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Merchant and Craft Guilds
A History of the Aberdeen Incorporated Trades
Appendix - Charter by Charles I. in Favour of Aberdeen Trades, 1641.

CHARLES, be the grace of God king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the faith—To all and sundrie our leidges and subjects to whose knowledge thir presents shall come greeting. Be it knowne unto you all, because we understanding our most nobell progenitors kings of Scotland haveing consideration and respect to the commonwealth and peaceable governance of our said kingdome of Scotland and that without artificers and good craftsmen ane well ordered commonwealth cannot long stand; For that cause they have given and granted all and sundrie privaledges and liberties to the craftsmen of all our burghs in our said kingdom especiallie to our said burghs of Edinburgh, Pearth, Dundie, and Aberdeen as by the gift granted to them under the great sealls of our most nobill progenitors doeth appear. Lykeas our dear good dam, of worthie memorie, Queen Mary by hir majesties gift and donation granted to the craftsmen of Edinburgh, Pearth, Dundie, and Aberdeen in anno 1556, gave the craftsmen who are free burgesses of the saids burghs the liberties of power and privaledge to sell and use all manner of merchandies within and without this our kingdom of Scotland, as they should think most expedient for them, together with dyvers other privaledges and liberties to the craftismen of the saids burghs mentionat in the said gift as the same of the date foresaid under her majesties great seall at more lenth bears. As alsoe our dear father King James the sixth, of eternall memorie, granted the lyke liberties and privaledges to the craftsmen of the forsaid burghs and ratified and confirmed all other former privaledges, liberties, and faculties whatsomever as by the gift thereof under his majesties great seall, bearing date at Dalkeith the second day of Julie, 1581 years, more clearlie doeth appear. It is theirfor humblie supplicated be the craftsmen of our said burgh of Aberdeen as they who are only interested and injured in their saids privaledges contrair to our saids nobell progenitors, their royall privaledges and gifts granted be them as saidis that the lyk gift may be granted unto them by us under our royall hand and seile. Witt ye theirfor us and for sundrie other reasonable causses moveing us to have ratified, granted, and given, and be the tenor heirof ratifies, gives, and grants to all and sundrie the craftsmen our loyall subjects of our said burgh of Aberdeen, all and whatsomever liberties, privaledges, and faculties granted of before to them or any of our burghs within this our kingdom by our saids nobell progenitors and speciallie to use and trade all manner of merchandice within and without this our kingdome of Scotland, also freelie in all respects as any of our liedges, craftsmen of the said burghs of Edinburgh, Pearth, and Dundie ever bath been in use for to do, dispensand and be the tenor heiroff dispenses with and dischairges all acts whatsomever, decreits, statutes and proclamationes made or to be made in the contrair, and all paines contained in the same or any of them. Wheirfor we command and chairge you and everie one of you our liedges and subjects, that you nor none of you presume in tyme comeing to make any impediment or molestation in contrair of then presents unto the craftsmen of our said burgh of Aberdeen for enjoying and possessing the liberties and privaledges concerning their crafts and trade of merchandices, as said is, notwithstandeing of any acts, decreits, statutes or proclamationes made on the contrair or any paines contained in the same under all highest paine danger and offence which you, or any of you, may incur at our hands. To the witnes wheirof we ordaine our great seall to be appendit heirunto and Tres to be dirrect hereupon in forme as effeirs if need beis. Subscryved be our royall hands at our palace of Halyruid House, the 14th September, 1641.

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