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by Margo Fallis
Chapter 15

Xander put his journal away. “Trees! We’re in the Rainbow Forest. I read about this once when I went to the library in Appleworth. It said the trees were every color of the rainbow. I believe it!”

“Where is the Rainbow Forest?”

“Right smack dab in the middle of the Land of Waterberry. We have to figure out which way is north and head that way to get back to Appleworth.” Xander looked at the direction of the sun. It’s nearly suppertime. The sun is setting in the west. If that’s west and that way is east,” he said, pointing the opposite direction, “ and we flew from the south, then that way is north.”

“But Xander, it will be dark in an hour. Let’s get something to eat and find a place to spend the night.”

They walked through the trees. Pink fruit dangled from a red-leafed tree. Xander reached up and picked on. “I hope these don’t have worms in them like the sugarapples did.” He bit into one. “Look at this, Toast. There’s not a pit inside of it. There’s a jewel. It looks like a garnet.”

“Let me see.” Toast took the fruit from Xander’s hand. “It is a garnet. I wonder what we’ll find inside some of the other fruits.”

Inside of the yellow-leafed tree’s fruit they found a gold nugget. They picked a dozen lemon-colored fruits and ate them. “Gold!”

Inside the fruits growing on the lime green-leafed tree, they found jade instead of pits. The orange fruit had amber, the purple had amethyst, the blue had sapphire, the white fruit had diamonds. When Xander picked a black fruit he choked. “Ick. This black fruit just has a hairy pit and tastes horrible.”

Toast picked a brown one. “This one too.” She spit it out.

“Look at all these jewels. We’ve got more than we know what to do with. We should pick a hundred of them.” Xander put all the jewels into his pockets.

“Xander, just because we have a lot of them doesn’t mean they are precious and rare. They can’t be that precious, or that rare if they grow inside fruits. Surely others know about the Rainbow Forest too.”

Xander dropped the fruit on the ground. “You’re right. We shouldn’t take too many. Just enough for us to be rich for the rest of our lives.” He filled his pockets with diamonds and the other jewels. “This is a good place to spend the night. These pretty leaves will protect us. Bandiffs don’t come into pretty places, neither do wucas. We’ll sleep right here.” Xander gathered a pile of leaves and dropped them in a pile. “The leaves are really soft, aren’t they?”

Toast lay down. She sighed. “So soft. So soft.” Within minutes she was asleep.

Xander scribbled a few things in his journal and lay next to her. He too fell asleep.



Rainbow Forest – Located in the middle of the Land of Waterberry. The trees are all different colors and have jewels inside them instead of pits.

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