The Spelling & Name
The Castle

This castle and property associated with it
has known several several names over the past eight centuries:

St Monance, or
St Monans, and

 Because of our interest in all its incarnations --
not merely its “New Wark”,
we have chosen to return to the name of Saint Monance,
which has been associated with many of its other incarnations. 

Inverie, the name of the wee creek flowing past the village kirk on its way to the sea was an early title to the property.

“Monance” is merely the manner in which the possessive was spelled in an earlier time: 
but preferred by us to Monans, without the apostrophe, which is the current usage of the village.

Newark, is a modern contraction of New Wark (Work), an addition or restoration to an earlier
residence or castle.  Inasmuch as there are three other Newark castles in Scotland and one in
England, to differentiate the Fife New Wark, we chose to restore the site to its pre-16th Century name.