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Proceedings of the Fourth Congress at Atlanta, GA., April 28 to May 1, 1892
List of Officers and Members of State Societies - Pennsylvania


President............................Rev. S. D. McConnell, D.D.
First Vice-president......................Prof. C. Stuart Patterson.
Second Vice-president.........................Col. W. A. Herron.
Secretary and Treasurer.....................Mr. C. W. McKeehan.


Hon. Joseph. Allison, 4207 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
D. Hayes Agnew, M.D., 1601 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. Daniel Agnew, Beaver, Beaver County.
Hon. J. Simpson Africa, Union Trust Company, 719 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. C. W. Buoy, D.D., 1523 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia.
Samuel R. Broadbent, 3431 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. Andrew G. Curtin, Bellefonte, Center County.
Hon. J. Donald Cameron, United States Senate, Washington, D. C.
A. H. Christy, Scranton.
Seth Caldwell, Jr., Girard Bank, Third Street, below Chestnut, Philadelphia.
J. Albert Caldwell, 902 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
A. W. Dickson, Scranton. S. Ralston Dickey, Oxford, Chester County.
James P. Dickson, Scranton.
J. M. C. Dickey, Oxford, Chester County.
Hon. John Dalzell, Pittsburg.
Rev. Ebenezer Erskine, D.D., Newville, Cumberland County.
Hon. Thomas Ewing, Pittsburg. Samuel Evans, Columbia.
John W. Echols, 147 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg.
Daniel M. Easter, M.D., University Hospital, Philadelphia.
Hon. T. B. Elder, Elder's Ridge, Indiana County.
Hon. Thomas K. Finletter, 500 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia.
William Righter Fisher, 701 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.
William N. Ferguson, M.D., 116 West York Street, Philadelphia.
John Field, Post-office, Philadelphia.
Hon. J. Milton Guthrie, Indiana.
John Graham, Newville, Cumberland County.
Duncan M. Graham, Carlisle, Cumberland County.
J. M. Guffey, Pittsburg.
Hon. James Gay Gordon, 1628 North Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. R. M. Henderson, Carlisle, Cumberland County.
Hon. Daniel H. Hastings, Harrisburg.
A. G. Hetherington, 2049 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Col. W. A. Herron, 80 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg.
Rev. I. N. Hays, D.D., 117 Sheffield Street, Allegheny.
John J. L. Houston, 3258 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
John Hays, Carlisle, Cumberland County.
Rev. John Hemphill, D.D., 140 North Twenty-first Street, Philadelphia.
Joseph DeF. Junkin, 532 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
B. K. Jamison, Fifth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia.
George Junkin, 532 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
John W. Jordan, 1300 Locust Street, Philadelphia.
Col. Thomes B. Kennedy, Chambersburg, Franklin County.
John A. Linn, Radnor.
Hon. James A. Logan, 233 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. Samuel C. Logan, D.D., Scranton.
Harry V. Logan, M.D., Scranton.
James Long, 203 Church Street, Philadelphia.
William P. Logan, 319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. Henry C. McCook, D.D., 3700 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. J. S. Macintosh, D.D., 2021 De Lancey Place, Philadelphia.
Alexander K. McClure, The Times, Eighth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia.
Rev. S. D. McConnell, D.D., 1318 Locust Street, Philadelphia.
C. W. McKeehan, 634 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.
Thomas MacKellar, 612 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. James A. Morrow, D.D., 701 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. H. J. McAteer, Alexandria, Huntingdon County.
Charles H. Mellon, 1734 Spruce Street, Philadelphia.
A. D. McConnell, Greensburg.
John McIlhenny, 1339 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. O. B. McCurdy, Duncannon.
John Mundell, 119 North Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia.
James E. McLean, Shippensburg.
William F. McSparran, Furniss.
Clayton McMichael, 701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
R. Murray McDowell, Slatington.
George Gluyas Mercer, 701 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.
McLanahan J. King, Hollidaysburg.
James McKeehan, Newville.
S. A. Mutchmore, D.D., Eighteenth Street and Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia.
Campbell Emory McMichael, 2041 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. J. H. Munro, D.D., 714 North Broad Street, Philadelphia.
H. M. North, Columbia, Lancaster County.
D. A. Orr, Chambersburg, Franklin County.
Prof. C. Stuart Patterson, 600 Girard Building, Philadelphia.
James Pollock, 2226 East Dauphin Street, Philadelphia.
William W. Porter, 623 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
T. Elliott Patterson, 229 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia.
D. Ramsey Patterson, 525 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.
Robert Pitcairn, Superintendent P. R. R. Co., Pittsburg.
Hon. James Pollock, 708 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.
T. Hoge Patterson, 1728 Spruce Street, Philadelphia.
Thomas R. Patton, 1308 Pine Street, Philadelphia.
John B. Rutherford, Harrisburg.
R. S. Reed, Thirty-third and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia.
Samuel Rea, Bryn Mawr.
Rev. Thomas H. Robinson, D.D., Western Theological Seminary, Ridge Avenue, Pittsburg.
Hon. John Stewart, Chambersburg, Franklin County.
A. B. Sharpe, Carlisle, Cumberland County.
James M. Swank, 261 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
William M. Stewart, 2008 Walnut Street, Philadelphia
Hon. John Scott, 243 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
William H. Scott, 229 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia.
George H. Stewart, Shippensburg.
Justice James P. Sterret, 3800 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Dr. S. E. Snively, Sixty-third and Market Streets, Philadelphia.
Rev. William I. Steans, Washburn Street, Scranton.
William Thompson, M.D., 1426 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Frank Thomson, 243 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. David Wills, D.D., 720 North Broad Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. J. M. Woods, Lewiston. D. Walker Woods, Lewiston.
Col. John A. Wright, 1416 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. David Wills, Gettysburg.
Justice Henry W. Williams, Wellsboro, Tioga County.
Richard W. Woods, Carlisle.
M. J. Wilson, M.D., 1750 Frankfort Avenue, Philadelphia.
Alexander Wilson, M.D., 1863 North Front Street, Philadelphia.
James S. Williams, 701 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.
John Baird, 1705 North Broad Street, Philadelphia.
J. C. Blair, Huntington. R. T. Black, Scranton.
John N. Buchanan, Beaver, Beaver County.
William Alexander Brown, 1631 Locust Street, Philadelphia.
Thomas Cochran, Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Philadelphia.
Roland G. Curtin, M.D., 22 South Eighteenth Street, Philadelphia
Edward Campbell, Uniontown, Fayette County.
Rowan Clarke, M.D., 112 Logan Street, Tyrone.
Rev. Alfred L. Elwyn, 1422 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
William M. Field, 5600 Lansdowne Avenue, Philadelphia.
Rev. Loyal Y. Graham, D.D., 2325 Green Street, Philadelphia.
Samuel F. Givin, 2313 DeLancey Place, Philadelphia.
Capt. John P. Green, 243 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
James W. Houston, 21 Seventh Avenue, Pittsburg.
William Holmes, 10 Wood Street, Pittsburg.
William J. Jordan, 804 North Twentieth Street, Philadelphia.
G. C. Kennedy, 38 North Duke Street, Lancaster.
John P. Logan, 317 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. James W. Latimer, York, York County.
Hon. R. A. Lamberton, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem.
William H. McFadden, M.D., 3505 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia.
R. W. McClaughey, Huntington.
Edward E. Montgomery, M.D., 1818 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
John M. McDowell, Chambersburg.
John D. McCord, 2004 Spruce Street, Philadelphia.
Rev. J. D. Moffat, D.D., Washington.
Robert H. Moffitt, M.D., 200 Pine Street, Harrisburg.
M. W. McAlarney, Harrisburg.
John C. McCurdy, 1814 North Seventh Street, Philadelphia.
Dr. Daniel N. McQuillen, 1628 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
William B. Orr, 421 Wood Street, Pittsburg.
John G. Orr, Chambersburg.
Rev. W. A. Patton, D.D., Wayne, Delaware County.
William A. Patton, General Assistant Pennsylvania Railroad, 233 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
W. F. Rutherford, P. O. Box 104, Harrisburg.
James D. Steele, 2102 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia.
Samuel C. Stuart, 1429 Moravian Street, Philadelphia.
J. A. Searight, Uniontown.
W. C. Shaw, M.D., 135 Wylie Street, Pittsburg.
Rev. George B. Stewart, 215 North Second Street, Harrisburg.
Dr. John A. Thomson, Wrightsville.
Rev. Nevin Woodside, 25 Granville Street, Pittsburg.
Prof. J. Clark Williams, President Curry University, Pittsburg.


Rev. David Conway, Mt. Joy, Lancaster County.
E. B. Dawson, President Fayette County Railroad Co., Uniontown,
Fayette County. Hon. Nathaniel Ewing, Uniontown, Fayette County.
Samuel W. Fleming, 32 North Third Street, Harrisburg.
D. Fleming, 325 North Front Street, Harrisburg.
Hugh R. Fulton, attorney at law, Lancaster.
William B. Given, attorney at law, 204 Locust Street, Columbia.
Capt. John C. Harvey, Harrisburg.
H. P. Laird, attorney at law, Greensburg.
J. A. McDowell, Esq., 1727 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Hon. John B. McPherson, Lebanon.
Rev. H. W. McKnight, D.D., Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg.
Hon. William McClean, present judge of Forty-second District, Gettysburg, Adams County.
Hon. Thomas Mellon (T. Mellon & Sons' Bank), Pittsburg.
A. W. Mellon (T. Mellon & Sons' Bank), Pittsburg.
J. P. McCaskey, Pennsylvania School Journal, Lancaster.
Dr. J. Atkinson McKee, 1628 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Mr. Justice J. Brewster McCullum, Girard House, Philadelphia.
Edward B. McCormick, attorney at law, Greensburg.
J. E. Rutherford, Harrisburg.
Hon. Robert Snodgrass, 13 North Third Street, Harrisburg.
Thomas L. Wallace, Pennsylvania Freight Station, Harrisburg.
Hon. Richardson L. Wright, Philadelphia.

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