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Oliver Brown
The English Political Parties

No party is ever killed by its opponents: it merely commits suicide. The Labour Party is in the last stages of this process.

The Tories are now so unscrupulous that, in order to win an election, they call themselves THE LABOUR PARTY.

The weakness of the Labour Movement is that it has never tackled the key problem of our time - that of credit. That failure will destroy it.

A number of people in the Upper Middle Class take up the Working Class as a hobby - Like Mr Harold Wilson. It is a temptation to which the most reactionary of the Bourgeoisie are particularly sensitive.

The Ruling Class like Count Mirabeau and Tam Dalyell, are different. They are born to rule (however feebly) and are subconsciously determined to retain their privileged position no matter which class comes into power.

Modern Socialism was created by Marx (a lawyer) and Engels (a capitalist) and given its most extreme form by Prince Kropotkin, Count Tolstoy and the Count of Saint Simon.

The Working Class has always opposed it.

Nationalisation is not Socialism. In its present form it is State Capitalism. Instead of giving the "workers" more power, it has deliberately excluded them from decision-making. It has given more power to the Civil Service which, by its very nature, is middle class. No working man has ever been leader of the Labour Party, which is essentially bourgeois in its philosophy (if it can be said to have any).

I was for seven years one of their many members because I believed it the duty of the missionary to associate with the most unenlightened of the heathen.

The Labour Party was founded in Glasgow in Wellington Street in a tearoom demolished to make way for the Alhambra Theatre. Its first President was Cunningham Graham later President of the National Party. Its first Secretary was another Scottish Nationalist, Keir Hardie. History has decided that its birthplace should be its place of death.

Royalty is inconsistent with Socialism, which opposes a class system. Why are the Labourites so determined to maintain the UK? Simply because they are anti-Socialists.

The Wilson Government refuse to sell arms to South Africa in case they are used to kill Africans.

They are selling then to the Nigerian Government who are using them to kill Africans.

Obviously they do not believe in racial equality.

No government has been so unfortunate as a victim of cruel fate. It is in charge of a disintegrating country and a declining economy. Any decision it takes must be unpopular because there is no popular solution.

By the next General Election the Ministers of the Government will be transported by Securicor.

The Prime Ministerís biggest mistake was in accepting office.

DOCKERS SUPPORT ENOCH POWELL! The old party system based on class distinctions has disappeared. Divisions are now vertical not horizontal. Labour and Tory belong to the era of gas lamps, hansom cabs and hobble skirts.

The vitality of a movement is largely dependent upon the diligence of its opposition.

That is what we most lack.

None of the early Socialists foresaw the day when the Labour Government would compel capitalists to violate agreements guaranteeing their employees an increase in wages.

The function of the Labour Government is to induce the working class to accept legislation against which they would revolt if proposed by a Tory Government. (8 July 1967)

The function of the Tory is to oppose every desirable change till it becomes inevitable, then to adopt it and claim that it was his original idea.

When the Secretary of State for Scotland (at that time, Mr Arthur Woodburn) suggested that Scottish Nationalism might lead to bomb throwing, a shudder went through the Scottish Members of Parliament frantically looking for a spine to run up.

One MP described this last remark as UnChristian. In reply I pointed out that I had not stated that the frantic search had been finally in vain.

Gilbertís saying: "Everv little boy or girl thatís born into this world alive is either a little Liberal or else a little Conservative" requires some addition in order to be modernised,

"But if he never sees the light
He's born a little Labourite"

It is an honourable tradition in the fighting services of many countries that an officer who has failed in his responsibilities commits suicide. If such a tradition was applied to Englandís political life, there would be mass graves of bankers and an annual General Election.

In England, however, the perfect solution has been discovered - there is the House of Lords.

THE POOR LIBERALS! They have seen a half-truth and mistaken it for the whole. Some people have supported their devolution plan on the ground that half a loaf is better than no bread. But is half a watch better than no watch? Government which is a form of machinery resembles less the first comparison than the second.

THE TORIES are trying to prove that the credit of Britain is being undermined, its trade sabotaged and its reputation dishonoured by the present Government. They also maintain that it is to Scotlandís obvious advantage to remain part of a country whose trade is being sabotaged, whose credit is being destroyed and whose reputation is being dishonoured by a Government which is one of the consequences of the Union with England.

The liberals are now going to leave the Scottish "Government" without control of finance. Which means it will be allowed to talk, as if we did not have enough blethers already. We are going to he in the economic grip of a ruling caste who have ruined every country they have ever governed and have made an appalling mess of their own finances.

These are the men of straw whose only value is that they show which way the wind is blowing.

"Tory" comes from the Gaelic word meaning "one who is pursued" and was originally applied to the Irish landowner robbed of his possessions by the Planters. It came to mean "a mounted brigand".

It is therefore not applicable to Conservatives, who no longer travel on horseback.

Sir William MacEwan Younger, the boss of the Unionist Party, has been advising the Scots to forget "the begging bowl mentality". Who created that mentality? The Tory Party, of which he is the spokesman, with its argument that Scotland exists only because of English generosity.

No man ever becomes a slave until he hugs his chains and believes - as his gaolers have taught him - that he would feel cold without them. "Even I - Regained my freedom with a sigh," said Bonnivard who, after years in a dungeon for his fight for freedom, had been reduced to the mentality of a member of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

"A party dominated by second-class brewers and company promoters, a casino capitalism, is not likely to represent anything but itself." Such was the description of the Tory Party given by Harold MacMillan in 1936.

The trouble from which the Tory Party is still suffering is the fact that it was once led by Churchill who hated and despised it and by MacMillan who despised it too mutch to hate it.

You may have noticed "the company promoters" who oppose us and the ranks of brewers, led by George Younger, MP, and Sir William MacEwan Younger. "The makers of Scottish beer, the cup that inebriates but does not cheer."

Mr Harold Wilson is expected to make an important ministerial statement in confidence and secrecy at a private meeting of Labour MPs. In this way he will achieve maximum publicity.

We are going to be rich with more money for booze, fags, horses and bingo. And our new Jerusalem will be as torn with feuds as the old one in Palestine.

Mankind is at its best when life is a hard, though not an unsuccessful struggle. Poverty and Prosperity constitute an equal menace.

Having led his Party to disaster in the last General Election, Mr Harold Wilson (husband of the well-known poetess, Mary of that ilk) packed his bags and left for a lecture tour of the USA. His subject was "Leadership".

Scottish Nationalist candidates who wish to fight without being elected must realise that there are now no safe seats.



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