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Scot Family
Some information and a plea for translation


They can not find who the father of this direct line is today, here is the will for this first father of this book mentioned, John Scott-the first of Greenock, son of George Scot of Pitlochie to Scotstarvit. Going to try to call you! There is some confusion with these documents that i have on the family. George Scot, father of Robert the engraver is directly a son of this Pitlochie line, no question. Except my documents may say by James, the brother of this George #2 Pitlochie or by George number 2 is the father or his son James for all I know! Always do I expect a twist in where the finger directly points.

Attached, Robert Scot engravers maternal grandmother and George Scot of Pitlochie-Greenock father of John and he can be the father of George, father of Robert the engraver! Or one of their James? Know anyone who can translate these correctly?


29th June 2014

Dear Alastair,

Now I am making the connections, feel pretty stupid because I never followed my family history. If anything the good lord has his reason for steering me on an important path. You know that my focus was to work on the seal history and the UK connections to these mysteries of the families and symbolism associated.

Some how, all of this research brought me to a history that directly associates my earliest families of Paris. Example the button, with the symbolism and the Bee links us to the Merovingian Kings. The links of the Stuart's, Scott/Fleming lines and other are linked! Such as when this famous Lady Eschyna of Molle, she was married three times. Her first husband was Sir Robert Corce (Cross) his daughter married Pollock(Alexander Hamilton's maternal line is Pollock). Pollock's are part of Stuart blood line and were with William the Norman with the Invasion. Pollock's are said to be the direct sons of Clovis(1st Merovingian King)! Explains the importance of the marriage of Pollock's being first to her! Second, Eschyna married Stewards and third she married the Fleming's/Scotts!

Here is the interesting link, the Button shows the history of the Bee and the identity history of these Merovingian Kings with Egypt (WHY)??? Where did the Egyptian history come from with these Royal families and the later Kings of the UK with the Egyptian chained Unicorn history on the British/Scottish Royal arms? The one angle is that we know the Princess Scota history and the first ancients in the UK, our Dunbar line married Anselm Le Fleming and his son changes his name to Scott. Anselm le Flemings, cousin Richard le Fleming, takes the title name of SLANE. Where they build their castle on the famous site associated to the monk of Slane who link directly to Renne Le Chateau because this is where the the Merivingian King Dagobert II was sent as a child for his education at Slane.

We know the Templars(Black Madonna-St. Sulpice-33 meridian site of church-Scottish Rite?) are associated to the Chateau history and the Merovigians with the ISIS history of this hidden cave history there! The Merovigians built their famous churches in Paris on the Parisii "ISIS" Temple site, ISIS is the the BEE Symbolism with Egypt. Later its said the Scottish Rite associated to all of this history of their origins relates to this ISIS origins associated to the Parisii Magi High Priests who founded Paris to Worship ISIS!

We understand that Scota is said to come to UK and that shes is this said daughter of Akenauten. The Parisi come who knows where, they are the said Persian Mobeds or the Zoroastrians who brought higher Knowledge to Europe! Now we know why Sir John Scot used this symbolism of the Fire Pillar in his Tower! Read that its because of these people (Parisi) and the ISIS history they brought is the foundation of how the United States was founded, through Scottish Rite Freemasonry (DogStar-ISIS on the Button)! Now let look at these facts, the Parisi were the first to make coins, skilled metal artists, rarest's swords found in Europe are made by they, Chariots, Math, Science and Astrology is brought by them on a higher level to Europe is the story!

The Parisi branched off and settled in Yorkshire and intermixed with the ancients of the UK and why? This I read, their history to an extent was written out of UK by Church and WHY? Well if the ancient lines of Scota were mixed with the ancient Royals of Yorkshire, then the Parisi mixed their blood with them because of the ISIS history! Why would the Scottish Rite base their entire and most important symbolism on the ISIS history the Perisi brought to France? So, it appears we have these cultures of Persian and Egypt intermarried, then the Merovigians adopt a good deal of this culture with the Parisi and them the adopt Christ as the history goes! So the Merovigians adopted this Bee Symbolism of ISIS and then when these Normans Invade, they intermarried into these royal families that connect the ancient history and the Christian history, because the Merovingians are said to be blood of Mary Mag, more so the Visigoths took in Mary, then the Merovingians are the offspring as I read!

What I see so odd is that I tried so hard to reach out to the 10th Duke of Buccleuch on correcting the Scott/Fleming history. Who's father Worshiped the Bee-ISIS history, every car was painted he owned to symbolis this history! So he never sent me one email in return, the Scott clan refused to even talk to me after I found the information! The Head Grand masters of Scottish Rite refused to return my emails in UK and USA!

So here I am, searching to restore my countries historical Sovereign Seal history of the United States. Where I am shunned by most people and my government! Now, I find out the the CORE history of ALL of this history is BASED on all the Secret history of ISIS that represents MY FATHERS WHO FOUNDED PARIS! Crazy, that all of these people and their history with ancient information, art, math sciences, the Stars, metal making, etc, all appears to have direct origins with my identity as a Parisi! Maybe not all but for the most part! Dumb, Dumb Gary, searching to find out how and where the identity of the United States originates and I find Myself!

God, played me well with this research project! Maybe he's going to shove the light up all these peoples asses who can make a difference?

Kind Regards,

Gary Gianotti

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