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Robbie the Pict
About him and some of his work

Although Robbie the Pict is not a qualified lawyer as such he came to the attention of the Scottish Courts and public by 'legal situationism', a Scottish nationist guerilla technique whereby you take an action in breach of UK imperial laws which provokes a prosecution for not being a good colonial citizen. You then throw up a defence and appeal which asks some very big questions indeed about one Kingdom in a notional treaty grossly abusing the other, elder Kingdom.

First coming to prominence for refusing to sport a UK Road Tax 'badge of resignation' as he called it, he succeeding in driving round Britain in a LHD Mercedes for over 20 years, until changes in insurance and ownership laws obliged him out of that gambit.

He also sued the Queen of England for reset of the Stone of Scone, pointing out that it had been stolen in 1296 and that there was no statute of limitations on theft, or reset (receiving stolen property) under Scots Law. She was above the law in England but in Scotland we are a Kingdom under law, and that includes the King (as Bruce found out to his cost at a Land Court in Inverness.)

Having been donated an acre of land on the Isle of Skye, Robbie took an interest in the first Tory experiment in Private Finance Initiatives, namely the monopoly tolling of a bridge to Skye. Robbie succeeded in exposing the fact that all subordinate legislation was defective, in particular the Toll Order and the statutory tolling licence, and thus deprived Bank of America of a further tens of £millions, in addition to the £33m they had criminally extorted over 10 years of tolling.

This revealed a sinister and insidious practice whereby primary legislation permitted the Secretary of State to perform some function or duty, in effect a named and responsible politician, but in practice subordinate legislation was being created by faceless, unelected bureaucrats. Homo Sovieticus was alive and well in UKSSR!

As a person who almost lost his life in an early Gulf War innoculation accident, Robbie was, and still is, sensitive to the application of Soviet methods of government, free of democratic accountability. (Needless to say he is not a big fan of the 'EUSSR' as he has Christened it!).

He found the same sharp practice in the area of speedmeters and other forms of traffic control by means of cameras. The devices needed to be approved by the Secretary of State and this had not happened.

By accident rather than design (he had been breath-tested 8 times in a year) he found himself having to defend himself against a drink-driving charge. However he noticed that the American device employed to analyze his breath had not been authorized by the Secretary of State either, and in fact the readings could be tweaked by the use of a police radio being on or, even better, with its 'transmit' button being held down!

Robbie has fought a 5 year defence against this wrongful arrest and prosecution but because of the implications of his constitutional defence are so cataclysmic for the establishment he has experienced every procedural dirty trick in the book. (Not only does the lack of proper 'approval' undermine all criminal prosecutions in the UK since 1968, it begs the question of corruption being rampant. Did American breath-testing device manufacturers grease the palms of lesser beings to secure a Ministerial approval and thus enormously lucrative contracts?

Anyway, Robbie has finally reached the gates of the Scottish High Court of Appeal and, as he predicted, they have been slammed firmly shut by sifting judges in a sequence of two secret Courts, which Robbie has not been allowed to attend.

Robbie has now emloyed an ancient device in Scots Law called the Petition to Nobile Officium, a last avenue of redress of grievance, designed to counter a miscarriage of justice in 'extra-ordinary and unforeseen circumstances'. Originally a guaranteed right of petition to the King in the event of dissatisfaction with the performance of the King's Judges in the People's Courts, and supposedly protected by William and Mary's signature in the Claim of Rights, it has of late descended into a judicial plaything, operated on a whim and in a spirit of favour and contrariness. A Member of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh might well employ it very successfully, whereas any Member of the Awkward Squad, of which Robbie is one of Scotland's leading Members, may find a little more intransigence.

Robbie believes that Strasbourg may be the final destination for an Appeal which is critical of establishment practice and is thus simply stonewalled, its terms not even mentioned, far less addressed.

"Star chambers secretly protecting undemocratic and unlawful subordinate legislation reflects the old Soviet machinery at its worst. I didn't get gassed even in exercises in Germany during the Cold War to produce that". He continued "I preserve the memory of the day when Scots Law and jurisprudence enjoyed the respect of the world. I want to give them every chance to do the decent thing: respect the Rule of Law, not the new 'rule of political convenience'. If not I must sadly take my washboard to Europe and do the dirty laundry there."

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