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Rolfin's Orb
Book 12 -
Chapter 24

           The guests started arriving for the wedding. Callum’s family were the first. They were escorted to the main hall of the castle, amazed at the renovations. Elspet’s family arrived next and were seated next to the McAllisters.

The wizards came, one or two at a time, with their dragons. Jesse and Jeremy had been assigned to take the dragons to the back of the castle and tie them up during the ceremony. Both McAllister family’s gawked as the wizards entered the room, dressed in a variety of colored long flowing robes and pointed hats.

When Lehimna arrived, Fiona was on her way to get dressed. “Lehimna, wait. I have a question for you.” Fiona waved him over to her.

“What can I do for you, Miss Fiona? It’s good to see you again.” The wizard sat next to her on the step leading upstairs.

“I had a question. I don’t want you to think I’m weird, but how come you’re alive? You were killed by Bartolf’s men. I know they stabbed you in the heart. There’s that table that King Rolfin made in your honor. How can you be here and be alive after you died?”

“Things are not the same here as they are in the wizard world. By dying here on earth, it simply means I cannot serve as a wizard any longer to a mortal. As long as I live in Xilia, I will live on.”

“Oh. I guess I understand that. I’m glad you came.” Fiona stood, patted his shoulder and ran upstairs to get dressed.

Lehimna went down to join the other guests.

Vases of orange blossoms, roses and heather sat on tables throughout the castle. Ivy, strung across the walls, added greenery to the stone walls.

A few minutes before the ceremony, King Rolfin tapped on the girl’s dressing room door. “Come in,” Fiona called. He gazed at her and the others.

“Mairi, you look radiant; and look at the little ones. Gelis, Gilian, you remind me of angels with those pastel orange dresses. Elspet, Fiona, exquisite. Would you mind giving me a few minutes alone with your mum, Fiona? Take the girls and make your way downstairs. Sarmantha wants you in the room behind the main hall. Be off now.”

“All right. Come on girls,” Fiona said and left the king and her mother alone.

“Mairi,” he said, kissing her cheek and taking hold of her hands. He pulled a ring from his pocket. “This is a Carthaginian ring, from the days of Hannibal Barca. My great great grandfather knew Hannibal and actually went with him over the Italian Alps with the elephants. They were good friends. When they returned, Hannibal gave this ring to him. He passed it on and now it is mine. I have many sons, but I want Johnny to have this.”

“It’s breathtaking,” Mairi said. “It’s exquisite. Look at the glasswork in with the gold. Johnny will love it and treasure it always. Thank you.” She threw her arms around him and pulled him close. In another room, not far away, Sarmantha handed Johnny a ring to present to Mairi at the wedding.

The music played, announcing to Mairi that it was time. Angus showed up at the door to escort her. They went down to the room where the others in the party waited. “All right everyone. It’s time.”

Gelis, Gilian, Elspet and Fiona left first, scattering rose petals and orange blossoms on the floor as they walked up the aisle to where Johnny stood waiting. His best man, Jimmy, stood next to him and Nahimena, Chief Wizard of Xilia stood in front of them both. King Rolfin stood in the center, dressed in his finest robes. Light spilled through the stained glass window.

The girls moved off to the side, opposite the men. The ring bearer, Cerdic came into the room, followed by Rayad, Ithgar and Jorbi. The wee lads walked behind Cerdic, punching each other and kicking each other in the legs. Nicolette jumped from her seat and scolded them and put them back in line. With scowls on their faces they marched to the front and stood behind Jimmy.

     “There’s your mum,” Elspet said as Mairi walked up the aisle on Angus’s arm. “Look at her dress. It is gorgeous. She’s gorgeous. Look at all those pearls. Selby and the others must have spent hours sewing them all over the gown. The off white fabric is stunning.”

      Fiona wept. “I know. She’s beautiful and she’s happy. Her hair is all glowing with the orange blossoms in it and little bits of greenery. And look at Johnny. He loves her so much. You can tell by his eyes.”

     The two girls whispered as Mairi took her slow steps forward.

     “There’s Drayton. That must be his fiancé. She’s a wizardress and quite pretty, don’t you think, Fiona?” Elspet nudged her with her elbow.

     Fiona looked around the room. “She’s pretty. Her name is Sapphiremist. Typical wizardress name, isn’t it?”

     Johnny took Mairi’s hand and Angus sat on a chair; tears flowed freely and he didn’t seem to care who saw him crying.

     King Rolfin united them as husband and wife while a crowd of friends and family watched. Fiona, who could no longer hold back, sobbed with joy as her mother and new stepfather exchanged rings.

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