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Ancient Knights Templar
by Kelly d. Whittaker

The Templar today is a large part of the Scottish Rite.   The Rite stems from Freemasonry.  Knights Templar is associated largely with the Catholic Church but that is not how the Order of the Templar began...

Joseph of Arimathea, a very wealthy member of the Zealots, claims Jesus' body at the cross.  Joseph then places the body of Jesus in a tomb that is owned by the Arimathea.  A certain group of people make friends with Joseph because of his compassion to the Messiah.  The new friends were people such as, James the Justus-Jesus' brother, Apostle Peter, Mary-Jesus' mother and Mary Magdalene.  Joseph made quite an impression on the group.  He was able to obtain the Cup of Christ, the lance that pierced Jesus' side and Peter's copy of Jesus' laws.

The early Church of the Christ considered Joseph of Arimathea a very important and blessed man.  Apostle Peter had been crucified (upside down) and most of the apostles were dead.  Joseph knew he had to get the young church out of Jerusalem to safety.   When he organized the departure out of Israel, many people followed him.

Mary Magdalene had gotten married and gave birth to three children.  The children were named, Tamar, Jesus the Justus, Joseph or Josephes.  There is a controversy over the father of Mary's children.  The eldest son is named Jesus Justus therefore pointing to James the Justus as being the possible father.

James the Justus was the brother to Jesus the Christ.  James having children kept the avenue open for a possible bloodline King of Judah. After all, Joseph (James' father and Jesus' earthly father) was a direct descendent of King David.

Joseph of Arimathea with 12 missionaries landed on the Isle of Britain in 62 AD.   Mary Magdalene with her children and some female companions took refuge at Rennes le Chateau which is located in Arcadia.  The same area that the Tribe of Benjamin settled when they were exiled from Israel.

Arimathea had possession of the Holy Relics as was searching for a strong hold to house them.  King Avallach of Sarras became known as Mordreins meaning Slow of Belief, took Joseph and the Grail Keepers to his home named Peel Castle.  Peel Castle was situated in the Land of Glass.

The Grail keepers were represented by a red cross.  This began with Joseph of Arimathea.  We find more evidence of the "Grail Keepers" nearly 400 years later.  Lancelot, Sir Gawain and Perceval all bore the red cross on their shields.

The Keepers were a religious military order that was sworn to poverty and obedience to the Grail beliefs.  They along with the Grail Kings wanted to regain the power that Benjamin once had in Israel.  The plan was to place a man of the Holy Bloodline as the King of Judah.  The Grail Kings were allowing the time needed to implement such a strategic plan, by beginning their own Christian teachings and beliefs.

Joseph of Arimathea had came against the most stubborn civilization to convert so he compromised with these people.  These people were the Celts.  They did not want to give up their belief of 'finding the
light.'  Joseph used this to his advantage for Jesus the Christ was known as 'the light.'  The Romans tried to force their church on the Celtic Christians, therefore leading to one of the most famous legends
of all time, King Arthur and Modred.

While the war of religion was on again, the Templar remained very secretive.  They protected the gifts of Joseph of Arimathea.  They only allowed those whom they felt worthy to see the Holy Relics.  This became known as the Fisher Kings.  A very humble passive group of men to carry on the Grail Tradition.

The Templar served the Celtic Church until the Twelfth Century.  The Plan was still surviving at this time.  The Templar grew wealthy and powerful.  A much stronger influence came into the soul of the Grail teachings and the Knights Templar, the Roman Catholic Church...

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