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Rolfin's Orb
Book 12 -
Chapter 19

           Burill was familiar to Fiona. She’d been there twice before. She knew how to get into the palace and who to use her charm on. Before she knew it she was standing in front of Anisa. “Oh, it’s you,” Anisa said. “I thought you’d left.” 

“Anisa, I want you to come with me,” Fiona said.

“What? I’ve got a good job here. I’ve got a place to sleep, food to eat and people who treat me nice.” Anisa looked out the window.

“I know, but where I am taking you, you’ll have better food to eat, people who treat you nicer, a wonderful place to sleep and you’ll be servant to nobody. Please, trust me, Anisa. I know you’ll be happy.” Fiona saw that Anisa was having doubts.

“Anisa, I have something to tell you. I’m from the future and I’ve got magical powers.” Fiona did a few tricks for her, including turning herself invisible. “King Kegan, his wife and all of his children are in my time. I live in the 21st century. You’ll love it there. I came all the way back in time just to get you.” Fiona pleaded.

“I’ll go with you, Fiona, but if I don’t like it, I want you to send me back here. Do you give your word?” Anisa smiled.

“Of course, but you’ll like it,” Fiona said. “Take my hand.” She led Anisa from the castle, through the streets and out of the city. “Wait,” Fiona said. “We need to go back into Burill. I am looking for someone named Qahtan. Have you heard of him?”

“Qahtan. Yes, he is a wise man and one of King Kegan’s most trusted advisors. He doesn’t live in the castle. He refuses, but I know where he lives,” Anisa said.

“Take me to him,” Fiona said. They walked down the streets of Burill. “It is so clean and nice here. Everyone looks healthy and the buildings are pretty. I went to Zanaad and it is so horrible there.”

“Zanaad? Why would you go there?”

“I had to rescue two girls. They are safe now with their mother and father.” Fiona grinned.

Anisa stopped in front of a shop. “There is Qahtan.”

Fiona stepped inside. The man sat on a carpet, legs folded in front of him. He looked up at her. “I have been expecting you, Fiona.”

“How did he know you name?” Anisa whispered to Fiona.

Fiona sat across from him. “Qahtan, I bring you greetings from your descendant, Temani. He lives in Burill during my time. It is not called Burill then, but San’a, and it is now known as the country Yemen. He told me a story about you.”

“Yes, I know,” Qahtan said. “I know what is to come.”

“Have peace and prepare. Temani thanks you for being his ancestor.”

“Take this, Fiona,” Qahtan said, handing her a coin.

“What is it?”

“It belonged to my ancestor, who came to Burill with King Rolfin. It is a coin from Hadremutem. It is rare. Keep it with you. Do not sell it ever.”

Fiona’s eyes sparkled. “Thank you, Qahtan. Thank you. I’m sorry, but I have to go.”

“I know. Peace be with you.” Qahtan closed his eyes and Fiona left with Anisa.

“That’s odd, Fiona,” Anisa said. “There is so much about life that I do not understand.”

“We’re ready. Follow me.” When they came through the time portal and she saw Queen Sarmantha, she knew she was going to be all right. “I told you to trust me. All right. I’ve got one more place to go.”

                   *  *  *

“Funny, but I feel like I was just here. Well, what do you know? I was, only centuries in the future. I’m getting jet lag with all this time travel. I’m glad this is the last place. Now, to gather the wives and children.”

Three hours later Fiona, King Rolfin’s twelve wives and all 150 children came through the time portal into Angus’s croft.

Fiona sighed. “That’s it, Mum. I’m done for now.”

“Fiona, what have you done? Why are all these people here?” Mairi looked around the room.

“Yes, why?” Angus shook his head. “There’s too many of them.”

“For your wedding, Mum.”

“My wedding?” Mairi looked dumbstruck.

“Mum, you and Johnny are getting married, while all these people are here. Think of how cool it will be to have King Kegan or King Rolfin marry you. Think about it, Mum.” Fiona smiled and kissed her mum on the cheek.

A few minutes later the door opened. King Rolfin, King Kegan, Johnny and the twelve men stepped inside. “What’s all this?” King Rolfin grinned when he saw his wives and children. “My angels are all here.”

King Kegan saw Queen Sarmantha and his little ones and ran to them. Someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. “Who are you, little boy?”

“Hello grandfather. My name is Kenneth McAlpin Ferguson.”

“Grandfather?” He saw Anna and Isabella. “My sweet girls. You’re alive.” He sobbed into their shoulders as he held them. “You’ve got sons, both of you?”

“Yes, father.” Isabella pulled her husband up. Anna pulled her husband up. “These are our husbands, Colin and Robert Ferguson. They are brothers. You’ve met Kenneth and this is Jorbi, Anna’s boy.”

“You’ve brought so much joy into my life, Fiona,” King Kegan said. He took Fiona’s hand. “My family is reunited. I see my servants are here and my twelve friends, and Anisa,” he looked surprised, “and Johnny. You are my hero, Fiona McAllister. 

“Let’s send these soldiers back in time. I can’t have half a million men in my croft. It’s just too crowded.” Angus moved to the orb. “Off you go,” he said, directing the armies into the time portal. It took several hours before they were all through. “Well now, we can relax a bit. We’re down to two hundred people instead of several hundred thousand smelly men.”

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