said be put in the pit, and have bott v d ilk day.

4 June.—The hall nyctboris hes consentit and grantit that Nyniane Clement, mynister, have the thirdis of our Lady chaiplanry and Sant Nycholas chaiplanry, gif thair be no releif gottyn thairfor within forty days.

11 Oct. 1568.—The bailies hes grantit that George Gardener sail have vj d of ilk fyer lious for rynging the bell to the prayeris, and making service in the kirk.

4 March 1568-9.—The qlk day for divers causes concerning the comon weill and releif of the taxation fra the rayd of Breichin, it is concludit and decernit be the bayleis and counsall that the haill comon gress be devydit and partit, and set to every man puir and rich that plesses to tak part of it.

7 Oct. 1569.—Patre Ramsay, Nyniane Hales, George Halis, and Slewyn Mekysoun hes tayn the comon myll and motor for four skoir four punds for ane yeir, and hes resauit the said myll with all ganband gair, and sail deliver her siklyk at the yeir's end.

2 June 1570.—The qlk day, in presens of my lord comendator of Arbrot, anentis the election of ane elimosiner for dew admynistration and distribution of the anuellis and yeirlie apportionment of aid to the puyr, convenit the waist part of the indwellarrs of the said elimosinarie, qlk ar dettit in pament of the said yeirly duetye and acceppit Thomas Lyndsay, redar, ane of the Convent of Arbrot, appointit thairto be my lord for elimosinor in tymes cuming, durying my lord's plesur, togedder with Jhone Akman, Decane, to be coadjutor and helper for inbringing thairof ; the said elemosinar's entres thairto sal be at whitsonday last by past in the yeir of God ane thowsand fyf hundreith seventy yeirs, to vptak, rais, intromit and vplift the said yeirly rents and discharge' the samin, and yeirly to gyf thairwpon as sail be neidfull.

2 Oct.—Thir persons ar chosen taxtars to stent the town for furnishing aucht men to ryd with my lord to the Regent. [Eight names follow.]

27 June 1572. — Thir persons are chosyng to ride with my lord to the raid of Breichin,—John Akman, James Pekyman, Wm. Bardy, Andro Dunlop, James Ramsay, Nyniane Halis; and all the rest of the honest men of the town oblist thaw to ryid thair tym about when requirit, or ony of the said personis war cbargit thairto in tym to cum.

9 Oct. 1573. — The qlk day it is concludit be the counsal anent the order of the kyrk that quhatsumevir be decernit be the mynister, elders, and deconis for observing of gud ordour sal be put to execution be the ba.iiyeis and counsal with diligens.

27 Oct.—The qlk day the bailyeis and hail nyctboris concludit that thair be ane maister of grammer schuill providit, and to inak hym yeirly viij sh of ilk barn within the town, and twenty punds to be maid to hym of our Lady benefeice or derygeis anucllis, with his chalmer maill fre; and Dauid Mychell is rasauit thairto for this yeir ; quha hes promist to enter thairto at new yeir day nyxt to cum.

3 Nov.—It is fund be the bailyeis and court that Jhon Watson hes down wrang in the trubling of Jhon Lam, and gyf it beis fundyn that the said Jhon Watson molest or trubill the said Jhon Lam or ony riders within this broich in tym to cum he sal be put in the irins indurand the bailyeis willis.

The qlk day the bailyeis sittand in jugment comperit Jhon Lam and maid the aith that he dreds bodily harm of Jhon Watson, and that he farit that the said Watson suld fyir and burn his dwellyng hous apon the nycht in his fury; and protestit gyf he sustenit ony skaith be hym that he micht opten the samin apon the jugis because lie culd get na law brouch of the said Jhon Watson.

19 March 1573-4.—The bailyeis cornandit Besse Tliomsone not to molest nor truble Elspet [illegible] vnder the payn of x sh ; and ;iŁ the said Elspet missayis the said Besse sche shall be banist the toun.
8 Oct. 1574.—The qlk day James Sthathart hes tayn the firlott, custum ladyll, and ancarage for xvij li, iiij d; and David Person sourta.y for payment.

That the fischeris put thair fische to the schoir, then to the mercat, for the space of thre houris, vnder the pain of aucht sh.

Item, that all personis heifand erd of thair housses vpon the comon calsay cary away the sam within aucht dayis vnder the pain of aucht sh.

Item, that na man lay muk or middens vpon the calsay ony langer nor aucht dayis vnder the pain of aucht sh.

15 Nov.—The qlk day it is fund be the bailyeis and court that Willm Guthre, for imprecation, that is to say, for wissina to heif hymself thre deyis in hel, or to heif the pest in Arbrot,—for the qlk he is decernit to be bundin to the cross qli the preching be done, and incontinent thairefter to be caryit to the see, and thair to be dippit thris, and pay aucht schillings ; and gif he dois siclik to be banist for evir.

The volume of records from which the following entries have been selected is in the library at Panmure House. It extends generally over the period from 1605 to 1647; and bears the following title:—"M. A. P. Aspiret ceptis Jesus, 1605. Composita burgi de Aberbrothok, per me mag'rum Alexanndri Peirsone clericus ejusdem, scripta teste meis signe et subscriptione manualibus A. Piersone N.P." Then follows a list of small feu-duties payable from properties in the original burgh, with "the rental of the akars of the comon lands of Aberbrothok," specifying their situation, the names of their possessors, and the quantity held by each; and bearing that they had been let in "feu ferme" at the rates of 10 shillings, 8s. 4d., and 6s. 8d. Scots for "ilk akar." "Sum of the hail burow is iij xx xv lib. vj sh viij d." [x'75, 6s. 8d. Scots.]

The second portion of the volume is a series of accounts kept by the burgh treasurers, from 1606 to 1614; and exhibits the sources of revenue and the items of expenditure during that period. A few of these are here given in addition to those which were quoted in reference to the old harbour. (1605-6.)—To Andro Chrystie for nailles and mending of the auld kirk dor v sh. [This old church was very probably the Lady Chapel.] Item—To Alex. Rynd for pudder q1k was usit at the kingis deliverie [i.e., from the gunpowder plot.] Item, for mending of the brig port xl sh. (1606-7.)—To Andro Chrystie for up-putting of the sluices at the myll in tyme of pest xviij d. (1607-8.)—Delyverit to the menstrallis at St Thomas day xxx sh. For vij deillis to mend the ports in time of pest vi lb. [This was a general pestilence mentioned by Sir James Balfour and other annalists.] To Wm. Ramsay for mending the yett at the north port iiij sh. (1608-9.)Delyverit to the conventione of burrowis v lib xvi d. For candel.l to the kirk 1 sh. (1609-10.)—Summa of the haill charge of the said thesauror of his intromission above written of the comone guid of the said burgh during the space forsaid [year to Michaelmas 1610] is the soume of iiij c iij xxj lib xvij sh [?461, 17s. Scots.] For buistis of comfettis when the bischop and Erie of Crawfurd was here, xviii sh. (1610-11—Charge.)—David Chrystie convict in xl sh unlaw for not puting his maill to the mercat, refusing to sell the samyne to the nyctboris, and forstalling the said mercat. Wm. Schabart convict in 3 lib unlaw for drawing his knyff and striking Jone Young thairwith, and in x lib unlaw for the effusion of his bluid. David Chrystie convict in xxxii sh unlaw for striking David Gray elder. Annane Spynk youngar convict in xvi sh unlaw for abusing his father in braking his bucket and stoup at the wall. Summa of the haill charge, iiii c xxxvii lib xvij sh iiij d [x'437, 17s. 4d. Scots.] Discharge: For the communion bread xviii sh. To William Allane to gang to Aberdeine xl sh. For candill to the kirk lv sh iiij d. For ane desk to the schuill iij lib. For mending of the wey house dore vi sh. For mending the water mett ii sh. For mending the colmettis vi sh vi d. Summa of the haill discharge is v c iiij lib xii sh iii d [ ?504, 12s. 4d. Scots.] (1211-12—Charge.)--Andro Dall for his fredome and burges bankit xiiij lib. The grass of Boullishill bank, Seyait, Madiegramis croce, and Newgait gevine to James Carnegie for iiij merks. The grass of Paromers dykis betwix the mylne and chappell vi sh viij d. Vnlauis.—Item, Alex. Spynk convict in xxxii sh for abusing and minassing Thomas Rennie at the bar; and the said Thomas in xvi sh for upbraiding him also. Jhone Haillis, mariner, convict in Ten lib unlaw for the effusione of the blood of ane poore man. Thomas Lyell, James, Alex., Thomas Sympsone, ilk ane of theme convict in v lib unlaw for drawing thair swerdis, and in x lib unlaw for the effusing thair-with of the blood of Thomas Gray and Margaret Gardyne ; and in xvi sh for trubling the toune. Andro Chrystie convict in v lib unlaw for abusing William Myles his wyff in thair awin hous under silence of nycht, drawing ane Burk to have strukin theme thairwith. Summa of the haill charge iiij c v lib ii sh vi d. Discharge : To the post that brocht the billis for keeping of the conventions of burrowis haldin in this burgh xiij sh iiij d. For wyne and sugar to my Lord of Burlie xlvi sh. To David Lyel at comand of the bailyie to the provest of Abird[een] for wyne and sugar vi lib. To David Lyel at command of the bailyie for the provest of Kynneillis Benner and uthers with him, quhen he first repaint the knok lii sh. To the comoun post to carie the billis for keeping of the said generall conventione of burrowis halden heir xx lib. To Alex. Rynd for towis to the bell 1 sh. To him for towis to the pace of the knok xij sli. To the officiar that sumond the bailie to the checker vi sh viij d. To Kathren Haillis at comand of the auld bailyie iij lib x sh. To her at comand of the bailyie for wyne to my Lord Marques xxxij sh. To Alex. Peter for twa buistis of scortchettis and confettis xxvi sh viij d. To David Lyel for wyne that the commissioners of burrowis drank quhen they sat heir vj lib. To Alex. Crestie for aill to the said conventione iiij lib. And to Jhone Ronnie, baxter, for ane peck floure of bread, and baiking thairof to the said conventione xiiij sh. To Thomas Cuming for ane pund of butter to the bread v sh. To the collector of Edr. for oure pairt of the taxatione grantit be the burrowis to the comissioners ryding to court xx lib. To James Low for fyve grait aik trees to mend Mylnegait brig vi lib xiii sh iiij d. To hym for carieing theme to the brig iij sh. To Alex. Rynd for iiij aik treis to cover the brig xl sh. To the provest of Kynneill for mending of the knok xxiiij lib. For wyne to him xxxviii sh, To the officiar that sumount the bailyie to the Parliament xi sh viij d. To Alex. Rynd for ij dellis and j tree to the tolbuith xxx sh. For j c plenshon naillis to naill the dellis with xvi sh. For mending of ij loftis of the wey-hous and poynd-hous vi sh viij d. For ane bar to the kirk dor and ij bar naillis iiij d. For xx unce of pouder to wapon schawing xxiij sh iiij d. For my fee x lib. To Kath. Haillis for iij pynts wyne the ' of August [commemoration of the Gowrie conspiracy.] For a pynt of wyne and a buist of comfittis to Sir Johne Carnegie xxii sh iiij d. rfO Johne Ogiluie for ane band to ping the suasche [drum] to xv sli. To the menstrellers for thair fee xiij lib vi sh viij d. Summa iiij c xvij lib ix sh vi d.

(1612-3) Discharge for tua faldome towis to the bell iiij sh. For x lib and vij vnces gad iron to be ane tong to the bell, and warkmanschipe thairupon xlviij sh vi d For clenging of the bodie of the harbour x sh. To Mr Henrie Philp, minister xxx lib. For doune casting of the dyik at the kirk dor to mak passage to my Lord Marques viij sh. The 5 of August, for wyne iiij lib xviij sli. The 5 of Novr., for wyne xxiiij sh. To the menstrellaris xxxviij sh.

The third portion of this volume bears the title: "Heir beginneth the secured court buik of the actis of the burgh of Aberbrothok `veyttine be me Mr Alexr. Peirsone, comoun clerk thairof." It extends from 3rd September 1617 to 22nd April 1647; and contains entries of the elections of magistrates, councillors, and other officials, admissions of burgesses, services of heirs, extracts of law writs, leases of grass and town's dues, and convictions and fines for assaults and other breaches of law. The following are a few abbreviated samples of these.

6 October 1617.—Per Thomas Peirsone of Lochlandis, and Mr John Granger, bailies. The quhilk day, the saidis baillies dernitting their offices, be laying doune the wand of iustice, removeing furth of iudgement, Mr Patrik Carnegy is electit and chosin baillie for my Lord Marques of Hamilton, Lord of Arbroith, be vertew of my Lord Carnegyes letter iudiciallie producit haiffing comissione to that effect of my Lord Marques: David Ramsay is electit baillie for this burgh for this yeir incomming be pluralitie of voittis of the nyctbouris theirof; wha sittand doune in iudgement gaiff thair aythis de fideli acdmistraone to exercise justice and iudgement without fead or favour: And theirvpone requirit actis.

Counsall—Geroge Piersone, Mr Jhone Granger, Thomas Piersone, Jhone Aikmane, elder, Mr George Aikmane, Alexr. Rynd, Alexr. Peter, Robert Lyne, Andro Eliot, James Wood, Jhone Ochterlony, Robert Ochterlony.

Lyn n eris—George Piersone, Jhone Aikmane, elder, Alexr. Rynd, Robert Lyne, Andro Eliot, Jhone Ochterlony.

V yikpryssris—Andro Haillis, Thomas Mudie, Charles Dalgatie, Jhone Bardie.

Flesche and Skin Pryssris—Alexr. Rynd, Alexr. Peter, Thomas Mudie, David Tueddell.

Mleill-nwrcat Oversieris—David Wood, Jhone Renny, elder, David Settee, Thomas Wood.

Fische-mercat Oversieris—Alexr. Rynd, Alexr. Peter, Charles Dalgetie, Jhone Bardie.

Constabulis—David Wood, Jhone AIlane Skinner. Oficearis—W ill iame Mudie, W'am. DZekisoune, Adame Grant.

Qlk haill persones forsaids gaiff their aythes faythfullie and trewlie to exerce the saids offices durang the yeir incuming: Whervpon they requirit actis.

9 November 1619.—Alexr. Lord of Spynnie is maid and creat burges and freeman of the said burgh.

4 June 1620.—Alexr. Straquhan in South Tarrie, is maid and creat burges and freeman.

31 October 1620.—Mr Alexr. Hay, clerk to the Privie Seill, and Peter Hay, his substitut, are maid and treat burgeses and freemen.

31 March 1621.—Mr James Futhie, sone lawfull to umquhil Hendrie Futhie of Bysack, is maid and creat burges and freeman.

9 April.—Mr John Lyndsay, Admiral. Deput, and my Lord Lyon to his Majestic [with others], are made burgesses.

11 September 1624.—Sir John Carnegy of Athy, Knicht, [with others] are made burgesses.

5 May 1625.—The salmon fishing within the haill bounds of the liberties of this burgh, togidder with all other fishing within the haill bounds of the said burgh liberties of the watter of Brothok, given to Andro Wood for thretteine yeires, for yeirlie payment of fourty schillings.

26 February 1630.—Mr Simeon Durie, minister of this burgh, maid burgess.

24 June 1631.—Alexr. Lord of Spynny [and others] created burgesses.

3 March 1633.—The baillies and counsel, for the sklaitts and other stones of the chappell and for the timber thereof, disposed be Johne Ochterlony, youngar, to the towns vse, set in tak to the said Johne, the gras of the Lady Lon for the space of seven yeirs from April 1637.

13 April 1636.---Walter Bischop of Brechin [his servants and others] created burgesses.

3 October.—The saids ballies having demitted their saids offices of baillierie be laying down the wand of justice, they remoucing themselffs out of the iudgement seat, Mr John Granger and William Peirsone ar elected and chosen Baillies of this burgh for this yeir incuming, Be the auld and new Counsel, and be the persons nominat and chosin of the crafts to have voit in the said election.

23 Nov. 1637.—The customes and anchorage set to Alexr. Meikesone for ane hundred and thretteine merks.

19 Sept. 1639.—Mr David Durie, sone lawfull to Mr Simeon Durie, minister, and Mr George Granger, scoolemaister, maid burgesses.

28 August 1643.—Patrick Maule of Panmure, and his eldest sone George, maid burgesses.

2 May 1649.—The gras efter specified is set [as follows] :—The gras betwix the Mylne gate Port and the Pethfit to James Anderson for 20 sh. The gras of Hurklesden and the gate betwix the meikill dub and the bead of Henrie Fullartoune's land on the est syd therof, to Johne Meikeson for Lochlands, for 14 lib. 3s. 4d.


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