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Arimathea's Compromise
by Kelly d. Whittaker

The Celts of Britain were peace loving, ruled by a Druid High Counsel.  Both Druid and Celt were pagan.  They believed in many gods. The main difference between the two was the Druids made human sacrifices and the Celts did not believe in taking a human life.  This is where Joseph of Arimathea knew he could offer the new way of Christianity to the people of Britain.   Arimathea did have to compromise with the people.

Pagan holidays like Easter, Harvest, Maypole and Hallow Eve were shared between the two religions.  Arimathea was familiar with the pagan traditions.  Different septs of the Jewish tribes practiced very similar traits as the pagans.  Each religion had a great god, Druids - the sun god, Celts, the moon god.  Arimathea convinced the people that the Jewish God was the Great God.

Arimathea benefited by the similar religious traits shared between the Pagan and the Nazarite.  These teachings were the same that Joseph had been taught.  The teachings were; astronomy, astrology, herbal healing, science and mathematics.   Joseph and the Brits where able to understand each other on the grounds of their teaching.  Tarot cards were already being used by some Jews.  Joseph was able to convert the new teachings of Jesus the Christ to the old form of Tarot cards.

The Tarot and degrees of Priesthood was carried from the Nazarites to the Grail Kings.   The Keepers of the Grail achieved degrees as in geometrical forms, ( 3rd degree, 32nd degree etc.) compared to the degrees of the Jewish Priests.  The practice of the Tarot was religious with strong Christian under tones.  Every card has a meaning but certain ones referred to God, the Church and other saints of the church.

While Joseph was converting Britain, a new cult sprang up.  It spread like wild fire across Europe.  This was the Church of Mary Magdalene. Mary M. had been a high priestess in her pagan religion before she was converted.  She was highly educated and wore the scarlet robes like that of a Cardinal in the Catholic Church.  People believed her to be holy because she had the Justus' children to carry on the Royal bloodline of King David.  The cult believed Jesus Justus should be the rightful King of Israel.

All of this leads to the modern day teaching of Masonry.  Joseph of Arimathea, Britain, Church of Mary Magdalene, Grail Keepers and Grail King all make up the early esoteric group.  The Grail Kings and Keepers were all a highly educated group of the Christian Church.

The Roman Church was afraid of their power of education therefore denouncing all of Arimathea's teachings.  The Celts enjoyed the new religion.  Especially the part about finding the light.  Celts from all across Europe rebelled against the Roman Church because the did not teach the simplicities of Arimathea's foundation.

Even in today's modern world, people are constantly searching for enlightenment.   Many feel empty or lost with no morals to guide them....Joseph and his eccentric group was able to achieve enlightenment
by educating men about the earth and the mystics surrounding her.  This made the Dark Ages so much brighter.

Completely through all of this conversion, the Grail Keepers were very active yet remained silent in all they witnessed.  Today this is compared to the oath a Lawyer or Solicitor would take to honor his client.

This was Joseph's compromise with the Celts and Druids.  They excepted the Christian beliefs and stopped performing human sacrifices yet were allowed to carry on their scientific practices and incorporate them into the new Christian Church of Britain.   This was compromised worked for 800 years.  The Knights Templar excelled into the future...

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