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Apollo's Soldiers
by Margo Fallis
Chapter 30

     The sunset captured the lads as they reached the docks. The inns were full and ships were still arriving. Most traders were forced to sleep on board due to overcrowding. “We need to find the people who are preparing to leave the island. They won’t be here, but perhaps down at the sea. I doubt if they want anyone to see what they’re up to. Obviously the people who work in the library are preparing to leave,” Leith said.

“Hey! There are some Lemurians. They look just like the ones we saw at Mt. Shasta. So the Lemurians and the Atlanteans did know each other existed and they even traded with one another.” Fraser pointed to a ship. The Mu lined up against the railing.

“They’re trading amber from Lemuria for marble from Atlantis. If I go back to Mt. Shasta, I’m going to ask them about their history. I hope the ship leaves before the destruction. There are a lot of people from other countries,” Sandy said.

They left the safety of the outer wall and walked across the sandy beach to the sea. “There they are!” Duncan ran towards them.

     The men and women loading the boat stopped when they saw Leith and the lads approaching. A withered old man stepped forward to greet them. “Greetings. My name is Zimon. I am a seer. Have you come to join us?”

     Leith shook the man’s hand. “Can I speak to you alone?” The man nodded and followed Leith. “Stay here,” he said to the other lads. “Zimon, I am from another place and another time, thousands of years into the future. I know who you are and what you are doing. You’re right. Tomorrow will be the last day Atlantis exists. It will be completely destroyed and buried under water.”

     Zimon stared into Leith’s eyes. “You speak the truth. I have seen you in a vision. You’re here on a special mission, sent by the god’s themselves.”

     “That’s true. Apollo sent us.” Leith showed him the golden arrow.

“The arrow of Apollo.” Zimon closed his eyes and squeezed his grip on the arrow. “It is all true then.” He handed the arrow back to Leith.

“You are going to have to trust me on this. It’s really important that you listen to me. There are things you need to take with you. I see you have ten boats. Fill them with all the books and scrolls you can. You must get everything from your libraries,” Leith said. “There are several things I’ve seen here that you also need to take. Take peacocks, orchids, wisteria, roses, parakeets, hummingbirds, butterflies, flamingo, kingfishers, grapes, wine, and your knowledge of stained glass windows. It is because of you that future generations will have these things.”

     “You speak of quite an ordeal, young man. What is your name?”

     “I am Leith Wallace. My friends and I also have a job to do before we leave Atlantis. I believe the most important reason we’re here is to get you to take these things. This is important. If a woman named Norindal comes, do not allow her on your boats. That will only happen if I fail my job, but just in case, please; do not let her on your ships.”

     “I understand.” They walked back to the crowds. Zimon called a few men over and they headed back to Atlas. “They will bring the books.” He called a few women over and sent them to find all the items Leith had mentioned. Leith and the other lads were given a tour of the docked ships and were invited to spend the night with them. Everyone seemed anxious to hear about the future.

     “You need to head north when you leave here, veering to the east slightly. There you will find an island. You must build a library and put all your books there. They will be safe from weather and mankind until we discover them. You will find safety there and you may live the rest of your life in peace. The island is called Iona, at least in my time.” Leith sat at the table and nibbled on sliced pears.

     “We will do as you suggest,” Zimon said. “What of Lemuria? We had a mind to head there.”

     “I’m sorry to say that Lemuria will be destroyed also, if it hasn’t already been. You will find no safety there.” Leith handed the pears to Duncan.

     Leith, Duncan, Fraser and Sandy fell asleep in the cabin of one of the ships. All night long they heard the ships being loaded with animals, birds and other items.

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