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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with F


  • Page 1
    Fad, Fada, Fada-Lochan, Faichfield, Faifley, Fail, Failford, Fairay, Fairburn Tower, Fairfolk, Fairholm, Fairies' Dyke, Fair Isle, Fairlaw, Fairley or Farland Head, Fairlie
  • Page 2
    Fairlie, Faairlie House, Fairport, Fairway, Fairy-Bridge, Fairy-Knowe, Fala and Soutra, Fala Dam, Faldonside, Falfield, Falkirk
  • Page 5
    Falkirk, Falkland
  • Page 8
    Falkland, Newton of Falkland, Falkland Road, Fallen Rocks, Falloch, Fallside, Falside, Falside Castle, Fanna, Loch Fannich, Fannyside, Far
  • Page 9
    Faray, Hill of Fare, Farigaig, Farkin or Firkin, Farland Head, Farme, Farnell, Farnell Road, Farnua, Farout Head or Fair Aird, Farr
  • Page 10
    Farr, Farragon Hill, Loch Farraline, Farrer, Farthingbank, Fascade, Faseny Water, Faskally, Faskine, Faslane, Fasnacloich
  • Page 11
    Fasnkyle, Fasque, Fassifern, Fast, Fast Castle, Fatlips Castle, Fauldhouse
  • Page 12
    Faungrass, Fawside, Fea, Feachan, Feochan or Feuchann, Fearn, Fearn or Fern
  • Page 13
    Fechley or Fichlie, Rechtin Ford, Federate, Fender, Fendoch, Fenella, Fenton Barns, Fenwick
  • Page 14
    Ferdun, Fereneze or Ferneze, Fergus, Fergushill, Ferguslie, Ferguston, Ferintosh, Newton of Ferintosh, Fern, Fernell, Ferneze, Fernie, Easter Fernie, Ferniegair, Ferniehurst Castle
  • Page 15
    Fernielea, Fernilee, Fern-Tower, Ferrintosh, Ferry, Ferrybank, Ferryden, East and West Ferry, Ferryhill, Little Ferry, Meikle Ferry, Ferry-Port-on-Craig
  • Page 16
    Ferrytown-of-Cree, Feshie, Feshie-Bridge, Fetheray, Fetlar, Fetterangus, Fettercairn
  • Page 17
  • Page 18
    Fetternear, Feuchan, Water of Feugh, Fewin or Fionn, Fiag or Fiodgaig, Fiddich, Fidra or Fetheray, Fife or Fifeshire
  • Page 25
    Fife-Keith, Fife Ness, West of Fife Railway, Figach, Figgate Burn, Figgate Whins, File, Fillan, St. Fillans, Finaglen or Finglen, Finart, Finavon, Fincastle
  • Page 26
    Findhorn, Findlater, Findochty, Findogask, Findon, Findon or Finnan, Findrack, Findrassie
  • Page 27
    Fine, Finella, Finfan, Fingal's Cave, Fingal's Fort, Fingal's Griddle, Fingal's Oak, Fingal's Seat, Singal's Stair, Fingask, Fingask or Marlee, Fingask Castle, Fingland, Fin Glen, Finglen, Finhaven or Finavon
  • Page 28
    St. Fink, Finlagan, Finlairg, Finlas, Finlay's Castle, Finlay's Mire, Finlayston House, Finnan, Finnart, Finnich or Carnock Burn, Finnieston, Finnyfold or Whinnyfold, Finstown
  • Page 29
    Fintray, Fintry
  • Page 30
    Finzean House, Fiodhaig, Fionaven, Fionnchairn or Fincharn, Fionn Loch, Firdon, Firhill, Firkin Point, Firmouth, Firth, Fishcross, Fisherie, Fisherrow, Fisherton, Fishertown, Fish-Holm, Fishie, Fishlin, Fishwick, Fishwives' Causeway, Fitch, Fitful Head, Fithie, Fittick, Fitty, Five Mile House, Fladda or Flodda
  • Page 31
    Fladda, Fladda or Pladda, Fladdachuain, Fladibister, Flanders Moss, Flannan Isles or Seven Hunters, Fleet, Fleet Street, Water of Fleet, Flemington, Fleurs, Flexfield, Flint, Flisk
  • Page 32
    Float Bay or Port Float, Float Moss, Flodda, Flodigarry, Floors Castle, Flotta, Flotta-Calf, Flowerdale, Flowerhill, Fluchter, Fludha, Fochabers
  • Page 33
    Fodderty, Foffarty, Fogo, Foinaven or Foinne-Bheinn, Folda, Loch Follart, Foodiecast, Footdee, Fopachy, Forbes
  • Page 34
    Ford, Fordel, Fordel Square, Ford-Lochawe, Ford of Frew, Ford of Pitcur, Fordoun
  • Page 35
    Fordyce, Forebank, Foreholm, Foreman or Fourman Hill, Foreness, Forestfield, Forestmill, Forfar
  • Page 36
  • Page 38
    Forfar and Arbroath Railway, Forfarshire
  • Page 44
    Forfarshire Railway, Forgan, Forgandenny
  • Page 45
    Forglen, Forgue
  • Page 46
    Forkings, Knock of Formal, Forman, Formartine, Forneth, Fornoughty, Forres
  • Page 47
  • Page 49
    Forrestfield, Forrestmill, Forsa, Forse, Forsinard, Forss, For Augustus, Fort Charlotte, Forter, Forteviot
  • Page 50
    Fort George, Forth
  • Page 51
    Forth Bridge
  • Page 53
    Forth and Clyde Canal or The Great Canal
  • Page 54
    Forth and Clyde Railway, Forthar, Forthar Castle, Forthill, Forthie Water, Forth Iron-Works, Fortingall
  • Page 55
  • Page 56
    Fort-William, Foss, Fossoway, Fothringham, Foudland, Foula, Foulden
  • Page 57
    Foulis Castle, Foulshiels, Fountainbleau, Fountainhall, Fourman Hill, Fourmerkland, Fourmilehouse, Foveran, Fowla or Foula, Fowlis Castle, Fowlis-Easter
  • Page 58
  • Page 59
    Fowlheugh, Fowlshiels, Foxhall, Foxton, Foyers or Fechlin, Fracafield, Fraisgill, Little France,
    Frankfield, Fraoch Eilean, Loch Fraochy, Fraserburgh
  • Page 61
    Freasgal, Freeburn, Freefield, Frendraught, Freswick, Freuch or Fraoch, Freuchie, Freuchie
  • Page 62
    Frew, Friardykes, Friars Brae, Friars Carse, Friars Croft, Friars Dubh, Friars Glen, Friockheim, Frogden, Froon, Frostly, Fruchie, Fruid Water, Fruin Water
  • Page 63
    Fuda, Fuinafort, Fuirdstone, Fulden, Fulgae, Fullarton, Fullarton House, Fulton, Fulwood Moss, Funtack, Funzie, Furnace, Fushiebridge, Fyne
  • Page 64
    Fyrish or Cnoc Fyrish, Fyvie

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