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Charlotte Bleh’s Collection of Favourite  Nursery  Rhymes, Poems and Prose Book

Carols and Poems for Peace on Earth

An azure sky,
All star bestrewn.
A lowly crib,
A hushed room.
An open door,
A hill afar

Where little lambs
And shepherds are.
To such a world,
On such a night,
Came Jesus,
Little Lord of Light.

(A choral piece from Miss Cita Angus’ Verse Speaking Choir when I was about 9 years old)

God bless the master of this house,
Likewise the mistress, too,
And all the little children
That round the table go;
And all your kin and kinsmen,
That dwell both far and near;
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And to all a Happy New Year.


Christmas is a-coming,
And the goose is getting fat,
Please to put a penny in
The old man’s hat;
If you haven’t got a penny,
Then a ha’penny will do –
If you haven’t got a ha’penny,
Then God Bless You!

Who has not carolled Mary,
And who her praise would dim?
But what of humble Joseph:
Is there no song for him?
If Joseph had not driven
Straight nails through honest wood;
If Joseph had not cherished
His Mary as he should;
If Joseph had not proved him
A sire both kind and wise:
Would he have drawn with favour
The Child’s all-probing eyes?
Would Christ have prayed “Our Father”,
Or cried that Name in death,
Unless he first had honoured
Joseph of Nazareth?
Gilbert Thomas

I’ve been feelin’ awfu’ worried,
Since I heard my mither say:-
“The sweep’s been awfu’ busy
An’ hisnae’ been oor wey.”
She tried her best tae get him,
But the mannie couldna’ come,
An’ fine I ken that Santa Claus
Will no’ come doon oor lum!

I’ve heard him on a windy nicht,
Gang whistlin’ ower the hoose,
An’ I’ve been guid as guid could be,
An’ quiet as ony moose.
But I’ve got an awfu’ feelin’
That Santa winna come tae me on Christmas mornin’
‘Cause we’ve got a dirty lum!

I’ve written letters every nicht,
An telt him whaur I bide,
An’ that I want a spitfire,
Wi’ a hale air crew inside.
But, if he comes, I’m awfu’ feart,
He’ll maybe no’ get oot.
The sweep’s no’ been,
An’ maybe he’ll be chokit wi’ the soot.

So, maybe if ye see him,
Or hear him ony nicht,
Tell him I’m behavin’,
An’ daein’ my lessons richt.
An’ say it’s no my mither’s blame,
She’d aye the sweep afore.
So, would he bring my aeroplane,
An’ jist – jist leave it at the door?

(My mother loved this Christmas recitation.)

Last night the carol singers came,
When I had gone to bed.
Upon the crisp white path outside
I heard them softly tread.

I sat upright to listen,
For I knew they came to tell
Of all the things that happened
From the very first Noel.

Upon my ceiling flickering
I saw their lantern glow.
And then they sang carols sweet
Of Christmas long ago.

And when at last they went away
Their carol-singing done,
There was a little girl who wished
They’d only just begun.

(A Christmas recitation from Miss Angus)

Christmas comes but once a year, And when it comes, it brings good cheer.

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