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Rolfin's Orb
Book 11 - Diamond – Malawi
Chapter 4

William Bradbury dropped his fishing pole into the water. “What’s going on? Who is inside of me?” He grabbed hold of his head and shook it. “Get out! Get out!”

“I am an evil demon. You’re now under my control. I would advise you to keep quiet and let it happen. I can hurt you any time I want. Unless you want to be disfigured, you’ll keep quiet.” Phelan taunted the man.

William kept his mouth quiet, realizing how useless it was to fight. His fear kept him silent.

Phelan, furious at the turn of events and in control of a body, headed for Inveralba. “I’ll make them pay for what they’ve done to me.” He marched onward. When he reached the town he went straight for McDougal’s B&B, owned by Elsie McAllister. He kicked the door down, shocking Elsie and the guests inside. Ignoring her cries, he went on a rampage, knocking everything off the shelves. He threw chairs against the wall and emptied the refrigerator onto the kitchen floor. When he finished there, leaving Elsie in tears, he went up and down the street breaking windows of shops and cars.

                             *  *  *

Callum’s father, Malcolm, pounded on Angus’s door. Angus opened it. “What’s the matter, Malcolm. You look frazzled.”

“It’s Phelan. He’s taken over a man’s body and is destroying Inveralba. Elsie sent one of her guests to my house to tell me. They need help. He tore Elsie’s B&B to pieces and is breaking every window on the main street, including cars. I know my boy is safe where he is. When he comes back here, have him stay until I come and get him. I need a few of you to come with me. We’ve got to stop him.”

“I’ll go. Jasper, Jared, Jesse. Come with me, if you would,” Johnny said. “The rest of you stay here.” The four men followed Malcolm to Inveralba. They stopped by Elsie’s first.

Malcolm looked at the mess. “Oh, Elsie, I’m so sorry. We’ll help you clean up.” He put his arm around her shoulder, comforting her.

“My guests are a big help. They’re wonderful. Why don’t you go and stop that madman. I don’t understand any of this. He looked harmless when he came here,” Elsie said.

“Who is it? Do you know?” Malcolm picked a piece of glass off the floor.

“His name is William Bradbury. He arrived last night from Canterbury, England to fish. He seemed normal until tonight. He kicked in my door and started destroying anything. He looked possessed. His eyes were evil. I don’t understand what is going on?” Elsie started sobbing again.

“Don’t you worry, Elsie. We’re going out to find him. You get that door back on first thing and put something in front of it to block the way. Don’t let anyone inside.” Malcolm hugged her again and then he, Johnny and the others left.

“He’s in town. I can hear glass breaking. It’s Phelan all right. We have to be careful not to harm the man. It’s not him, but the evil that possesses him.” Johnny ran off. “This way.”

They stopped behind The Perfect Bee. “There he is,” Jared whispered. The others looked out from the dark alley behind the shop.

“What do we do?” Jesse turned to Malcolm.

“He’s just a human right now. We run up and jump him from behind, wrestle him to the ground and take him to jail, lock him up.” Malcolm whispered his plans.

“Sounds good to me,” Jasper said.

The five of them rushed down the street silently, careful not to make noise. They jumped on the man, pushed him to the ground. Johnny pinned his arms behind his back and held them while Jared tied them together with a piece of rope he had in his pocket.

“We’ve got you, Phelan,” Johnny said.

Phelan, having no other choice, jumped out of the man’s body and into a dog that wandered by.

Malcolm dragged William Bradbury to the local jail and it wasn’t until he put him behind bars that the man spoke. “Whatever it was that possessed my body is gone. Please, let me go. I want to get out of this town and go home.”

Malcolm sighed. “Let him go, Sean,” he said to the jailer. “It wasn’t him.”

Sean Aiken, a local deputy, released the man. “As you wish, Malcolm.”

Malcolm and William walked down the street towards Johnny and the others. “Phelan’s gone,” Malcolm said.

“The dog! I saw a dog run past. He probably leaped into its body. I should have known he’d do such things,” Jesse said.

“The man’s unpredictable, Jesse. Don’t blame yourself. Let’s take William back to Elsie’s and make sure everything is all right there,” Malcolm said.

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