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Women in History of Scots Descent
by; kelly d. holley-whittaker

This new series will be about women in Scottish History.   Much of the Scots history has spoken about the Kings and Nobles yet some of those men would not have been great kings if it was not for the dowry received upon a marriage contract.  Women were kept under the covers, in the pantries and behind locked doors while the brave warriors went and conquered other countries.

The brave scottish women of Celtic, Pictish, Irish or European origins played a large roll in the development of Scotland and other countries. It is time to unlock the doors and step back in time.  The ladies of ancient Alba and Scotland were treated horribly yet most of them out foxed the men.  The men would only marry them for their lands because it was the tradition for the woman to have lands and money to bring into the marriage.

Some noble ladies would have to hide in nunneries after marriage for the husband would try to kill them after the land was in the husband's name.  The old priests used to keep documentation pertaining to the survival of the noble ladies.

The Pictish warrior women changed  things for the ancient noble ladies. The ladies of the Pics actually did the choosing of their mates.  They were the strong, stubborn fighters that entered into woman-kind with a strange awe for the men.  The great men did not know how to cope with a stronger female.

As women came out of their locked pantries and learned the arts of war, reading and sciences, men grew to respect the ladies.  Queen Boudicca was the first woman in Briton to win the love of the people of the Island.  Boudicca was not going to let the Romans capture her home.  She and her daughter fought with all their might and proved how NOBLE a woman can REALLY be!

We will travel from her time to the present.  Women of Scottish blood need to be recognized just as the men are.  The four winds blew the seed of Scotland to all parts of the world.  Woman of every part of the world with Scots descent need to be recognized.

I am inviting people to share stories of their famous women with the readers of Electric Scotland.  Please contribute them to Alastair so they may be placed on this site or email them to myself, Kelly.   Let's have fun and learn about one another and how the old Scottish traditions changed with the region in which the ladies settled.  We shall discover why the adventurous women hold such a fascination for many readers.

1498 Spanish ambassador's comments on Scottish women

Don Pedro de Ayala was the Spanish ambassador at James IV's court. The description below comes from a letter he wrote to Ferdinand and Isabella on 25 July 1498 describing Scotland and the king. The women he describes were most likely the elite women of the royal court.

The women are courteous in the extreme. I mention this because they are really honest, though very bold. They are absolute mistresses of their houses, and even of their husbands, in all things concerning the administration of their property, income as well as expenditure. They are very graceful and handsome women. They dress much better than here (England), and especially as regards the head-dress, which is, I think, the handsomest in the world.

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