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Papers Relating to the Scots in Poland (1576 - 1798)
Appendix II - Part 1

MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS [Abstracts only are given, except when otherwise stated.] RELATING TO THE FAMILIES OF CHALMERS AND ROSS.

Done on the Wednesday [18th November.] before the Feast of the Presentation of the B.V.M., A.D. 1648.

Compearing in person before the present session of the Worshipful Council of the city of Old Warsaw, the Unbelieving Abraham Markowicz, a Jew of Lublin, for himself and in name of Leuco Iukubowicz, a Jew dwelling in the town of Lenczna, for whose ratification he gives caution in the fullest legal form and binds himself on the security of his own estate, with the approval of the present Court did openly and willingly recognise that he acquits and pronounces free the Well-famed JAMES CZAMERS (Chalmers) a Scot, citizen of Brody, from the payment of a sum of 2664 Polish florins secured by a bond bearing the genuine signature of the foresaid James Czamers, in respect of which total a servant of the foresaid Czamers, the Honest John Porner, a Scot, had paid to him at Lublin 825 florins 3 grosz Polish, the amount being entered on the back of the bond, since the said bond along with other documents and articles has been forcibly and violently taken from him in the town of Rozen by certain soldiers commonly called Dragoons; undertaking on the security of his whole estate, by means of this his own Recognisance with regard to the premises, to grant warrandice should the said bond be found in the hands of any other person. (Signature.)—Stara Warszawa ( Warsaw Archives), 1648.

Text of an oath taken by the Well-famed ALEXANDER CZAMER, member of the Board of Twenty at Old Warsaw, and presented by him in person to the Council of Old Warsaw for registration on 14th February 1681.

‘I, Alexander Czamer, of the Ancient Commune of Warsaw, swear by Almighty God and the Holy Trinity, being now in a place of trust, to be faithful and obedient to the Commonwealth at all times when my duties as an elder demand; to preserve the rights and priviledges of the Ancient Borough of Warsaw, to attend the meetings as is the custom, and as the good of the Commonwealth may demand, and to lay all news before the mayor; to keep and not give up the secrets of the town, no matter what they may be, and to fulfill all my duties with faithfulness and conscientiousness, and not for gifts from friends, from fear, hatred, or anger, or other reasons which deter therefrom. So may God and the Passion of His Son help me.’—(Signed) JAN STANISLAS WITWICKI, Bishop of Kieff, Czernihoff, etc.

I have taken this oath of the Noble Alexander Czamer, upon which I set my seal, Stanilas Malachowski, by the order of His Majesty. This was performed in the Castle of Warsaw on the 14th day of January 1681.— Warsaw Archives.

On 3rd January 1689, before the Council of Warsaw, the Noble and Worshipful ALEXANDER CZAMMER, Counsellor and Treasurer of Warsaw, in the name of the magistrates and the whole community received from the Noble and Worshipful David Zappio, Councillor of Warsaw, and lodged with the Trustee of the Court the sum of 1500 Polish florins, in three sealed coffers, due to them by contract dated 18th December 1688, in respect of the said Zappio’s occupation of a stone house in the street called Nowomiejska, the property of the city.— Warsaw Archives.

Election of the Honourable ALEXANDER CZAMMER, Assessor of Warsaw, to be Councillor in place of the Noble and Worshipful Sebastian Szelert, deceased.

The Noble and Worshipful John Loupia, Mayor; Gerhard Withoff, Advocate; Augustin Herlem, Nicolas Perott, Thomas Jarkiewicz, Andrew Knable, Albert Bochekowics and Andrew Minish, Councillors of Warsaw, after conference in the Town Hall thereof, on 21st August 1689, decided that notwithstanding the absence of two Councillors, Caspar Walter and John Czorn, on private business, at Grodno and Cracow respectively, such election would be valid. And although neither the Advocate, who withdrew after the production of a Letter from His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Gnesen to the Magistracy on the said Czammer’s behalf, nor David Zapphio, a Councillor, would attend when specially summoned, the Council proceeded duly to elect by a majority, ‘one who deserved well of the city,’ the Worshipfu1 Alexander Czammer, who thereupon took the customary oath and went to the seat appointed for him.—Stara Warszawa, Liber 46, f. 159.

The Mayor, Councillors, Advocate, and Board of Twenty, representing the community of Warsaw, make known that, being desirous of increasing the revenues of the city, and observing the unproductiveness of a certain piece of land within the city walls near the gate called Pobocznia, behind the Red Tower, extending as far as the said walls, and 60 mercantile ells in width, which although the property of the city had for several years brought in no return, ‘in consideration of the services rendered on so many occasions to the city by the Noble and Worshipful ALEXANDER CZAMMER, Councillor of Warsaw,’ they have granted to him and his wife Christina and their successors the said piece of land in perpetuity for a payment of 20 Polish florins at Martinmas yearly, with free passage thereto through the foresaid gate, and immediate entry, undertaking on behalf of their successors never to evict them from the said piece of land, provided the yearly rent be paid into the city Treasury by the tenants.

Done in the Town Hall of Warsaw on 3rd July 1690. Gerard Withoff, Mayor; Martin Martinsohn, Chief Assessor; John Tosacki, Senior Member of the Board of Twenty.— Warsaw Archives.

Two Assessors of Warsaw, the Honourable Martin Martensohn and John Hoffman, report to the Council that they proceeded, as deputed by the Noble and Worshipful Gerhard Withoff, Mayor of Warsaw, to the piece of land granted to ALEXANDER CZAMMER and CHRISTINA, his wife, and with due observance of all customary legal ceremony conferred upon them Right of Entry thereto, when the Honourable John Zageski, an officer of the Court, ‘had thrice and, exceeding the requirements of the law, for a fourth time made proclamation in the city gate called Pobocznia, and all interested had given their assent.’—Signatures — Warsaw Archives

On 22nd February 1691 the Well-born Francis Gryzbowski, Vice captain of the Castle of Warsaw, proceeded to the Town Hall as deputed by the Illustrious and Noble Lord, John Bonaventure, Palatine in Krasne Krasinski of the Province of Warsaw, and therein elected Mayor of Warsaw the Noble and Worshipful ALEXANDER CZAMMER, Councillor, ‘a man of weight by reason of a judgment both natural and acquired, and endowed with prudence and skill in the conduct of affairs, a lover of the public good, for long a defender of the ancient rights and privileges of the citizens; who by his meritorious administration at the Treasury for the full period of three years won the commendation of all.’ On being elected, he took the customary oath in presence of Magistrates and people.-- Warsaw Archives.

On 23rd February 1692 the Noble and Worshipful Magistrates and Councillors of Warsaw elected as Advocate or Judge Ordinary for the year 1692, by a majority, the Noble and Worshipful ALEXANDER CZAMER, ‘already distinguished by his administration as Mayor; whose remarkable energy and skill in the conduct of difficult business had been of the greatest service to the city.’ On being elected he took the customary oath.— Warsaw Archives.

The Eminent Peter Roberson, citizen and merchant of Cracow, compearing before the Council of Warsaw, recognizes that he conveys to the Noble and Worshipful ALEXANDER CZAMER, Councillor of Warsaw, and his successors, his title to the sum of 1306 florins 26 grosz of Prussian silver currency, being a debt contracted in his favour by the late Well-famed Wilhelm Szmid, an inhabitant of Przmysl, merchant to the Court at Warsaw (as shown by a parchment bond dated 26th September 1678) for goods of various kinds, especially Holland goods, and not yet paid; also the bond itself, in ratification of the said CZAMER’s claims upon the Recognizor, its deliverance to secure the Recognizor against further claim from him, even in the event of difficulty in exacting the said sum.— Warsaw Archives.

On 20th November 1693 the Noble and Worshipful Magistrates and Councillors of Warsaw elected by a majority to the Board of Twenty, out of two candidates presented to them by the said Board, the well-famed WILLIAM CZAMER, [A son of Alexander Czamer.] a Patrician of Warsaw, ‘a young man of integrity and excellent abilities.’ On being elected he took the customary oath.— Warsaw Archives.

The Noble and Honourable CHRISTINA CZAMER, widow of the late Noble and Worshipful ALEXANDER CZAMER, Councillor of Warsaw, compearing in person before the Council of Warsaw supported by the Noble John Wardynski, her Tutor ad hoc, recognized that she owes to the Noble Alexander Allan, Captain in the Army of the Realm, and his successors, the sum of 2787 florins 23 grosz of good Prussian silver currency (counting 5 greater silver sextones to the florin, and 18 grosz to the tynfo or octo,) being a debt contracted in her husband’s lifetime; binding herself and her successors to make payment by the Feast of St. Bartholomew [24th August.] of the following year (1708), and giving in mortgage, as security for the said sum, her entire estate moveable and immoveable, in particular her stone house at Warsaw in the Street of the Curved Wheel, entry thereto to be granted in event of failure to pay by the above date, after citation of the Recognizor and her successors to the present Court, and renouncing all means of protection from this writ. Krystina Czawerowa. [-owa, A Polish suffix meaning ‘wife of.’] Jan Wardijnski (as a friend).

On 24th July 1709 Creditors with claims against the estate of the late Well-famed JOHN CZAMER, a merchant dwelling in Warsaw, and of his heirs and successors, having been cited four weeks previously (23rd June) at the instance of the Noble Melchior Sztym, Clerk to the Treasury of the Realm, and of the Well-famed Christian Ross, Assessor of Warsaw, and of Tamer [The various forms of certain of these names, at the end of the Inventory which follows, should be noted.] Clerek, Forest, Szeiners, Mortens, Sztuar, Tullie, Lomsdale, Kantz, Walter Lesle, Gilbert Major, and James Ross, merchants to the Court, likewise creditors of the said CZAMER, by a notice in writing affixed to the doors of the Town Hall by the Honourable John Drobnicki, an officer of the Court, to compear and state their claims, that after the liquidation of the said estate a settlement might be made, failed to compear, and have since proved insubordinate.—Warsaw Archives.

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