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Scotland, The Templars' Protector
by Kelly d. Whittaker

Jaques de Molay had been burned at the stake and Templars' were being arrested over the whole of Europe and England.  Scotland did not participate in the arrests.  The papal bull of the Catholic Church did not have the strong hold on the Scots people.

King David of Scotland awarded Hughes de Paynes and his Knights the lands of Ballatradoch, establishing their primary seat on the South Esk.  William the Lion promoted the Order.  More tracts of land were awarded to the Templars' such as; the Lothians, Aberdeen, Ayr, western Scotland, Lorne and Argyll.

Robert the Bruce and the Stewart were Knights Templar at birth.  Each successive heir became, by virtue, not only Priest Knights but Priest-Knight-Kings.  The Templar did not become extinct in the 1300's but flourished in Europe and Scotland under the name, The Chivalric Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.  This was distinct from the later Masonic Templar.

The Stewarts inherited the throne of Scotland but their bloodline was directly from Banquo of Lochaber the noble Thane that was a direct descendant of King Alpin.  The Stewarts also emerged from the 11th
century Senechals of Dol in Brittany.

The enormous significance in the Bruce-Stewart conjoining lines was the legacy of the Scots Royal line being from Arimathea succession as well as James the Justus, the brother of Christ.  This was established through the Fisher Kings.

The Knights Templar in Scotland did not share the teachings of de Molay.  They remained stead-fast in the original teachings of Bron the Blessed.  The Templar were taught sciences and math that had been
misconstrued as Black Calabas.  The Scots Templar did use the arcana system from the old Judaism teachings of priesthood.

The Plan of the earlier Perceval church had finally surfaced into reality with the crowning of Robert II of Scotland.  The House of Unicorns was established in the coat of arms for the Royal House of Stewart.  The Templar grew strong again.  The evidence of the Holy Bloodline genealogy won many supporters.  The Stewart cause was more than a religion, it was the birth right of the ancient Davidic line.

The conjoining unicorns remained strong until James II of England was dethroned.   Freemasons grew strong from Robert II until James II.  The German Masonic influence was growing stronger therefore able to oust the Stewarts from the thrown of Great Britain.

The Stewarts had waited 700 years to establish the bloodline of King David of Jerusalem.   The son of David was Solomon who had the great Temple built by a Master Mason.   The Great Temple of the Arc of the Covenant was a beautiful structure that also held the secrets of the masons.  This is where the connection of King Solomon to the Mason is conceived.

The secrets were considered magic in the time of great superstition. Modern technology has helped people to understand the mathematical equations that an ancient people had discovered therefore making it science not magic.  The Scots are well known for their intelligence which is greater than most civilizations.

After King James II of England was over thrown, the Templar and the Masons made a desperate attempt to re-establish the House of Unicorns to the thrown. This became known as the Scottish Rite.

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