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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with S


  • Page 293
    Saddell and Skipness, Saddle Yoke, St Abb's Head, St Andrews
  • Page 294
    St Andrews
  • Page 306
    St Andrews-Lhanbryd, St. Boswells
  • Page 307
    St. Catherines, St Cutherberts, St Cyrus
  • Page 308
    St Cyrus, St Fergus
  • Page 309
    St Fillans, St Germains, St. Kilda
  • Page 310
    St. Kilda, St Leonards
  • Page 311
    St. Madoes, St Magnus Bay, St Margaret's Hope, St Martins, St Mary's, St Mary's Holm, St Mary's Isle
  • Page 312
    St Mary's Isle, St Mary's Loch
  • Page 313
    St Mary's Tower, St Monance, St Mungo, St Ninians or St Ringans
  • Page 314
    St Ninians
  • Page 315
    St Ninians, St Quivox
  • Page 316
    St Ringans, St Vigeans, Loch Salachie or Lochan t-Salachaidh, Salen
  • Page 317
    Salen, Saline, Salisbury Craigs, Salloch, Salsburgh or Salysburgh, Saltburn, Saltcoats
  • Page 318
    Salthouse Head, Salton, Samphrey, Samson's Ribs, Sanda, Sanday
  • Page 319
    Sanday, Sandbank and Ardnadam, Sandend, Sanderay, Sandford, Sandford Bay, Sandhaven, Sandhead, Sands, Sandside Bay, Sandsound Voe, Sandsting and Aithsting, Sandwick
  • Page 320
    Sandwick, Sandy Knowe, Sannox, Sanquhar
  • Page 321
  • Page 322
    Sanquhar House, Sarclet, Sark, The Black Sark, Sauchen, Sauchie, Sauchieburn, New Saughton or Cammo, Saulseat or Soulseat
  • Page 323
    Scalloway, Scalpa or Scalpay, Scalpay, Scalpay Sound, Scalpsie Bay, Loch Scamadale, Scapa Flow, Scarba
  • Page 324
    Big and Little Scare, Scarfakerry, Scarp, Scarsburgh, Scar Water, Scatwell, Loch Scavaig, Schaw Park, Schel, Schiehallion, Schivas, Scone
  • Page 325
  • Page 327
    Scoonie, Scotlandwell, Scotsbrig, Scotsburn, Scotscraig, The Scots Dyke, Scotstarvet Tower, Scotstown, Scourie, Scour-na-Lapaich, Scrabster, The Scrape, Loch Scresort, Scriden Rocks, Scroggiehill, Scuir of Eigg, Scullamie, Seacliff House, Seafield House, Seafield Tower
  • Page 328
    Loch Seaforth, Seal Island, Seamab Hill, Seamill, Sea Park, Seaton, Seggieden, Seil, Selkirk
  • Page 329
  • Page 330
    Selkirk, Selkirkshire or Ettrick Forrest
  • Page 331
  • Page 334
    Sempill, Senwick, Seton
  • Page 335
    Shaggie Burn, Sambellie, Shandon, Shandwick, Shankend Station, Shankston Loch, Shanter, Shanwell House, Shapinshay, Shawbost or North and South Sheabost, Shawhead, Shawhill, Shawlands, Shaw Park, Shaws Loch, Burn of Sheeoch, Sheep Isle
  • Page 336
    Sheep Isle, Sheil, Sheildaig, Loch Shell, Sheriffmuir, Shetland
  • Page 337
  • Page 346
    Shetland, Shettleston, Sheuchan, The Shevock, Shewalton House, Shian, Shiant Isles, Sheildaig, Shieldhall
  • Page 347
    Shieldhill, Glen Shiel, Shielhill, Loch Shiel, Shiels, Shiness Farm, Loch Shin, The Shin, Shinnel Water, Shira, Shirmers Tower, Shiskine, Shockie Burn, Shona, Shotts
  • Page 348
  • Page 350
    Shotts Ironworks, Shuna, Loch Shurrery, Shurroch Hill, Sibbaldbie, Sidlaw Hills, Sillyearn Hill, Silverbanks, Simprin, Sinclairston, Sinclairtown, Skar Water, Skateraw, Loch Skavaig, Skelbo Castle, Skelmorlie
  • Page 351
    Skene, Loch Skene, Skerray, Out Skerries, Pentland Skerries, Loch Skerrow, Skerryvore Lighthouse, Loch Skiach, The Skiack
  • Page 352
    Skibo Castle, Skinnet, Skinsdale, Skipness, Loch Skiport, Skirling, Skye
  • Page 353
  • Page 360
    Skyreburn, Loch Slaim, Slains
  • Page 361
    Slains Castle, Slamannan, Slapin, Slate, Slateford, Slate Islands
  • Page 362
    Sleat, Sound of Sleat, Sliach, Sligachan, Slipperfield Loch, Slitrig Water, Loch Sloy, Loch Smaddy, Smailholm
  • Page 363
    Small or Sma' Glen, Smallholm, Small Isles, Smeaton, Smithston, Smithstone, Smithton, Smoo Cave, Smyllum, Snaigow, Snar Water, Snizort
  • Page 364
    Loch Snizort, Soay, Solway Firth
  • Page 365
    Sonachan House, Sorbie, Sorn
  • Page 366
    Soulseat, South Alloa, Southannan, Southbarr, Southdean
  • Page 367
    Southend, Southerness, South Esk, Southfield, South Hall, Southwick, Soutra, Soya, Soyea, Spango Water, Spean, Spean Bridge, Speddoch
  • Page 368
    Spedlins Tower, Spey
  • Page 369
    Spey, Speymouth
  • Page 370
    Speymouth, Spital House, Spittal, Spittalfield, Spittalhaugh, Spittal of Glenshee, Spott
  • Page 371
    Spottes, Spottiswoode, Spottshall, Spout Bay, Spouting Cave, Spout of Ballagan, Spout of Garnock, Springbank, Springburn, Springfield, Springhill, Springholm, Springkell, Springwood Park. Sprouston
  • Page 372
    Spynie or New Spynie
  • Page 373
    Spynie, Spyonbeg and Spyonmore, Stablestone, Stack, Staffa
  • Page 374
  • Page 375
    Staffa, Staffin, Stair, Standrig, Stane
  • Page 376
    Stanely Castle, Stanhope Burn, Stanley, Starley Burn, Start Point, Staxigoe, Steel, Steel-Road Station, Steilston, Steinscholl, Stemster, Stemster House, Stenhouse, Stenhousemuir, Stenness
  • Page 377
    Stenscholl, Stenton, Stepps
  • Page 378
    Sterling Hill, Steuartfield, Stevenson, Stevenston, Stewartfield, Stewarton
  • Page 379
    Stewarton, The Stinchar, Stirkoke House, Stirling
  • Page 380
  • Page 391
    Stirling, Stirling and Dunfermline Railway, Stirlingshire
  • Page 392
  • Page 396
    Stirlingshire, Stitchel
  • Page 397
    Stobbs, Stobbs Castle, Stobcross, Stobhall, Stobhill, Stobo,
  • Page 398
    Stobs Castle, Stockbridge, Stockbriggs, Stoer, Stonebyres, Stonefield, Stonehaven
  • Page 399
    Stonehaven, Stonehaven Bay, Stonehouse
  • Page 400
    Stonelaw, Stoneridge or Stainrigg, Stoneykirk, Stoneywood, Stoop, Stormont, Stornoway
  • Page 401
  • Page 402
    Stornoway, Storr, Stotfield, Stour, Stow
  • Page 403
    Straan, Stracathro, Strachan
  • Page 404
    Strachan, Strachur and Stralachlan
  • Page 405
    Strae, Strageath Camp, Straiton, Stralachlan, Stranathro, Stranraer
  • Page 406
    Stranraer, Strath
  • Page 407
    Strathaan, Strathalladale, Strathallan Castle, Strathaven, Strathblane
  • Page 408
    Strathbogie, Strathbungo, Strathdon, Strathearn
  • Page 409
    Strathendry, Stratherrick, Strathgarry House, Strathire, Strathkinness, Strathlachlan, Strathmartine, Strathmiglo, Strathmore, Strathpeffer
  • Page 410
    Strathpeffer, Strathspey, Strathy, Strichen
  • Page 411
    Strichen, Stroan Loch, Stroma, Strome Ferry, Stromness
  • Page 412
    Stromness, Stronachlachar, Strone
  • Page 413
    Stronfearnan, Stronsay, Strontian, Stronvar, Strowan, Struan, Struy, Stuart Castle, Stuartfield, Stuckgown House, Sueno's Stone. Suilven, Sulem or Sullom Voe, Sule Skerry, Summerhill
  • Page 414
    Summerhill, Summer Isles, Sunart, Loch Sunart, Sunderland Hall, Sunderland House, Sundrum, Sunlaws, Sunnyside Asylum, Sutherland
  • Page 415
  • Page 422
    Sutherland, Sutherland and Caithness, Sutherland Railway, Sutors of Cromarty, Swana, Sweetheart Abbey, Sweno's Stone, Swindridgemuir, Swiney House, Loch Swin, Swinna, Swinton
  • Page 423
    Swinton, Swinton Bank, Swona, Swordle, Sydenham, Symbister, Symington
  • Page 424
    Symington House, Synniness, Loch Syster

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