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Summer at the Lake of Monteith
Extracts from the Record of the Session-Book of Port

The oldest is dated “The 14 off Septr. 1664,” and is as follows:—“ My Lord Bishop of Dunblane preached after our minister’s death.” “The last of Aprill 1665, the dean preached and held Session.”

“The 2d of June 1665 the clerk gat to the presbyterie, and gatt nothing ffor his pains, these severall tymes.”

“The 25 of June, Donald Stewartt, Andrew Donaldsone, Duncan Fishar, Alexander Monteath, Wm. M‘Callen, went to the bishop to supplicat him for a minister, and they got — sh. Scots for yer expences.”

“The 27 August, Mr. Bowere, dean of Edinburgh, preached.”

“The 30 day of Sepr the Bishop preached.”

“The 22d of Janry’ 1667, Sir William Graham of Gartmore had ane child babtised, called John. Witness, Thos. Graham in Monduy and M‘Lachlan.” (This was Sir John Graham the second and last Baronet of Gartmore.)

“The 14th February’ 1667, David Lord Cardross had ane child babtized, called Madelen.”

“The 15 off August, Mr. William Wymes preached. The session in regard that there are persons without testimonil comet to the paroch, the session has ordained that such persons be excepted under the pain of twentie pounds Scotts.” “The 15 off November, the said day James Donaldson was admitted minister of the church.”

“The 17 off Nowember the said day Mr James Donaldson preached, being the first day after his admisione.”

“The 1 of Decer the said day Mr James held session being the first session. The session has considered the abuse of the people in standing furth in tym of divyn service. The Session has ordained that Andrew Gyloch, Andrew Donaldson, go furth and search the ale houses, that no persons drink in tym of divyn service, and the minister to nominat the samen to them out of the pulpit; and whosoever shall be found guiltie after intimation made, shall be punished accordinglie, and trio of elders to go Sunday about, and them that comes in after the hinmost bell, to sit bare headit before the minr.”

“The 29 of December 1667, compeared Duncan Graham, and humbled himself for breaking the act in coming in after the hinmost bell and confessed his sin, and promised that he should not doo the lyk againe. The session hes ordaint that everie person that bees bookit, shall consigne a dollor and no other thing but money, and gev in caise the on parttie be without the paroche, both are to consign a dollor, and the money to lye for three quarter off a year after the marriage; and giv the woman be with child, boths the dollor are left before marriage, and giv one off them goes bak parted fairlie will loose his dollor, and the partie abserver is to get his.”

“The 12 dy off Janry’ 1668, the said day Pat. M‘Callen stood publikly befor the congregation for doing the fauld of staying out till after the bell, on his knees was absolved.”’ “ The 20th off Janry 1688, the session hes ordaint Margt. M‘Carturt. Janet Giloch, and Wm. M‘Ewan, to sit before the minister before the pulpit, and to ansr the minister when they are called upon for ther coming to the church in the afternoon aft the last bell.”

“The 16 off Febrie, After calling on the name of the Lord, the session has enacted and ordained, that there shall be no drinking after sermon except of necessitee and men be thirsty, that they drink onlie a chopin of ell, or the man serve persons or strangers that comes out of ither parts.”

“The 23 off Febrie 1668, After calling on the name of the Lord, the session has ordained that two of the elders goo furth everie Sunday about, that they let non of the people goo away without a lawful excuse. The session, to their serious consideration, considered the horribl sins and great abuses that ordinarilie in all places, experience the sin of drunkeness and comoning on the Lord’s day, There-ffor the session has acted and ordained, that no bear nor ell seller within the paroch shall sell ell after sermon, except in case of necessitie, folks be thirstie or fant; they drink a chapon of ell, or those that are sick or those that are strangers.”

“The 22 of March 1668, The session has ordained John Battison to go and poynd Alex Hardie, and the poynd to be worth 4 lbs. Scots.”

“The 23d March 1668, John Pattison went according to order, and finding nothing in the house but an old ax, returned without any poind.”

“The session holden the 5 of April 1668. The session has ordained to give an half-mark to the smith for ane ern, ordains to make a leg to the joges.”

“On the 26 of April 1668, the qlk day the session convened, all the elders being present except Patrick Ferguson who sent his excuse that he could not come for pain of leg, Archd. Graham, son of the deceyst erlle of Airth, who waited on the west end, and Patrick Morrison waited on the wa.y to Cardross, report to the session that non at all went from the church of Port at the fyrst sermon, and Gilbert Graham, who waited at the east end, reported non got away, save some people of the paroch of Kincarn.”

“The session finding, by their former and renewed act, inhibiting all drinking after both sermons endit, save of a chopin of ell drinking and that onlie to be taken in case of necessitie, that they have no ways compassed that great design which they had of suppressing that old sin and scandal of this paroch, of drinking the wholl Lord’s day; out of their zeal against the profanatione of the Lord’s day, and for the keeping it the more hollie, have ordained that there sail be no drinking at all after both sermons ended, except persons be seik, or it be strangers, and then they not to pass soberlie beyond this, under the pain of ten pounds Scots, to be payit the aille seller in case the violat this act; and the persons drinking to make publick satisfaction therefor, befor the congregatione, and further to be punished cordinglie in their persons and means as the session shall think fit. And for this effect it is ordained, that everic elder after both sermons endit, do search for drinking, the respective aille houses within their several quarters.” “The said day, compeared Walter Laganach, John Ure, Patrick M‘Cadem, who being proceeded against for drinking on the Sabbath day, being the twelve of April, acknowledge that they were in John M£Culloch’s untill the sun was neir set, but that they onlie drank a chapon of aill the hand, who was therefore ordained by the minister and session, the next Lord’s day to sit bair headit beffor the pulpit, and after sermon endit to acknowledge their scandal on their knees.”

“On the 3d of May 1668, The said day the minister did publiclie desire and requested the elders, according to the order of the session, to insist that no brewer within the paroch should sell no aille to no person except alls much as wauld quench the thirst of strangers or to seik persons, and no to sell no aill to no either person within the paroch, and that under the paine of ten pounds Scotts, to be payit be the ail seller, and the person who drink it to be punished as the session shall think fit. He lykwys did intimate unto the people after the first sermon, and intreated them that no person shauld flyt nor scald on the Sabbath day, or no ither day, or whosoever person or persons should be scolding should be punished both in their persons and means and to stand in the Jogs.”

“This session has acted and ordained that no parishioner goe in with a stranger after the afternoon sermon to drink in ane alle houss.”

“At Port, June 1, 1704, being Thursday, sederunt, the minister and all the elders. After prayer, the session considering that there is a scandalous practice frequently used in the parisch at publick marriages, in the time, and immediately after the solemnization therefore, hy the parties there using of charms and inchantments and that notwithstanding' they have been sharply and openly rebuked for the same by using circular motions &c; wherefore the session, for preventing this abominable and heathenish practice in all time coming, do statute and ordain, that whosoever shall be found guilty of such a scandalous practice, shall be oblidged to appear publickly before the congregation; and be rebuked for the forsaid guilt and oppoins the said act to be publickly read the next Lord’s day.”

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