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The Vine Branches to the Jacobites
by Kelly d. Whittaker

The bloodline from James the Justus was called the Vine because the Bible classifies the descendants of Israel as a vine.  The line of Judah being described at some length as the Lord's cherished plant (Isiah 5:7).  Jesus later proclaimed, "I am the true vine" (John 15:1).  This is why Christians use grape juice or grape wine in Communion, it represents the 'blood' of Jesus.

The lineage of Jesus the Justus includes the Fisher Kings and Lancelot del Acqs.  It descends to the Merovingian Kings of France.  These Kings were:  Clodion of Tournai = Sigimer = Ferreolus = Ansberts = Arnoald = Arnulf = Ansegis = Peppin (the fat) = Charles Martel = Pepin III (the short) = Charlemagne = Princess Bertha = Lothair I = Loius II ( Emporer of Italy) = Irmengarde = Bera VI ( the Architect) = Sigebert V = hughes I = Jean I = Hughes (des Plantard) = Eustace I ( Comte de Boulogne) = Eustace II = Godefroi De Bouillon ( King of Jerusalem 1099).

Godefroi established the Order of Sion which were the Knight protectors of the Holy Sepulchre and the Knights Templar.  Bouillon was also a line of descent to the Stewarts.  This was another conjoining line of the Kings of Loraine that lead to the pre Scotland forebear Alan, Seneschal of Dol and Dinan.

Seneschal of Dol's sons were Alan and Flaad ( hereditary Stewards of Dol).  This was the Vine of Judah for the first 1000 years after Joseph of Arimathea and James the Justus.   The original founders of the Grail Keepers/Knights Templar.

The vine spreads even farther to Alan Fitz Flaad de Hesdin, Baron of Oswestry.   Alan's sons were William and Jordan Fitz Allen.  The Baron had a daughter Emma wo married Walter, Thane of Lochaber, the son of Banquo.  Emma and Walter's son, Alan of Lochaber married Adelina the daughter of Alan Fitz Flaad.  Alan and Adelina were the parents of Walter Fitz Allen, the First High Steward of Scotland.

This brings the connection of Banquo and the Fitz Allen's together. Both families were hereditary Knights Templar and Order of Sion (Jerusalem).  The vine branched out to become what modern day history calls Jacobites.

The word Jacobite means a person who supports James.  James Stewart VI of Scotland becomes King James I of England after Queen Elizabeth I dies without an heir.

The Jacobite cause was in full bloom.  The Davidic bloodline had now secured a crown in the greatest country in the world during this time frame.  The Knights Templar, the Masons and the Royal House of Stewart were connected to the powerful seat.

King James I hired to the best scholars of his time to have the Hebrew Bible translated to English.  James I was searching for his enlightenment.  Once the Bible was completed, James I had 'found the

The new or rather very old light James discovered filtered to his order of the Knights Templar and the Knights of the Thistle.  King James I filled the position of Priest-Knight-King to the fullest extent.

The House of Unicorns which was the symbol of the Biblical King David, was now represented to the entire world.  Millions of people believed the House of Stewart to be the Holy Bloodline of the ancient chosen people of God, the Jews.  This lead to the followers of the House of Stewart being named jacobites.

The Jacobites became another link to the modern Scottish Rite of the Masons.

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