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Scots in Eastern and Western Prussia
Part III – Documents (2)

List of Scotsmen who became burgesses of Danzig

1531 Thomas Gilzet from Dundee
1536 Jacob Bruce
1552 James Kilfauns
1552 John Watson
1552 James Brathinson (?)
1558 Andr. Robbertson from Aberdeen
1559 Geo. Robbertson
1563 Butchart from Dundee
1564 James Somerfeld (ville)
1565 Robt. Hoddon (Hutton) from Dalkona
1565 Andr. Dehlhoff (?) from Aberdeen
1566 Hans Forbes
1566 Hans Kilfauns
1567 Andr. Bruin from Dundee
1573 John White (Witte) from Cupro (Cupar), a coppersmith
1577 Andr. Moncreiff
1578 Osias Kilfauns
1578 Geo. Patterson
About 1580 William Forbes
1581 Geo. Kittrick (?) from Dumfries
1581 Alex. Mirhi (Murray) from Banff
1581 Geo. Smith from St Andrews, a goldsmith
1582 Hans Gelletlie from Dundee. [He has a house in the Frauengrasse in 1655]
1587 Andr. Hardy
1587 James Gelletlie
1592 Andr. Liddel
1592 James Kignet (?)
1592 James Brun from Aberdeen.
1592 John Watson
1593 Will. Roan (Rowan)
1593 Andr. Thomson from Edinburgh
1593 Andr. Telliour (Taylor)
1593 James King
1598 Andrew Steven from Aberdeen
1598 William Duncan
1598 Abr. Lindsay from Edinburgh
1598 Jas. Greger
1598 Andr. Goring from Aberdeen
1598 Peter Blair from Dundee
1598 Thos. Blair
1598 Alex Ramsay from Aberdeen
1599 Geo. Hebron (Hepburn)
1606 John Stoddart
1606 Hans Kilfauns
About 1610 Al. Rennie
1612 Arch. Williamson
1614 Alex Newland from Edinburgh
1614 Jas Smith from St. Andrews
1616 Alex Demster from Brechin
1621 W. Lamb from Sandwick
1621 David Hogg from Stirling
1621 Hans Kammer (Chambers) from Edinburgh.
1622. Hans Pratus from Dunfermline.
1623. Thos. Makkenssin (Mackenzie) from Dundee.
1624. J. Abernethy from Aberdeen.
1626. Thos. Stalker.
About 1630. Thos. Demster.
1631. Reinhold Portus from Douglas.
1631. Jas. Meldrum.
1632. Jas. Man from Dundee.
1633. Geo. Cleghorn from Quhitsome.
1634. W. Balfour from St Andrews.
1638. W. Kenrick from Culross.
1639. Thos. Smart from Dundee.
1639. Henckly (?).
1640. Alb. Agnus from Lochiedt (?).
1640. William Gordon.
1641. W. Ramsay from Rattray; a twiner.
1642. John Duncan from Dunblane.
1642. Alex. Bell from Bamoyll.
1643. Hans Morton from St Andrews, a twiner.
1647. Geo. Cuik from Glasgow.
1652. David Demster.
1652. J. Smith from Auchenthaw (?).
1653. John Tamson.
1658. Geo. Mitchell.
1659. Adrian Stoddart. [An eminent man, who as "Syndic" took an active part in the politics and the government of the City.]
1662. Robt. Guthrie from Minus, near Forfar.
1663. Thomas Fraser.
1663. A. Guthry.
1664. Alex. Barclay.
1664. Robt. Baylie from Lamington. [See birth-briefs]
1664. W. Robbertson.
1666. Al. Hotchisson (Hutchison).
1668. Robt. Chalmer from Aberdeen.
1669. J. Litgow from Aberdeen.
1668. W. Brown from Dundee.
1674. Al. Karkettle.
1674. Jas. Bruce from Edinburgh.
1675. Robt. Mill.
1676. W. Clerk from Dunfermline, and two sons.
1676. W. Watson.
1677. Arch. Rait from Aberdeenshire.
1678. Al. Moncrieff from Burntisland.
1680. W. Halyburton from St Andrews.
1681. Dan. Davidson.
1682. Thos. Fraser from Aberdeen.
1682. Thos. Murray
1682. Hans Ogelbey.
1682. Thos. Burnet.
1682. Dan G. Davidson.
1683. John Genie from Zamosc.
1685. Peter Forbes from Aberdeen.
1687. William and Robert Farquharson.
1689. Al. Paip with two sons. [For obtaining civil rights, Paip had to pay 3000 gulden; Andr. Turner for himself and his brother 5000.]
1689. Thos. Leslie from Aberdeen.
1691. Andr. Turner from Wreatoun (Rathen ?).
1691. William Turner from Kininmond, Aberdeenshire.
1691. Thos. Davidson from Aberdeen.
1695. Francis Moncrieff.
1695. (?) Walter Leslie. [He paid 2000 gulden. See Scots in Germany.]
1700. James Leitch.
1705. Al. Buchan. [See Scots in Germany.]
1705. Peter Stuart from Posen.
1705. Jas. Irving.
1705 A. Majoribanks.
1705. G. Malabar.
1710. Gilbert Moir. [After paying 1400 gulden.]
1710. John Farquhar. [After paying 1400 gulden.]

The following Scottish names are also mentioned in Danzig [In the Schoppenbucher and elsewhere; most of these Scotsmen were also citizens]: Mustard (1475); Seymour (1557); C. Lawson (1546); Dickson (1557); P. Law (1558); Melville, Stirling, Simson (1556); Andrew Cromforth (Crawford); W. and Al. Forbes (1556); Stein (1585); Middleton (1598); Murray (1599); Jac. Agilbey (Ogilvie), (1599); Al. Mitchell (1604); Andr. Keay (1611); Nisbet, Wolson (1611); Jacob Rennie (abt. 1640) [He was a cattle-dealer; in 1649 he is in great distress about 120 oxen, which he had ordered from Poland. Only a few of them arrived at Danzig on account of what he called the "Kosackische Revolte." Kgl. St. Archiv, Danzig.] Th. Duff (1619); P. Masterton (1620); Wadrop (1622); Macallen (1621); D. Haig (1637); Norrie (1637); Hans Ingram (f 1649) [He left a house in the "andere Damm" Street, Danzig.]; Patterson from Arbroath (1656); Jac. Ruthven (1653); Jac. Lyon (1653); A. Morton and Jas. Morton, his son (1660); G. Ochterlony (1644); W. Konigem (Cunningham); H. Roy or Ruy (1683); Geo. Morton (1665); A. Baylie (1665); Robt. Tevendale (1689); John Brown, [John Brown was made Burgess and Guild Brother of Edinburgh in 1684. He also received a baronetcy. His patent is still preserved in Danzig, and is signed by Sir George Drummond. In 1717 he possessed a fine house on the Langmarkt.] Al. Coutts [Alex. Coutts and Company, merchants at Danzig, send a fine brass drum with the town’s arms upon it, a present to the burgh of Banff (1730.)] (about 1720).

It will be seen from the above list how much more generous Danzig was in the admission of the Scots to the freedom of the city. A grateful remembrance of the military services of the Scots in times of war has, no doubt, to do with it. The town deserves the eulogy of some Scottish petitioners who write in 1594: "The Magistrates of Danzig enjoy the honour and glory with foreign nations, of not wholly avoiding good people for the sake of their difference of tongue and language to the exclusion and refusal of civil rights, but they make known their name far and wide above many other countries and towns by means of their humanity and friendliness."

List of thirty-seven Scottish Kramers attending the Fair at Wehlau. 1644.

1. Will. Anderson.
2. Jacob Marshall.
3. Al. Demster.
4. Andr. Daschach (?).
5. Alb. Nucastoll.
6. W. Kinkett (Kincaid).
7. Th. Gregor.
8. J. Mitchell.
9. Al. Nick (from Norden burg).
10. Ja. Mongall
11. J. Lietschwett (?).
12. Ja. Grant.
13. Will. Abernetti.
14. Hans Lowry (from Konigsberg).
15. Andr. Hunt.
16. Thos. Schmidt.
17. Baizer Davidson.
18. W. Schott.
19. Robt. English.
20. Jac. Morra, burgess of Domnau.
21. Jac. Hamilton, " " Sensburg
22. Geo. Kriegschank.
23. Ja. Ritterfart (Rutherford)
24. Hans Nielson (burgess of Konigsberg).
25. Jac. Allison.
26. J. Ertzbell (Archibald)
27. Ch. Small.
28. Jac. Mohr (burgess of Nordenburg).
29. David Watson.
30. Thos. Strach (?).
31. E. Karr (from Ragnit).
32. W. Kurrie (From Barten)
33. Ths. Moir (burgess of Drengfurt)
34. Andr. Johnstone
35. Ths. Hamilton (burgess of Augerburg)
36. H. Dornthon (Thornton).

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