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Sir James Young Simpson

The following is a list of Sir James Simpson's contributions to Archaeology. His professional writings, in the form of contributions to the medical journals, or of papers read to various societies or meetings, number close upon two hundred.

1. "Antiquarian Notices of Leprosy and Leper Hospitals in Scotland and England." (Three papers read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society, March 3, 1841.) Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal\ October, 1841, and January and April, 1842.

2. "Notice of Roman Practitioner's Medicine Stamp found near Tranent." Royal Society of Edinburgh ; Dec. 16, 1850.

3. "Ancient Roman Medical Stamps." Edinburgh Journal of Medical Science, Jan., March, April, 1851.

4. "Was the Roman Army provided with any Medical Officers?" Edinburgh, 1851, private circulation.

5. "Notes on some Ancient Greek Medical Vases for containing Lykion ; and on the modern use of the same in India." Edinburgh, 1856.

6. "Notice of the appearance of Syphilis in Scotland in the last years of the fifteenth century." i860.

7. " Note on a Pictish Inscription in the Churchyard of St. Vigeans." Royal Society, April 6, 1863.

8. "Notes on some Scottish Magical Charm-Stones or Curing Stones." Proceedings of Antiquarian Society of Scotland.\ vol iv., 1868.

9. " An Account of two Barrows at Spottiswoode, Berwickshire, opened by the-Lady John Scott." Proceedings of Antiquarian Society of Scotland, vol iv., 1868.

10. "Did John de Vigo describe Acupressure in the Sixteenth Century ?" British Medical Journal, Aug. 24, 1867 ; Medical Times and Gazette, 1867, vol. ii., p. 187.

11." Account of some Ancient Sculptures on the Walls of Caves in Fife." 1867.

12. "Notices of some Ancient Sculptures on the Walls of Caves." Proceedings of the Royal Society / Edinburgh, 1867.

13. "Cup-cuttings and Ring-cuttings on the Calder Stones, near Liverpool." 1866. Transactions of the Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

14. "Archaeology—its past and its future work." Annual Address to the Society of Antiquarians of Scotland, January 28, 1861.

15. "The Cat Stane, Edinburghshire." Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, Scotland, 1861.

16. "Archaic Sculpturings of Cups, Circles, &c., upon Stones and Rocks in Scotland, England, and other countries." 1867.

17. "Is the Pyramid at Gizeh a Meteorological Monument?" Proceedings of the Royal Society; Edinburgh, 1868.

18. "Pyramidal Structures in Egypt and elsewhere." Proceedings of the Royal Society s Edinburgh, 1868.

19. "Cell at Inchcolm."

The above list is founded on that given by Professor Gusserow in his "Zur Erinnerung an Sir James Y. Simpson." Berlin, 1871. II.

On post mortem examination the following observations on Sir James Simpson's head were made :—Skull—circumference round by occipital protuberance and below frontal eminences, 22J inches. —from ear to ear, 13 inches.—from occipital protuberance to point between superciliary ridges, 13 inches. Brain—weight of entire brain (cerebrum and cerebellum) was 54 ounces; the cerebellum, pons, and medulla oblongata weighed 5J ounces.

The convolutions of the cerebrum were remarkable for their number, depth, and intricate foldings. This was noticed more particularly in the anterior lobes and the islands of Reil. Extract from British Medical Journal, May 14, 1870.

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