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Scottish Regiments
Northern Ireland Establishment Scots (H I J K)


Hake, Samuel, Mercahnt of NYC
Haldimand, Frederick, Lt. Col, 60th Regt of Foot, Customer of John McCOMB
Haldon, ?, Capt 46th Regt
Ham, James, Instrument Maker of NYC
Hamilton, ?, Capt, Master of Brig Havannah of Bristol
Hamilton, John, Lt, 55th Regt of Foot
Hamilton, William, Lt, later Quater-Master 35th Regt. of Foot
Hansen, Hohannes, Attorney of Albany
Hardy, Sir Charles, Rear Admiral of the Blue, Gov of New York
Haviland, William, Lt. Col. 27th Regt
Hawke, Sir Edward, Admiral of the Blue
Hawthorn, James, Capt, Master of the ship Lord Russell
Haynes, Joseph, Merchant of NYC, partner in firm McEvers, Haynes, and Clarkson
Hays, Barrak, Mercahnt of Albany and NYC
Hays, Isaac, Tallow Chandler and Wine Merchant of NYC
Hays, Judath, Mercahnt of NYC
Hays, Solomon, Merchant of Albany and NYC
Hays, Thomas, Merchant of Albany
Hedges, John, Lt. 48th Regt
Henry, ?, PVT., 48th Regt, servant to Lt. Col. Ralph Burton 48th
Henry, Robert, Mercahnt of Albany, partner in Shipboy and Henry
Hepburn, David, Regimental Surgeon, 42nd Regt.
Herkimer, Nicholas, Brig Gen. Tryon County NY Militia
Harvey (Hervey), William, Capt 44th Regt
Hewlett, Richard, Capt. New York Prov Regt
Hogan, ?, 1) Henry, 2) Jurrian, 3) William, Capt Sloop Master of Albany
Holburne, Francis, Vice Admiral of the Blue, later Gov. of Greenwich Hospital
Holland, Trading Company of Amsterdam and NYC
Holliday, Samuel, Merchant of Albany
Holmes, Robert, Lt. Indep Cos of Rangers
Holmes, Charles, Commodore, later Rear Admiral of the Blue
Howard, William, Capt, 17th Regt
Howe, George Augustus, Col, 3rd Bn, 60th Regt, Col. 55th Regt
Hughs, Charles Philpot, Caot 17th Regt
Humphreys, ? Sergeant, 27th Regt, vol NCO of Rangers
Hutchinson, Francis, Lt, Quarter Master, Capt, 60th Regt of Foot
Hutchinson, Thomas, Sec to Sir William Shirley, Later Royal Gov of Mass. Bay
Hyde, Nathaneil, and Robert, Merchants of Manchester England


Inglish (English), Cloud (Claude), Merchant of Ireland


Johnson, Sir William, Col, later Maj Gen., New York Provincial Service
Johnston, John, Col, New York Provincial Regt.
Johnston, ? 1) Alexander, Capt, 46th Reg, 2) Matthew, Lt 46th Regt, 3) Samuel, Ensign 44th Regt of Foot
Johnston, Lauchlan, Reverend Regimental Chaplain, 42nd Regt
Jones, Charles, Capt 35th Regt
Jones, Humphra, Lt, 22nd Regt
Josephson, Manuel, sutler to 27th Regt, employee of Levy and Lyons, Merhcants
Judath, Samuel, Merchant of NYC, later Montreal


Kemble, Peter, Merchant of New Jersey
Kennedy, Hugh, Regimental Surgeon, 44th Regt 2) Walter, lt 60th, 3) Quinton, Capt 80th, 4) Archibald, merchant of NYC, 5) Dennis, of Westchest Co. New York, 6) Robert, of NYC
Kennedy, William, Merchant of NYC
Kent, ?, Gentlman, Vol. 27th Regt, Vol. Rangers
Kilby, Christopher, Army Victualling agent and contractor Merchant, Boston
Knickerbocker, Harmen, Capt. Albany Co. Militia
Knight, Christopher, Capt 43rd Regt
Knox, John, Lt, 1st Reg, later Capt 44th Regt



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