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Rolfin's Orb
Book 12 -
Chapter 27

           A year later Ė

     Mac McKenzie and Ailen (who took the surname Pepper) fell in love and were married. They now work together at the bakery. They live in Inveralba and business is booming.

     Nellie McAllister Crawford married Tomkin.(who took the surname Hunter) They live in Inveralba and Tomkin works as partner with Malcolm McAllister in his gillie/tourist business.

     Penelope McAllister Steele married Stroud. (who took the last name Fisher) They live in Inveralba and Stroud works as partner with Malcolm and Tomkin.

     Anisa, former secretary to King Kegan, took the surname Apple, married Jacob Thomson. She is six months pregnant with their first child. They live in Inveralba.

     Selby, (who took the surname Binder) former server and seamstress to King Kegan and his family, got a job teaching cooking and sewing at the local high school. She is dating Joacquin Thomson.

     Ackley, Locke and Carling took the surname Baker. They own a catering service and specialize in weddings. They live in Mairiís old house together in Inveralba.

     As for the twelve men; Jared Thomson owns a chauffeuring business, got his driverís license and a new limousine and lives in Inveralba.

Jacob Thomson and his wife, Anisa, own and operate a pub, The Burillian Qasr, in Inveralba, and are quite successful.

Jason Thomson works at the local library and along with Jasper Thomson are building a museum that will house relics and historical items from Inveralba and Inverdrochitís past. Jasper and Jason live in a house next to Johnny, Mairi and Fiona in Inverdrochit.

 Jimmy Thomson opened his own woodcarving shop. He sells doll houses, dog houses, bookshelves and chairs. His designs are unique and his business is thriving. Jimmy is dating a local girl, Maureen Dunn, who comes to the shop and purchases a lot of his wares. He lives in Inveralba.

Joacquin Thomson, who is dating Selby Binder, makes homemade soap and sells it to The Perfect Bee. His products are on high demand and keep him busy. He resides in Inveralba.

Julian Thomson is the master gardener of Castle Athdara. Along with Jack and Jesse, have their own gardening service and serve both Inveralba and Inverdrochit. They all live at Castle Athdara.

Jeremy, Jeffrey, and Joseph Thomson are licensed park rangers. They do repairs and upkeep the cabins around Loch Doon. They keep up the bridges across the loch and are renovating Dandelon Bridge. Inveralba is a growing town, attracting tourists from all over the world.

     Isabella and her husband, Colin Ferguson, live in Inverdrochit and run a sweetie shop, The Loose Tooth. Ithgar/Kenneth is in primary school and loves playing with his friends.

     Anna and her husband, Robert Ferguson, live in Inverdrochit, two houses down from Isabella and Colin. Jorbi is looking forward to the birth of his identical twin brothers that are due any time. He also goes to primary school and loves to play football.

     Kegan Camille, who has enough wealth to live comfortably without working, travels around Scotland with his wife, Sarmantha. When they arenít traveling, they work at the local schools, reading to the students. Sarmantha wants to earn a degree in teaching.

     Cerdic Camille goes to school and loves to plays golf.

Gelis Camille attends school and is learning how to draw. Elspet is giving her lessons after school.

Rayad Camille spends a lot of time with Jason at the local library.

Gilian Camille divides her time between her family and Mairi and Johnnyís house.

     Callum McAllister goes to school and helps his dad and is now a gillie. Tomkin and Stroud enjoy Callumís company. He visits Xilia every other day to see Jabberwock, his dragon.

     Elspet McAllister goes to school, helps her mum with her spinning and dying and with the younger brothers, goes to her weekly lesson in Xilia and is giving private art lessons to locals, including Gelis Camille.

     Fiona McAllister goes to school and is studying hard in geography in history. When she grows up she wants to have enough money to travel to all the places theyíve been and see how everyone is doing. She loves living in Inverdrochit and even though she doesnít go to the same school as Callum and Elspet, she sees them nearly every day.

     Mairi and Johnny Cathmore are proud parents of twins, a boy and girl. Kegan Alroy Cathmore and Gilian Gelis Cathmore are now one month old. Kegan looks just like his father and Gilian has yellow curly ringlets, violet eyes, a happy nature and both are loved by their big sister Fiona. They live in the renovated home where Mairi lived as a child. It is filled with love and laughter.

     Drayton Steele, now a wizard, just married Sapphiremist. They live in Xilia and plan to have as many children as they can, much to Penelopeís delight. They often come to visit his mother and her new husband, Stroud Fisher.

     As for Angus McAllister, he and his cats are enjoying having a quiet croft and life back to normal.

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