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World War II
Reparation: Instigator of WWII

World War I had just ended and the Versailles Treaty was signed in 1919. The Treaty called for Reparation by Germany to all the European Allied Countries. Reparation is compensation paid by a defeated country to the victor for damages or losses suffered during a war. Germany had been ordered to pay $2 billion dollars to the Allied Powers. The Allied powers were France, Britain and Belgium. The United States made loans to Germany for reconstruction purposes. This was an amount of $2.8 billion dollars. The Germans were having a very hard time paying back the annual monies owed to the Allies.

Great Britain and the United States realized the troubled economy in Germany therefore offering a solution to the Germans. The Dawes Plan was devised to lower the annual payments of reparation. This was to enable the Germans to pull out of their recession. The Germans could make the payments but it through them deeper into an economical depression. The Allied Powers came together again to offer another plan named the Young Plan. This lowered the annual payment a great amount to prevent Germans from rebelling.

Great Britain and the United States had made large loans to Germany to help with their reconstruction. The two Allies wanted Germany to be peaceful and not attempt another war. This gesture to help the Germans was supposed to make the British and American economies stronger. Instead, it weakened the economy because Germany could not pay their out-standing debts.

A young Hitler who served in the Bavarian Army during WWI took full advantage of the economics of Germany. Austria born Hitler was set against unions existing in the work place. He wanted to establish his Nazi party but Hitler was afraid of Britain. Hitler had experienced the British troops in actual combat and stated the complete fallacy of the wide spread German notion that the British were a nation of shopkeepers not to be feared on the battlefield caused the loss of WWI.

The origin of the Nazi party actually begins with a man named Anton Drexler whom began the German Workers’ Party. The GWP’s motto was to thwart the machinations of "England, the world-tyrant." Hitler arranged a large meeting of the German Workers’ Party on 04 February 1920 in Munich. This meeting brought in 2000 members. The results of such a large meeting caused the Party’s name to be changed to National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the permanent name of the Nazi Party.

The German frank had fallen drastically during the Ruhr occupation. In November of 1923 the frank was 4 trillion to one dollar. This was the spiraling inflation that promoted the National Socialist German Workers’ Party into strong existence. The Party used the HIGH inflation to entice more members. This gave Hitler the upper hand in German politics. Hitler convinced the Germans’ that the inflation was due to the Russians and Jews. He called it a mixture of races.

The high inflation that Germany was experiencing plus the strong bias feelings of Hitler helped to bring the Nazi Party into a powerful state. This was clearing the road for Hitler to seize most of Europe.

Hitler had actually been prevented from speaking in public from 1925 until 1928. The Nazi Party was barely existing. The WorldWide Depression hit at the right time for Hitler. 1929 brought reformation to the Nazi Party. Germany claimed a state of emergency allowing Hitler to become the Chancellor. Hitler went against the Versailles Treaty by building up his army and mass-producing weapons of war. The League of Nations made several pacts with Hitler trying to prevent war.

Hitler was too ambitious and refused to make the reparation payments to the Allies. The Allies began embargoes against Germany that provoked Hitler even more. The Germans invade Poland.

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