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The Concise Household Encyclopaedia

  • Page 170
    Cabbage, Cabbage Aphis, Cabbage Caterpillar
  • Page 171
    Cabbage, Cabbage Fly, Cabbage Moth, Cabbage Root Fly, Cabbage Snowy Fly, Cabinet
  • Page 172
    Cabinet, Cabinet Making
  • Page 173
    Cabinet Making, Cabinet Pudding, Cabriole Leg, Cachou, Cactus
  • Page 174
    Caddis Worm, Caerphilly Cheese, Caffein, Cairngorm, Cairn Terrier, Cakes and How They Are Made
  • Page 175
    Cake, Sponge Cake Mixture, Gingerbread, Cake Stand
  • Page 176
    Cake Stand, Calamine, Calandrinia, Calceolaria, Calculus
  • Page 177
    Calendar, Calendars for Household Use, Perpetual Calendars, Calf, Calf: The Leather
  • Page 178
    Californian Bluebell, Californian Poppy, Calipers, Call, Leaving Cards
  • Page 179
    Calliopsis, Call Sign, Calomel, Calumba, Cam: In Mechanics, Cambrian Ware, Cambric, Camel Hair, Camellia
  • Page 180
    Camellia, Camembert, Cameo, Cameras
  • Page 181
    Camera, Camomile, Camomile Tea
  • Page 182
    Campanula, Camphor, Camphorated Chalk, Camphorated Oil, Campine Fowl, Campion, Camp Stool
  • Page 183
    Camp Stool, Camshaft, Canada Balsam, Canape, Canary
  • Page 184
    Canary, Canary Creeper, Canary Grass, Canary Pudding, Cancer, Candelabrum, Candied Peel, Candle
  • Page 185
    Candleshade, Candlestick
  • Page 186
    Candy, Candytuft, Cane
  • Page 187
    Cane, Cane Sugar, Canker, Canna, Cantaloup, Canterbury Bell, Cantharides
  • Page 188
    Canvas, Canvas Shoes, Capacity, Cape, Cape Gooseberry, Caper, Caper Sauce, Capercailzie, Capon, Cappings and Cornices
  • Page 189
    Capping, Capsicum, Carafe, Carambola, Caramel, Caramel Pudding
  • Page 190
    Caramel Pudding, Caramel Sauce, Carat, Caravan, Caraway, Carbide, Carbolic Acid, Carbolic Soap, Carbonic Acid, Carbonic Acid Snow, Carbonic Monoxide, Carbon Paper
  • Page 191
    Carbon Printing, Carborundum, Carbro Process
  • Page 192
    Cardan Shaft, Cardboard, Cardigan Jacket, Cardinal Flower, Cardoon, Cards
  • Page 193
    Cards, Cards Playing, Card Table, Card Tricks for Home Amusement
  • Page 194
    Card Tricks, Caries: In the Teeth, Carminative, Carmine, Carnation
  • Page 195a
  • Page 195
    Carnation, Carp, Carpet
  • Page 196
  • Page 197
    Carpet, Carpet Bag, Carpet Bedding, Carpet Sweeper
  • Page 198
    Carriage, Carrier: of disease, Carrier: The Legal Aspect, Carrier Pigeon, Carrier Wave, Carron Oil, Carrot
  • Page 199
    Carrot Fly, Carrot Pudding, Carrot Soufle, Carrot Soup, Carvers, Carving
  • Page 200
    Carving, Cascara, Cascarilla, Case Hardening
  • Page 201
    Casein, Casement, Casement Curtain, Cashmere, Cash on Delivery, Cassareep, Cassava, Casseroles and Casselore Cookery
  • Page 202
    Casselore, Cassia, Casting in Iron, Lead and Brass
  • Page 203
  • Page 204
    Casting, Cast Iron, Castle Nut, Castle Pudding, Castor
  • Page 205
    Castor, Castor Oil, Castor Oil Plant, Castor Sugar, Cats
  • Page 206
    Cat, Catalepsy, Catalpa, Cat and Mouse, Cataract
  • Page 207
    Catarrh, Catchfly, Catering, Catterpillar, Cathartic, Catheter, Cathode, Cattleya
  • Page 208
    Caul, Cauldron, Cauliflower, Caustic, Caustic Soda, Caviare, Cayenne, Ceanothus, Cedar
  • Page 209
    Cedar, Ceilings
  • Page 210
    Ceiling, Celeriac, Celery
  • Page 211
    Celery, Celery Diseases, Cell in Electricity, Cellar, Cellarette
  • Page 212
    Cello, Cellulitis, Celluloid, Cellulose, Cement
  • Page 213
    Cement, Centigrade, Centipede, Central Heating
  • Page 214
    Central Heating, Centre, Centre Punch, Ceramics, Cereal, Cerebro-spinal Meningitis, Cereus
  • Page 215
    Certificate, Cesspool, Chablis, Chafing, Chafing Dish, Chain, Chain Stitch
  • Page 216
  • Page 217
  • Page 218
  • Page 219
    Chair, Chair Bed, Chair Rail
  • Page 220
    Chalk, Chalk Stones, Chambermaid, Chambertin, Chamfering, Chamois Leather, Champagne, Chandelier, Change of Life
  • Page 221
    Change of Life, Chaperon, Character: The Legal Aspect, Charades, Charcoal, Charlotte Russe, Charpie, Charr, Chartreuse, Charwoman
  • Page 222
    Chaudfroid Sauce, Chauffeur, Cheddar, Cheese and Cheese Making
  • Page 223
  • Page 224
    Cheese, Cheese Hopper, Cheese Mite, Cheese Cake, Cheese Croquette, Cheese Fondu, Cheese Fritter, Cheese Pudding, Cheese Sauce, Cheese Straws, Cheese Toast, Cheese Turnover, Chef, Chelsea Bun, Chelsea Cake
  • Page 225
    Chelsea China, Chelsea Pensioner, Chenille, Cheque, Cherry
  • Page 226
    Cherry, Cherry Brandy, Cherry Cake, Cherry Cider, Cherry Jam, Cherry Laural, Cherry Pie or Helietrope
  • Page 227
    Cherry Pie, Cherry Pudding, Cherry Sandwich Pudding, Cherry Wood, Chervil, Cheshire Cheese, Chess
  • Page 228
    Chess, Chess Board, Chest
  • Page 229
  • Page 230
    Chest, Chest of Drawers
  • Page 231
    Chest of Drawers
  • Page 232
    Chest of Drawers, Chesterfield Sofa
  • Page 233
    Chesterfield Sofa, Chestnut (Spanish), Chestnut: The Wood, Chestnut: In Cookery
  • Page 234
    Cheval Glass, Cheviot Cloth, Chewing Gum, Chianti, Chicken
  • Page 235
  • Page 236
    Chicken, Chickenpox
  • Page 237
    Chickweed, Chicory or Succory, Chiffon, Chiffonier or Cheffonier, Chignon, Chilblaines, Child: Its Care and Training
  • Page 238
    Child, Childbirth
  • Page 239
    Children's Party, Chill, Chilli, Chimney
  • Page 240
    Chimney, Chimney Bellfower, Chimney Piece
  • Page 241
    Chimney Piece, China and China Collecting
  • Page 242
    China, China Aster, China Rose, China Tea, Chinchilla, Chine
  • Page 243
  • Page 244
    Chine, Chinese Style in Furniture, Chintz, Chionodoxa, Chip Carving
  • Page 245
    Chip Carving, Chippendale Style, Chips
  • Page 246
    Chiropody, Chisel, Chive
  • Page 247
    Chloral or Chloral Hydrate, Chlorodyne, Chloroform, Chlorosis, Chocolate
  • Page 248
    Chocolate, Chocolate Biscuit, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cream Mould, Chocolate Eclair
  • Page 249
    Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Roll, Choke, Choking, Chop, Chopper, Chopping Board, Chow Chow, Chowder
  • Page 250
    Christening, Christmas and its Merrymaking, Christmas Decorations
  • Page 251
    Christmas, Christmas Tree, Christmas Cards, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Rose
  • Page 252
  • Page 253
    Chrysanthemum, Chubb, Chuck, Churn
  • Page 254
    Churn, Chutney, Cicatrix, Cider, Cider Cup, Cigar, Cigar Case
  • Page 255
    Cigarette, Cigarette Case, Cinchona Bark, Cinders, Cinder Sifter, Cinematography
  • Page 256
    Cinematography, Cineraria
  • Page 257
    Cinnamon, Cinnamon Bun, Cinnamon Cake, Cinquefoil, Circuit, Circuit Diagram, Circulation, Circumcision, Cirrhosis, Cistern
  • Page 258
    Cistus, Citrate of Magnesia, Citric Acid, Citron: The Fruit, Citron: The Wood, Clamp, Clap Board, Clapped Bread, Claret, Claret Cup, Clarifying, Clarinet, Clarkia, Clary, Clasp Nail
  • Page 259
    Claustrophobia, Clavicle, Claw and Ball, Clawfoot, Claw Hammer, Clay, Claytonia, Clear Cole, Cleat, Cleft Palate, Clematis, Glergyman's Throat, Click Beetle
  • Page 260
    Climbing Plant or Climber, Clinical Thermometer, Clinker, Clivia, Cloak, Cloche, Clocks
  • Page 261
  • Page 262
  • Page 263
    Clocks, Clock Golf, Clog, Closet, Clot, Cloth
  • Page 264
    Cloth, Yarns and Weaves, Cloth Ball, Clothes and their Treatment
  • Page 265
    Clothes, Clothes Brush, Clothes Horse, Clothes Line
  • Page 266
    Clothes Moth, Clothes Peg, Clotted Cream, Cloud Grass, Clout Nail, Clove, Clove Hitch
  • Page 267
    Clover, Club Foot, Club Root, Clumber Spaniel, Clumps, Clutch of Motor Vehicles
  • Page 268
    Clutch, Clydesdale Terrier, Coachman, Coagulation, Coal
  • Page 269
    Coal Box, Coalbrookdale, Coal Bunker, Coal Cellar, Coalport, Coal Scuttle, Coal Tar
  • Page 270
    Coarse Stuff, Coaster Hub, Coating, Cobaea, Cobbler, Cobble Stone, Cob Loaf, Cob Nut, Coburg Cake, Cocaine
  • Page 271
    Coccidiosis, Cochineal, Cochin Fowl, Cochlioda, Cock-a-Leekie, Cockatoo, Cockchafer Grub, Cocker Spaniel, Cockle
  • Page 272
    Cockroach, Cockscomb, Cocktails
  • Page 273
    Cocktail, Cocoa, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Pudding, Coconut, Coconut Biscuit, Coconut Cake, Coconut Cream, Coconut Drop, Coconut Fibre, Coconut Oil, Coconut Pudding
  • Page 274
    Coconut Pyramid, C.O.D., Cod, Cod Recipes, Codicil, Codling Moth
  • Page 275
    Cod Liver Oil, Coelogyne, Coffee
  • Page 276
    Coffee Cream Sandwich, Coffee Eclair, Coffee Icing, Coffee Melange, Cognac, Coil, Coins
  • Page 277
    Coins, Coin Tricks
  • Page 278
    Coin Tricks, Coke, Colander, Colcannon, Colchicum, Cold, Cold Chisel, Cold Cream
  • Page 279
    Cold Frame, Cold Meat, Cold Pack, Cold Storage, Cole, Coleus, Colewort, Colic, Colitis, Collar
  • Page 280
    Collarbone, Collar Box
  • Page 281
    Collecting, College Cream, College Pudding, Colles Fracture, Collie, Collinsia, Collodion, Collomia, Collops, Collyrium, Colocynth
  • Page 282
    Colour, Color Schemes for the Home
  • Page 282a
    Colour, Color Schemes for the Home
  • Page 283
    Colour, Colour Photography, Colour Blindness, Coltsfoot, Columbine
  • Page 284
    Colza Oil, Coma, Comb, Comforter, Commode, Commutator, Compasses
  • Page 285
    Compass Saw, Compensation, Complexion, Compo, Compost, Compote, Compress, Concertina
  • Page 286
  • Page 287
    Concrete, Concussion, Condensed Milk, Condenser, Condiment, Conduit, Coneflower, Confectionery, Confetti, Confirmation
  • Page 288
    Conger Eel, Congestion, Conjugal Rights, Conjunctivitis, Conjuring
  • Page 289
    Conjuring, Consequences, Conservatory
  • Page 290
  • Page 291
    Console, Console Table, Consommé, Constantia, Constipation, Consumption
  • Page 292
    Consumption, Contagion, Contagious Disease, Contract, Contract Bridge
  • Page 293
    Contract Bridge, Contusion, Convalescence, Convolvulus, Convulsions, Cony, Cook
  • Page 294
    Cookers: Gas, Electric and Oil, Cooker
  • Page 295
    Cookers: Gas, Electric and Oil, Cooker
  • Page 296
    Cooker, Cookie, Cooking Box, Cooling, Coop
  • Page 297
    Copaiba, Copal Varnish, Copenhagen Ware, Copper
  • Page 298
    Copper, Copper Nucleinate, Copper Sulphate, Copying, Copying Ink, Coral, Coral Spot
  • Page 299
    Corbel, Cord, Cordon, Coreopsis, Corer, Coriander, Cork, Corkscrew
  • Page 300
    Cork Sole, Corn, Corncake, Corn Cob, Corned Beef, Corner Cupboard
  • Page 301
    Corner Cupboard, Corner Dresser, Corner Seat
  • Page 302
    Corner Seat, Corner Wardrobe, Cornet, Cornflour, Cornflour Cake, Cornflour Mould
  • Page 303
    Cornflour Pudding, Cornflower, Cornice, Cornish Heath, Cornish Pasty, Cornish Splits, Coronilla, Corpulence, Corridor, Corrosive
  • Page 304
    Corrosive Sublimate, Corrugated Iron, Corundum, Corydalis, Corylopsis
  • Page 305
    Cosmetic, Cosmos, Cots
  • Page 306
    Cotillon, Cotoneaster, Cottage
  • Page 307
  • Page 308
    Cottage, Cottage Pie, Cotter, Cotton, Cotton Thistle, Cotton Wool, Couch, Couch Grass, Cough
  • Page 309
    Cough, Counterbore, Counter Irritant, Counterpoise, Countershaft, Countersink, Countess Pudding, Course, Court Plaster, Cover, Coverlet
  • Page 310
    Coverlet, Covert Coating, Cowheel, Cowpox, Cowslip, Cox's Orange Pippin, Crab, Crab Apple
  • Page 311
    Cracker, Crackle Ware, Cradle, Crambo, Cramp, Cramp: The Tool
  • Page 312
    Cranberry, Crane Fly, Crane's Bill, Crank, Crankcase, Crankshaft, Crape, Crash, Crassula
  • Page 313
    Crate, Crawfish, Crayfish, Crayon, Crazy Paving
  • Page 314
    Cream, Cream Bun, Cream Cheese, Cream Jelly, Cream Jug
  • Page 315
    Cream of Tartar, Creche, Credit, Creeper, Creeping Jenny, Creeping Sailor, Cremation, Creme de Menthe, Creosote, Crepe de Chine
  • Page 316
    Cresol, Cress, Cresting, Cretinism, Cretonne, Cribbage, Crick, Cricket
  • Page 317
    Cricket, Crinoline, Cripple, Crochet
  • Page 318
    Crochet, Crock, Crockery
  • Page 319
    Crockery, Crocus, Croquet
  • Page 320
    Croquet, Croquette, Crossbanding, Cross Cut Saw, Cross-Eye, Cross Garnet Hinge
  • Page 321
    Cross Stitch, Croton Oil, Crouch Ware, Croup, Croustade, Crouton, Crowfoot, Crowing, Crown Derby
  • Page 322
    Crown Gall, Crown Imperial, Cruelty, Crumb, Crumb Brush, Crumb Scoop, Crumpet, Crutch, Crystal, Crystal Detector
  • Page 323
    Crystallized Fruit, Cubic Measure, Cuckoo Clock, Cuckoo Flower, Cuckoo Pint, Cuckoo Spit, Cucumbers
  • Page 324
    Cucumbers, Cumin, Cup, Cupboard
  • Page 325
  • Page 326
  • Page 327
    Cupboard, Cup Cake, Curacao, Curb, Curd, Curly Kale, Currant
  • Page 328
    Currant Sawfly, Curry
  • Page 329
    Curry, Curry Comb, Curtains
  • Page 330
  • Page 331
    Curtains, Curvature of the Spine, Cushions
  • Page 332
    Cushions, Cusparia Bark, Custard
  • Page 333
    Cut, Cutlery, Cutlery Canteen
  • Page 334
    Cutlet, Cutting, Gauge, Cutting-Out, Cuttings
  • Page 335
    Cuttings, Cutworm, Cyclamen, Cycle, Cycle Car, Cymbidium, Cypress

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