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The 44 Dragons
by Margo Fallis


Arbutel – The island where Gordinth took the two dragons to live after the mass deaths of the dragons on Tritem – also place where he, Sindri, Claring, and Quirin now live.

Carthage - Carthage (from the Phoenician Qart-Hadasht "New City" , was an ancient city in North Africa located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis, across from the center of modern Tunis in Tunisia. In approximately 814 BC, Carthage was founded by Phoenician settlers from the city of Tyre, bringing with them the city-god Melqart. Traditionally, the city was founded by Dido (or Elissa), and a number of foundation myths have survived through Greek and Roman literature.

The Chocolateir's Shop – Pink and white striped awnings hanging from roof and over the front windows. Chocolates painted on the front window. Pink exterior with white trim. Located in village of Lachmund, Switzerland

Constantinople -Constantinople1 (Greek: Κωνσταντινούπολις) was the earlier name of the modern city of İstanbul in Turkey in its role over more than a millennium as capital, first of the Eastern Roman Empire, subsequently of the Byzantine Empire. The last imperial designation reveals the city's even more ancient Greek name: Byzantium. Constantinople was located strategically between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara at the point where Europe met Asia, and was highly significant as the successor to ancient Rome and the largest and wealthiest city in Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

Egypt -  The Arab Republic of Egypt, commonly known as Egypt, (in Arabic: مصر, romanized Misr, in Egyptian Arabic Másr), is a republic in North Africa. While most of the country is geographically located in Africa, the Sinai Peninsula east of the Suez Canal is in Asia and Egypt is often associated with the Middle East. Egypt is thus transcontinental. Covering an area of about 1,020,000 km², Egypt shares land borders with Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and Israel and the Gaza Strip to the northeast and has coasts on the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, respectively.

Egypt is the fifteenth most populous country in the world. The vast majority of its 77 million population (2005) live near the banks of the Nile River (about 40,000 km²), where the only arable agricultural land is found. Large areas of land are part of the Sahara Desert and are sparsely inhabited. The majority of Egyptians today are urban, living in the great Arab population centers of greater Cairo, the largest city in Africa, and Alexandria. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most stunning ancient monuments, including the Giza Pyramids, the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings; the southern city of Luxor contains a particularly large number of ancient artifacts. Today, Egypt is widely regarded as the main political and cultural centre of the Arab and Middle Eastern regions.

Mr. Hochstetter’s abandoned cabin – This is where Darmantha took Gretel after capturing her. Located in Lachmund, Switzerland.

Ingrid's Bakery – Bakery in Lachmund, Switzerland.

Jezerel Meadow   - This is the place where Crispin and the two baby dragons landed on Arbutel  - west of Jobani beach.

Jobani Beach – This is the place where Quirin, Marti and Gretel first landed on Arbutel.

Johann's Cuckoo Clock Shop- Located in Lachmund, Switzerland

Lachmund – This is the village where Gretel and Crispin live in Switzerland.

Luba – This is the village on Arbutel where Gordinth, Sindri, Claring, Quirin live. It sits at the bottom of Mt. Suriban.

Mines of Zindor- Provan and Joran are sent there by Quirin after capture

Mount Suriban – This is the largest mountain on Arbutel.

Pimbo River – This river flows in an arch around Utheria, coming in from sea and exiting back into it.

Sparma Springs – These are fresh water springs near Utheria where Caffi and Queen Zelinda go to hide and to this day her blood still bubbles up. Also the place where Rannar found the 3 dragon eggs. Also called the ‘Spring of Life’ because of the dragon eggs.

Tooma Bog – Lies outside of Darmantha’s place on Arbutel. It is where the Burnip lives. The ground is spongy and the water is milky brown and putrid smelling – like rotten meat. This is on the south side of his place in Arbutel.

Tritem – This is the place Zelinda and Caffi fled after Utheria was destroyed and the place the dragons first lived.

Utheria – An ancient city, once rivaled Carthage’s beauty; had a powerful navy.

The Watch Shop- Located in Lachmund, Switzerland

William's Butcher Shop – Painted brown on the outside, like raw meat. Located in Lachmund, Switzerland.


Alain – Son of Caffi/Andor and his wife, Anika

Alwycka – Rannar’s granddaughter who took care of dragons after he died.

Amtith – Gordinth’s older brother, killed by Darmantha.

Anna – Wife of Caffi/Andor

Astrid – The name of Gretel’s real mother, killed by Darmantha.

Erika Bendel – The name Jorna used while pretending to be Gretel’s mother.

Gretel Bendel – Twelve years old, blonde hair, green eyes, future dragonkeeper.

Jules Bendel – The name Provan used while pretending to be Gretel’s father.

Caffi/ Andor– Prince of Utheria and son of Kumtur and Zelinda.

Claring – The real name of Marti’s father.

Darmantha – Wears a black cloak and a breastplate decorated with dragons. Wears gray pants and white shirt and long black stringy hair. Dragonslayer and wizard, also descendant of Kumtur and Zelinda of Utheria. Almost seven feet tall with dark violet eyes.

King Dinth – King of Lachmund as it was centuries before. He formed the dragon-

slayers, who swore an oath to him to find and kill every dragon.

Festi – Deceased Dragonslayer

Nichol Fulfer- Owner of Watch Shop in Lachmund.

Gordinth – Good wizard wears silvery gray cloak – formed the dragonkeeper group.

Ingrid, the Baker -

Johann Gustavson – Owns the Cuckoo Clock shop in Lachmund.

Jarltor Gygli – Came to Lachmund area to hunt and ended up killing Dewmist; began the dragon slaughter.

Jorna – Real name of woman pretending to be Gretel’s mother.

Inga Koch – A talkative customer in Cuckoo Clock Shop.

Kumtur – King of Utheria, married to Zelinda and father of Caffi

Kumtur – Son of Caffi/Andor and his wife, Anika

Anika Marchand – The name of Marti’s mother when she lived in Switzerland (real name Sindri).

Marti Marchand– The son of Sindri and Claring, dragonkeeper.

Rolph Marchand- The name of Marti’s father when he lived in Switzerland (real name Claring).

Melena – Daughter of Caffi/Andor and his wife, Anika.

Karl Muller – A first aid ski rescuer who lives in Lachmund and has a dog named Bernard, who is a St. Bernard that carries a cask full of brandy around neck.

Peranth – Darmantha’s younger brother.

Prill – Deceased Dragonslayer

Provan – The real name of man pretending to be Gretel’s father.

Quirin – Good wizard. Long pine green cape, pointed cap embroidered with moons and stars that feel alive. Long gray hair.

Rannar – Caffi’s descendant who found the first dragon eggs at Sparma Springs.

Reyka – The name of Gretel’s real father, killed by Darmantha.

Rufert – Son of Caffi/Andor and his wife, Anika

Rumboy Addas – The tribe of people who own the Mines of Zintor.

Crispin Schraner – Eleven years old, reddish brown hair, blue eyes, future dragonkeeper and wizard.

Hendrik Schraner – Crispin's brother

Sindri – Real name of Marti’s mother.

Sqirinth – Father of Gordinth and Amtith.

Helga Streiff– Owns the bakery in Lachmund

Mr. Tobler – owns pigs in Lachmund

William Ingle– The butcher in Lachmund

Zelinda/Deborah – Queen of Utheria and wife of Kumtur


Bernard – Karl Muller's St. Bernard

Black Loosie Flies – Pests that like raw meat.

Bufamee- The lagupas are tormenting it in a tree; Rosenwyn eats the lagupas and brings one back for the babies.

Cluder bees – Feeds on the pollen of the brasti flowers, large bees.

Dilbi – An animal, Jorna catches one and takes it to Darmantha’s hut to feed the dragons, but they babies don’t like it.

War Elephants – Used to fight battles, specially trained. Used by Carthaginians in wars.

Erron – Darmantha’s pet crow.

Graypees – A sort of a goat-like animal that gives milk. Claring milks them on Arbutel and they use it for butter.

Heidi – Marti’s cow, brown with white blotches.

Jibjib spiders – Lives in trees near Darmantha’s place on Arbutel. Eight-legged, olive green with a bright pink dot in the middle of their backs. They can run fast, bite, but not deadly. Their bites cause massive itching.

Lagupa - Three feet high, several rows of sharp teeth, spiraling horns growing out of sides of head behind ears, tomato red fur, sharp claws and strong jaws. Don’t like fire.

Mork Birds– A bird that lays lavender colored eggs, with seafoam color insides. It’s got indigo color body with light purple wings; their meat tastes like spoiled goat liver.

Nucco – a mouse-like creature with sharp claws; Erron eats them

Nutui bugs – Come in a variety of colors, glow like fireflies. They love the smell of roasted taradak and pig out on leftovers. The Luba villagers catch them at night and keep in jars and take to huts to provide a soft nightlight.

Poosel birds – They have lime green bodies with lemon yellow feathers on wings. Crispin sees them after he leaves Jobani Beach.

Ractan – Eats nutui bugs. Have long snouts

Roola bugs – They live in dead trees near Darmantha’s place on Arbutel. Have six hairy legs and a bright purple body with red head. They can curl up in a ball and roll from place to place and they do bite, though not deadly.

Nantu Snake – Has two heads, one gray with brown spots, the other black with purple spots, has foot long fangs and is 20 feet long.

Taradak – A small mammal, 3 horns, grind them for magic potions, tastes good marinated in bumubi juice.

Tutu bird – a huge bird that Quirin calls to take Jorna and Provan off in Kilamanjaro


Brasti flowers – Magenta colored, fragrant flower, and makes good honey. The cluder bees pollinate this flower only.

Dunomis orchids – Rare, only grow on Arbutel, pink and purple blossoms, very fragrant. Have orange centers and are Gordinth’s favorite.

Edelweiss- National flower of Switzerland. Edelweiss plants do not produce snowy white blossoms, as the lyrics to the song "Edelweiss" suggest; like snow flakes though, not two are alike. The showy, hair covered rosettes aren't flower petals but modified leaves, silvery white in color with a tinge of green. The actual flower centers are golden yellow from pollen dust which is only a fleeting feature.

Enpelli blossoms – Flowers that grow on Arbutel

Honeyberry blossoms – Very fragrant and used in leis – the petals are the color of honey and they have red centers.

Honeysuckle – Grows on Arbutel

Julina tree – The only one of its kind in the world, used to make wizard’s wands

Wipper tree – Offers a lot of shade on way to Utheria.


Brasti honey – Honey from brasti flowers

Bumubi – They are bright lemon yellow, similar to grapes, growing in clusters; have a peel or skin, inside filled with hundreds of tiny bubbles filled with sweet juice. Great to marinate taradak in.

Buntakka onions -

Cardooli – Pita-like bread.

Cordum – Squid-like, from sea, have long tentacles and big head and taste best when fried up with tumbukka.

Dizban – They look like potatoes,but taste like lemon cream pies.

Endobin – Blue, carrot-shaped, fruit, tastes like peach cobbler.

Fruggle – It’s a fruit, like a giant peach, tough skin, no fuzz, and is round like a ball. The trees have peach leaves with dark green edges.

Horp – A drink made from horp berries. The juice is lime colored and tastes like watermelon.  Horp berries are loved by birds and grow only on one place on the island, on the side of a mountain.

Mork eggs- From the mork bird.

Pilmoth Biscuits -

Rabubas – Make a citrussy juice. They look like limes, yet are the size of a grapefruit. Very juicy.

Tingleberry – Look like raspberries and blackberries, sort of hairy like a raspberry; they make mouth tingle and delicious as jam.

Ugnig – Tastes and feels like tapioca, sweet, fruity, and gives a giddy feeling.

Wibbi  – Have a nutty flavor, like hazelnut, small and crunchy and are best when ground up and used in bread.

Yamita – The trees grow leaves the size of a cat and red fruits dangle from them. They are juicy and taste like a melon/orange/plum/banana flavor. Fill you for several hours. Red all the way through. No seeds.

Evil things that Darmantha uses:

Dorbons – These are black flowers that grow on vines that wrap around trees. They are usually closed up tight, but when they sense an animal or person nearby, the petals peel back in layers and inside is a round head of color periwinkle blue and bright tangerine orange beaks. The eyes are golden with black pupils. They sprout pencil-thin horns with holes at the top that spray a poison mist, killing the animal.

Findori flower – Sends out the smell of whatever you like the most. It can read your mind and sense your favorite food. It lures you to it and then opens up to swallow you, though it is a plant like a Venus flytrap. It is sticky, sweet and slick. The animal/person slides inside and drowns in the liquid at the bottom and then the findori flower digests you.

Burnip – A creature that lives in the bog near Darmantha’s huts. It has four long tentacles, which ooze slimy mustard colored puss. It has a blubbery body of grayish yellow and a red eyeball on the end of each tentacle. Its mouth is full of short, sharp fangs. It lives in Tooma Bog.

Tinkini spiders – Darmantha gets them to attack the dragonkeepers. They are mustard yellow with blue butts and very poisonous with strong webs

Toonbabas -

Trobubs – Creatures that look like dirt mounds 10–12 feet high, like giant termite mounds, but are living. They have eyes at the top of the mound and mouths with long apricot-colored tongues covered with bubbly lumps. Dissolves in water, like dirt and make a rustling sound when the move.

Varp – A fish with a green glow, neon, and otherwise clear, has two antenna with green balls at the ends and it spits acid. Lives in the pond at the bottom of a waterfall.

Magic Spells:

Ander Wil Carnie – Quirin uses a beam of red light from his wand to wrap itself around Darmantha and send him to the Mines of Zintor

Antioca Contini Parloosi – It’s a levitation spell that can be used on things while they are sleeping (dragons, people)

Arooza Capatua Bernosi – Quirin uses this spell used to transport them from Marti’s cottage to Gretel’s cottage

Bicto Zomani Xeler – Makes things disappear

Bicto Zomani Xeler Uripa– Crispin uses it to make himself disappear and if he’s on Jago or Rosenwyn, they’ll disappear too as long as he’s riding them

Cambo Rapi Tulan – Quirin makes the lupas appear inside the spider web – so it is used by a wizard who wants to transport a living thing to where they are

Candar Prefox Intupa – Quirin uses this spell to burst the attacking tree into a million pieces

Hominum  Dictami Tabula – A spell Quirin uses to make Darmantha or can be used on other sleeping wizards to make them sleep longer

Opinus Carballus – Quirin uses this to transport himself, marti and gretel to Arbutel via the cave in the mountains – and then Crispin uses it when he does the same with Jago and Rosenwyn

Preto Zibin Altorum – Darmantha uses this when he calls the dead warriors of Utheria to life

Sapa Techios Kefray – Quirin uses this to make a feast appear on the table for Marti and Gretel

Senobi Gardina Tooloona – Quirin creates a wall of fire to protect from stone soldiers

Silbo Dompa Reebi – This was used when Darmantha makes a tree come alive

Tibsi Ullana Farbitos – Quirin makes a tornado wind to stop the warriors in Utheria

Uripa Xeler Zomani Bicto – Used to make Crispin reappear (or any other wizard who wants to make himself re-appear)

Yabu Vindeli Topu – Brings things back from invisibility (dragons etc)


Arbon, Diphini and Elyssia. – The first dragons of Tritem (came from Sparma Springs in Utheria on Arbutel).

Cloudwaltzer –A female dragon that Gordinth left Jago and Rosenwyn’s eggs with in Switzerland, killed by Dragonslayers.

Dewmist – Red dragon Jarltor slew.

Gygax – Herzog’s father.

Herzog – A young male dragon that Peranth and Darmantha teased.

Zara – A fake dragon in cave made of cumminosal.

Blue males:




Mordecai – ticklish



Venec – adventurous


Brown males:



Colenso – hides a lot






Purple males:


Hendra – youngest male dragon

Jago – oldest male dragon and future king of the dragons






Red females:


Caja – curious, loves chocolate more than others


Kayna – feisty


Samantha – cuddler

Green females:

Anata – bad temper, first to fly

Danez – youngest of all dragons






Black females:

Martha – loves to fly through hoops

Rosenwyn – first born female and future queen of dragons


Tamsin – always hungry


Zennor – steals other dragons sausages



Jago – King of dragons, lives on Arbutel , father of little Jago and Rosenwyn.

Rosenwyn – Queen of dragons, lives on Arbutel, mother of little Jago and Rosenwyn who are twins.

Magical things:

Amulet – Gordinth has it, it has a jeweled center with diamonds, rubies, emeralds in a silver circle and a big sapphire stone in the middle – Gordinth gives it to Crispin

Arum eyes – Drop into a bubbling potion of crushed poppies and enpelli blossoms, to make a fish turn into a whale.

Balls made from cumminosal – they have pictures of dragons on them and are colorful and change colors (kept in cave below Marti’s)

Cumminosal – a soft, rubbery substance used for making balls.

Foy toes – Gordinth has some in the jars in his hut on Arbutel. A foy has big yellow wings, 1 foot long fingers, no eyes, leathery pink skin, short green horns. Toes excellent to eat when roasted. Used in the making of love potions.

Rainbow lights – Amtith etched drawings and gave them to his younger brother, Gordinth, who passed them on to Sindri and Claring as a gift.

Slabe – A stone, like flint, where if you hit with your fingernail, it makes a spark and they use them in Luba to light torches

Umbi wings – Gordinth keeps them in jars in his hut on Arbutel. Umbi’s are beetles with gray and orange striped wings. They have pincers in front and large googley pink eyes. Their wings are thick and rubbery and Gordinth uses them by boiling them in rainwater and then cutting into small pieces. Added with other things in a potion to make mice or other small animals be able to speedily run.

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