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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with L


  • Page 449
    Ladder Burn, Ladybank, Ladyfield, Ladykirk
  • Page 450
    Ladykirk, Ladykirk or Northkirk, Ladykirk House, Ladyland, Ladyloan, Lady's Bridge, Lady's Rock, Ladywell, Lag, Laga, Lagg, Laggan
  • Page 451
    Laggan or Loch an Lagain, Laidlawstiel, Loch Laidon, Laigh Dalmore, Laighdoors, Laighwood, Lainshaw, Laird's Hill, Lairg, Lairnie, Laithers House, Lakefield House, Laken, Lamancha, Lamb, Lamba, Lambden, Lamberton
  • Page 452
    Lambhill, Lambholm, Lamden, Lamerton, Lamington, Lamlash, Lamma, Lammer Law, Lammermuir Hills
  • Page 453
    Lammerton, Lamont or Ardlamont House, Lanark
  • Page 454
  • Page 455
    Lanark, New Lanark
  • Page 456
  • Page 465
    Langbank, Langbar, Langholm
  • Page 466
    Langhope-Birks, Langhouse, Langlee, Langley Park, Langloan, Langshaw, Langside, Langton, Langwell
  • Page 467
    Lanrick Castle, Lanrig, Lanton, Lany, Laoghal, Larbert, Larbert Junction, Largie Castle, Largo
  • Page 468
  • Page 469
    Largo, Largo Bay, Largoward
  • Page 470
  • Page 472
    Largs, Larkhall, Loch Laro, Larriston, Larthat, Lassodie, Lasswade
  • Page 473
    Lasswade, Lathallan House, Latheron
  • Page 474
    Lathockar, Lathones, Lathrisk House, Latrick, Latterach, Lauchope or Lachop House, Lauder
  • Page 475
    Lauder, Lauderdale, Laurencekirk
  • Page 476
  • Page 477
    Laurencekirk, Laurieston, Lauriston Castle
  • Page 478
    Law, Law Castle, Lawers, Lawhead House, Lawmuir House, The Laws, Lawton, Laxdale, Laxfirth, Laxford, Leadburn, Leader Water, Leadhills
  • Page 479
    Lealt, Learney, Leckie House, Leckmelm, Lecropt, Ledaig, Falls of Ledard, Ledi, Lednock, Lee Castle
  • Page 480
    New Leeds, Loch Lee, Lee Pen, Lees, Leet Water, Leetown, Legbrannoch, Legerwood, Leith
  • Page 481
  • Page 494
    Leith, Leithen Lodge, Leithen Water, Leith Hall, Leithhead, Leith Lumsden, Leitholm, Water of Leith, Lemno, Lempitlaw, Lendalfoot, Water of Lendal, Lendrum, Leney, Lennel House, Lennox
  • Page 495
  • Page 496
    Lennoxbank, Lennox Castle, Lennox Hills, Lennoxlove, Lennoxtown, Lentran, Lentrathen, Lenturk, Leny, Lenzie
  • Page 497
    Leochel Burn, Leochel-Cushnie, Leod, Lerwick
  • Page 498
  • Page 499
    Lerwick, Leslie
  • Page 500
  • Page 501
  • Page 502
    Lesmore, Lesmurdie, Lessendrum, Lessuden, Leswalt, Letham, Letham Grange, Lethum House, Lethangie, Lethanhill, Lethendy
  • Page 503
    Lethen House, Lethenty, Lethington, Lethnot, Letterewe, Letterfearn, Letterfinlay, Letterfourie, Leuchar Burn, Leuchars
  • Page 504
    Leuchars, Leuchie House, Leukopibia, Leurbost, Leven
  • Page 505
    Leven, Loch Leven
  • Page 506
    Loch Leven
  • Page 507
    Loch Leven, Levenwick, Levera, Levern Water, Lewis or Lews
  • Page 508
    Lewis or Lews, Ley of Hallyburton, Leys Castle, Loch Leys, Leysmill, Libberton
  • Page 509
  • Page 510
    Liberton, Liddel Water, Liddesdale, Liff, Lightburn, Lilliards-Edge, Lilliesleaf
  • Page 511
    Lilliesleaf, Lily Loch, Limecraigs, Limefield, Limekilns, Limerigg, Linacro, Linburn House, Lincluden College
  • Page 512
    Lincluden College, Lindalee, Lindean, Lindertis, Lindores
  • Page 513
    Lindsay Tower, Ling, Linga, Linga Holm, Lingay, Linhouse Water, Linkhead, Linktown, Linlathen, Linlithgow
  • Page 514
  • Page 521
    Linlithgow, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgowshire or West Lothian
  • Page 522
    Linlithgowshire or West Lothian
  • Page 526
    Linlithgowshire or West Lothian, Linmill, Linn, Linnhe, Linshart, Lintalee, Linthill, Linthill House, Linton or West Linton
  • Page 527
  • Page 528
    East Linton, West Linton, Lintrathen, Lintrose, Linvale
  • Page 529
    Linwood, Lismore, Lismore and Appin, Liston, Listonshiels, Little Colonsay, Littledean Tower, Little Dunkeld, Little France, Little Loch Broom, Littlemill, Little Roe, Little Ross, Little Sorbie, Littlewood, Livet Water, Livingston
  • Page 530
    Livingston, Livishy House, Loanhead, Loanhead-Denny, Loaningfoot, Loans, Lochaber
  • Page 531
    Loch-A-Bhealaich, Loch Achall, Lochalsh, Loch Alvie, Lochan Balloch, Loch-an-Eilein, Lochanhead, Lochans, Lochar
  • Page 532
    Locharbriggs, Loch Archaig, Lochawe, Loch Bay, Loch Boisdale, Lochbroom, Loch Brora, Lochbuy
  • Page 533
    Lochcarron, Loch Carroy, Lochcote House, Lochdochart Lodge, Lochearnhead, Lochee
  • Page 534
    Lochenbreck, Lochend, Lochend House, Locher Water, Loch Fell, Lochfield, Lochfoot, Lochgair, Lochgelly, Lochgilphead
  • Page 535
    Lochgoilhead, Lochinch Castle, Lochindaal, Loch Indal
  • Page 536
    Lochindorb, Lochinvar
  • Page 537
    Lochinvar, Lochlea, Lochlee
  • Page 538
    Lochlee, Lochlin or Lochalin, Lochmaben
  • Page 539
  • Page 542
    Lochmaben, Lochmaddy, Loch Maddy or Loch na Meide, Loch Maree, Lochmalonie, Lochnagar, Loch-na-Keal, Loch nan Cuinne, Loch-na-Sheallag, Lochnaw Castle
  • Page 543
    Lochnell, Lochore House, Loch Park, Loch Ranza, Lochridge, Lochrutton, Loch Ryan, Lochryan, Lochs
  • Page 544
    Lochs, Lochside, Lochslin, Lochton, Lochtower, Lochty, Lochwinnoch
  • Page 545
    Lochwood Tower, Lochy, Lochy or Burn of Brown, Lochyside, Lockerbie
  • Page 546
    Lockerbie House, Logan, Logan or Glencorse Burn, Loganbank, Logan House, Loganlee, Logie
  • Page 547
    Logie, Logiealmond, Logiebride, Logie-Buchan
  • Page 548
    Logie-Coldstone, Logie-Crimond, Logie-Durno, Logie-Easter, Logie-Elphinstone, Logie-Mar, Logie-Montrose, Logie-Murdoch, Logie-Pert
  • Page 549
    Logierait, Logierieve
  • Page 550
    Logie-Wester, Loing or Ling, Loirston, Lomond
  • Page 551
  • Page 554
    Lomond, Lomond Hills, Lonaig, Lonan, Loncarty, Lonfearn, Longa, Longannat, Loch Longart, Long Calderwood, Longcastle, Long Causeway, Longcroft, Long Dalmahoy, Longdyke, Longfaugh, Longforgan
  • Page 555
    Longformacus, Longhaven, Longhope
  • Page 556
    Long Island, Longleys, Long Loch, Loch Long, Longmanhill, Longmorn, Longnewton, Longniddry, Longridge or Lanrig, Longriggend
  • Page 557
    Longside, Long Sprouston, Long Yester, Lonmay
  • Page 558
    Falls of Lora, Lordscairne, Loretto, Lorn, Lorn Furnace, Lornty, Lossie, Lossiemouth
  • Page 559
    Lossiemouth, Loth
  • Page 560
    Lothian, Lothian and Tweeddale, Lothian-Bridge, Lothrie Burn, Lotus, Loudoun
  • Page 561
    Louisburgh, Loup of Fintry, Lour, Louther, Lovat, Low Banton, Loch of the Lowes, Loch of the Lows, Green Lowther, Lowthertown, Lowtis or Lotus Hill, Low Waters, Loyal or Laoghol Loch
  • Page 562
    Loch Lubnaig, Luce, Luce Bay, New Luce
  • Page 563
    Old Luce, Luckieslap, Lucklaw, Lude, Luffness, Lugar, Lugar Water
  • Page 564
    Luggate Water, Luggie Water, Lugton, Lugton Junction, Lugton Water, Loch Luichart, Luine or Loyne, Luing, Luirbost, Lui Water, Lumphanan
  • Page 565
    Lumphinnans, Lumsden, Lunan, Lunan Bay, Lunan Burn, Lunan Water, Lunasting, Luncarty
  • Page 566
    Lunderston Bay, Lundie, Loch Lundie, Lundin and Lundin Mill, Lundin Links, Lunga, Lunna, Lunnasting, Loch Lurgain, Lurgie Craigs, Luscar House, Luss
  • Page 567
    Luthermuir, Luther Water, Luthrie, Lybster, Lydoch or Loch Laidon, Lymekilns, Lymphoy, Lyne
  • Page 568
    Lyne Burn, Lynedoch Cottage or House, Lyne Water, Lynn House, Lynturk, Lynwilg, Lyon, Castle Lyon, Lyth

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