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A Strachan in France

Je suis désolé mais il est impossible d' en faire une copie car il s' agit d'un parchemin plié plusieurs fois, mais je peux vous donner quelques éléments :
Il s' agit des lettres patentes datées de 1669 délivrées par CHARLES  II Roi d' Angleterre, à Alexandre STRACHAN en vue de constater la noblesse de son ascendance par l' établissement de sa généalogie.
la traduction du parchemin comporte ce passage qui vous permettra d' authentifier ce document : " En effet, il est né d' un père de noble race, Sir Jean STRACHAN de MIDMARmaitre es arts libéraux. son Grand père était Sir Guillaume STRACHAN, maire de LOGYDURN, son bisaieul, Sir Jean STRACHAN, premier Conseiller Royal à LEEG et ALFOORD; sontrisaeul, Sir Alexandre STRACHAN? Chef de district de LENTURL ( de la famille des anciens Barons de THORNTON) "  etc ,etc,.
Ce parchemin est rélié au sceau royal de cire rouge diamètre 14 cms magnifiquement réalisé en haut relief et très bien conservé, malgré la diparition d' un segment du pourtour détaché par brisure ancienne.
Veuillez m 'excuser pour la seccheresse de mon premier mail mais je ne savais pas du tout à qui m' adresser.
9 rue des fleurs
Recevez , Monsieur, mes sincères salutations, vous pouvez me joindre par mail ou téléphone.
A Bientot

Thanks to Carmen of Edinburgh for the translation...

I am sorry, it is impossible to make a copy of it because the parchment has been folded several times, but I can give you some details:

It consists of letters going back to 1669 delivered by CHARLES II King d' Angleterre, to Alexandre STRACHAN in order to establish the nobility/purity of his ascent through his family tree.

the translation of the parchment comprises this passage which will allow you to authenticate this document: "Indeed, he was born from a father of noble race, Sir Jean STRACHAN of MIDMARmaitre are liberal arts. His Grandfather was Sir Guillaume STRACHAN, mayor of LOGYDURN, his Great-Grandfather, Sir Jean STRACHAN, first Royal Adviser with LEEG and ALFOORD; His Great-great-Grandfather, Sir Alexandre STRACHAN? Chief of district of LENTURL (of the old family of the Barons of THORNTON)"etc, etc.

This parchment is sealed with the royal red wax seal diameter 14 cms magnificiently carried out in high relief and preserved very well, in spite of the disparition of a segment of the circumference detached long ago.

Given the above correspondence, Jim Strachan (Founder of the Clan Strachan Society, and author of the book "Was Like Us, Damn Few And They're A Deid!, A History of Clan Strachan") would like to point out some additional facts, as well as some inconsistencies in Charles’ letters.  We hope you find his insight interesting and informative.

The translation of the original letter, assuming the lineage information is correct, the document(s) were apparently sent to Alexander Strachan, Chief of the Ancient family of Strachan (1550-1600).  Chief of the House of Thornton, and arguably the entire Strachan Clan at that time.  If you’ll note in the letter it is dated to 1669, however, Alexander died in about 1600.  So it was likely sent to his heir, grandson or great-grandson, both named Alexander Strachan; or Sir James Strachan of Monboddo (explained later).

Sir Alexander (d. 1600) father’s name was Sir John Strachan of Thornton (1530-1585).  It was John Strachan of Thornton who purchased the Lenturk lands and baronetcy from John Strachan of Lenturk (also spelt Lynturk, but not “LENTURL” as is shown in the letter). 

John Strachan of Lenturk was indicted for the slaughter of Alexander Seytoun of Maldrum and John King of Bourty, and for besieging Kildrummy Castle, the great fortress of the Earls of Mar.  For this John (of Lenturk) and his kinsmen, William, Adam and Alexander Strachan, were outlawed.  However, they must have had powerful and influential supporters, for little attempt seems to have been made to bring them to book.  Indeed, 15 years after being outlawed, John lawfully inherited the barony of Lenturk on the death of his father, Thomas, in 1546.  Almost his first act after inheriting the Lenturk lands and baronetcy, was to sell the entire barony to his kinsman and namesake, John Strachan, Baron of Thornton.  The deed of sale was witnessed by several of the Strachan Lairds; John Strachan of Monboddo, John Strachan of Dullivard and William Strachan of Tipperty.

His Great-grandfather was Sir George Strachan (1510-1550).  He was Steward to the Lord Governor.

His Great-great grandfather was Sir Alexander Strachan (1490-1550)… Justice Depute and lieutenant to the Earl of Angus.  Was appointed justiciar in 1547 to try the Earl of Rothes for the murder of the Archbishop of St. Andrews. 

As for the lands of the Barony of Lenturk, acquired by the Strachans of Thornton, they were sold 50 years later by Alexander Strachan of Thornton, to Alexander Irving and his wife Agnete Forbes, a sale that presumably consolidated the paramountcy of the Forbes in that area.

Robert’s son and grandson were both named Alexander.  The grandson, Alexander Strachan, died without issue. He was succeeded in 1659 by an extremely remote relative, James Strachan of Monboddo, who “impoverished his estate and sold the lands at Thornton in 1683 for 13,924.”  According to Ben Strachan's book (A History of the Strachans), he suggests that, "Some speculate that such a remote and tenuous claim to the title and lands, Sir James decided to sell before his title was challenged!"

Interestingly enough, the document(s) apparently held by Patrick Henebel in France were dated back to 1669, fourteen years prior to the sale of the Thornton Estate, AND during the time Sir James Strachan of Monboddo owned Thornton Castle and Estate between 1659-1683.  Given the letters pertain to lineage, it is possible that Sir James Strachan of Monboddo's claim to the Thornton Estate was in fact being challenged.


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