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Rolfin's Orb
Book 12 -

Main Characters:

Angus McAllister – Fiona’s Uncle – her father’s older brother – age 50, lives in Inveralba. Light brown hair with gray, blue eyes. Lives in a croft and has lots of cats.

Callum McAllister – 10 years old, brown eyes, dark brown hair, cousin to Fiona and Elspet. He goes to school in Inveralba and helps his dad; is now a gillie. Tomkin and Stroud enjoy Callum’s company. He visits Xilia every other day to visit Jabberwock, his dragon.

Elspet McAllister – 10 years old, reddish hair and blue eyes, cousin to Fiona and Callum, artistic, draws. Goes to school in Inveralba, helps her mum with her spinning and dying and with the younger brothers, goes to her weekly lesson in Xilia and is giving private art lessons to locals, including Gelis Camille.

Fiona Isabella McAllister – 11 years old, blonde hair, green eyes, lives in Inveralba and is a descendant of King Kegan and King Dugan. Goes to school and is studying hard in geography in history. When she grows up she wants to have enough money to travel to all the places they’ve been and see how everyone is doing. She loves living in Inverdrochit and even though she doesn’t go to the same school as Callum and Elspet, she sees them nearly every day. She has a new baby brother and sister, Gilian Gelis Cathmore and Kegan Alroy Cathmore.

Mairi Anna Ferguson McAllister – Fiona’s mum, makes honey from heather and bluebell and thistle.  Sells it in the shops to tourists and also sends it off to Edinburgh and Glasgow. She also is a good cook and works part time at McKenzie’s bakery in town.  Age 35, brown hair and fern green eyes. She is married to Johnny and they are the proud parents of twins, a boy and girl. Kegan Alroy Cathmore and Gilian Gelis Cathmore are now one month old. They live in the renovated home where Mairi lived as a child. It is filled with love and laughter.

Drayton Steele – Descendant of King Dugan and Princess Isabella and owner of the necklace stolen from King Kegan – Age 19. Son of Shardow Steele and Penelope McAllister. Now a wizard, just married Sapphiremist. They live in Xilia and plan to have as many children as they can.

Jack Thomson/ Artur - Pearl – One of King Kegan’s 12 men and hid the 3rd jewel in Seychelles. He is from Arabia with dark hair and eyes, about 32 years old. Jack, Julian and Jesse, have their own gardening service and serve both Inveralba and Inverdrochit. They all live at Castle Athdara.

Jacob Thomson/Gamlas – Opal – One of the 12 men who hid the 8th stone in Nepal. From Burill in Arabia, with Arab features – olive skin, dark eyes and hair. He is 26 years old. He and his wife, Anisa, own and operate a pub, The Burillian Qasr, in Inveralba and are quite successful.

Jared Thomson/Chessa – Amber – One of the 12 men, who hid the 7th stone in Mexico. From Burill in Arabia, with long dark brown hair that he wears in a pony tail, brown eyes. He is 28 years old. He starts his own chauffering business and lives in Inveralba.

Jason Thomson/Buntabi – Ruby – One of the 12 men, who hid the 6th stone in Jordan. From Burill in Arabia, with African heritage, so he has short, curly black hair, brown eyes, and dark brown skin. He is 31 years old. He works at the local library in Inveralba and along with Jasper, are building a museum that will house relics, art and memorabilia from Inveralba and surrounding area’s past. Lives with Jasper in house next to Johnny and Mairi in Inverdrochit.

Jasper Thomson/Collos – Sapphire- One of the 12 men, who hid the 9th stone in La Mancha, Spain. Blue eyes, Germanic and Frank heritage. 30 years old. He works with Jason building a museum that will house relics, art and memorabilia from Inveralba and surrounding area’s past. Lives with Jason in house next to Johnny and Mairi in Inverdrochit.

Jeffrey Thomson/ Kitar -  Emerald – One of the 12 men, who hid the 4th stone in Yukon. From Burill in Arabia, but with Germanic descent, so has blond hair and blue eyes. His mother was Arabic, but his father was of Germanic blood and he came to Burill to live. He is 39, the oldest of the 12 men. Jeffrey is a park ranger. He, Jeremy and Joseph carry an official badge and do repairs to the cabins around Loch Doon. They also service the forests around the area. They keep up the bridges across the loch and Dandelon Bridge. Inverabla is a growing town, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Jeremy Thomson/ SerbelTanzanite - One of the 12 men, who hid the 10th stone in Argentina.  He is 31 years old, has Arab features, dark hair and eyes. Well built, strong, muscular. Tallest of 12 men with a Schwarzenneger-type build. Jeremy is a park ranger. He,Jeffrey and Joseph each carry an official badge and do repairs to the cabins around Loch Doon. They keep up the bridges across the loch and Dandelon Bridge. They also service the forests around the area. Inverabla is a growing town, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Jesse Thomson/ Pond - Spinel - One of the 12 men, who hid the 2nd jewel, spinel in Iceland. From Burill in Arabia so he has dark hair and brown eyes. His is 27 years old. Jac, Julian and Jesse have their own gardening service and serve both Inveralba and Inverdrochit. They all live at Castle Athdara.

Jimmy Thomson/CowanBlack Obsidian - One of King Kegan’s 12 most trusted me and he hid the 1st jewel in Hydra, Greece. He is from Arabia – so he has dark hair and eyes. He lives in Inveralba. Opened his own woodcarving shop. He sells doll houses, dog houses, bookshelves and chairs. His designs are unique and his business is thriving. Jimmy is dating a local girl, Maureen Dunn, who comes to the shop and purchases a lot of his wares.

Joacquin Thomson/ Limhi - Diamond – One of King Kegan’s 12 most trusted men. He hid the 11th jewel in Livingstonia, Malawi, Africa. He is from Arabia, has long wirey black hair and deep brown eyes and he is 33 years old. Joacquin Thomson, who is dating Selby Binder, makes homemade soap and sells it to The Perfect Bee. His products are on high demand and keep him busy. He resides in Inveralba.

Johnny Thomson/ Alroy Cathmore - Posing as a tourist from London, come to Inveralba to fish and hunt – Age 37 – He has light brown hair and brown eyes – his ancestry is Persian. King Kegan’s scribe and author of the book the children found. He marries Mairi and they are proud parents of twins, a boy and girl. Kegan Alroy Cathmore and Gilian Gelis Cathmore are now one month old.  They live in the renovated home where Mairi lived as a child. It is filled with love and laughter.

Joseph Thomson/ Aidan-Alexandrite – One of King Kegan’s 12 most trusted men. He hid the 12th jewel in Mongolia. He has light red hair and green eyes and is of Celtic descent. His father did trade with Kegan’s father and moved to Burill with his family. He is 30 years old.  Joseph is a park ranger. He, Jeremy and Jeffrey carry an official badge and do repairs to the cabins around Loch Doon. They keep up the bridges across the loch and Dandelon Bridge. Inverabla is a growing town, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Julian Thomson/ EdwiTopaz – One of King Kegan’s 12 most trusted men. Hid the 5th jewel in Tasmania. Has black hair and dark brown eyes and is 28 years old. Julian is the master gardener of Castle Athdara. Along with Jack and Jesse, have their own gardening service and serve both Inveralba and Inverdrochit. They all live at Castle Athdara.

Minor Characters:

Abir – A female vendor in Burill during King Kegan’s time there who sells Fiona four moonstones. Her name means ‘fragrant one’.

Ackley - Head cook at Castle Athdara during King Kegan’s reign, a male, born in London, England. He takes the last name Baker. He, Carling and Locke start a catering service and specialize in weddings. The three of them live in Mairi’s old house in Inveralba.

Ailen – Baker for King Kegan and family in Castle Athdara. She takes the last name, Pepper, later marries Mac McKenzie and works with him at McKenzie’s Bakery.

Moira Allen – A mean old lady from Inverdrochit who constantly finds negative in everything

Altan – Mongol word for gold, Genghis Khan names Fiona this

Anisa – King Kegan’s secretary. She takes the last name Apple, because she loves computers. She marries Jacob Thomson and is six months pregnant with child. Lives in Inveralba with husband.

Princess Anna - Daughter of King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha, wife of Robert of Ferguson in Scotland and mother of Jorbi. Also ancestor of Fiona and Mairi. 14 at time of capture by King Dugan. 15 when she gave birth to Jorbi. Live in Inverdrochit, two houses down from Isabella and Colin. She and her husband are expecting identical twin boys.

King Bartolf – Evil king, brother of Rolfin, who lived in Hadrumetum, near Carthage before moving and setting up a new kingdom at Zanaad in  North Africa. Had several wives, Suraat, Jadaayil, Shuuriit, Majdal, (all of Phoenician descent); but most of his children were born from his concubines.

General Bataar – One of Genghis Khan’s generals in his army who teaches Callum to be a warrior

Carling – One of the cooks at Castle Athdara during King Kegan’s reign. A female, originally from Normandy, France. Takes the surname Baker. She, Locke and Ackley own and operate a catering service and specialize in weddings. They live in Mairi’s old house.

Gilian Gelis Cathmore – Daughter of Mairi and Johnny, twin to Kegan, sister of Fiona. Gilian has yellow curly ringlets, violet eyes, a happy nature.

Kegan Alroy Cathmore – Son of Mairi and Johnny, twin to Gilian, brother of Fiona. Kegan looks just like his father.

Prince Cerdic – Surname Camille. The oldest son, 1st  child of King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha. He has golden hair, curly like his mother and violet eyes. Cerdic goes to primary school and plays golf. He is 8 years old.

Charlemagne - King of the Franks (768-814) and founder of the first empire in western Europe after the fall of Rome. His court at Aix-la-Chapelle became the center of the Carolingian Renaissance.

Cloudwaltzer – Dragon that belonged to Lehimna, Zerahemna and Lephimah, black.

Crimbald – A redcap who assigned himself to be leader of the creepy beasties

Nellie McAllister Crawford – Fiona’s great aunt on her father’s side, age 72, sister to Catriona and Penelope, oldest of the 3 sisters. Aunt of Drayton Steele

King Dugan – Descendant of King Bartolf, evil king, who lived in Zanaad, North Africa. Natural father of Ithgar and Jorbi.

Queen Elizabeth II – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was born in London on April, 21 1926, first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, subsequently King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Five weeks later she was christened in the chapel of Buckingham Palace and was given the names Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. The Queen ascended the throne on February 6, 1952 upon the death of her father, King George VI. Her Coronation followed on June 2, 1953. Princess Elizabeth had her early education at home. After her father succeeded to the throne in 1936 and she became heiress presumptive, and her studies were extended to include lessons on constitutional history and law. After the Second World War Princess Elizabeth's public engagements grew in number and frequency. Her first official visit overseas took place in 1947, when she accompanied her parents and sister on a tour of South Africa. Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten (4th cousin) in Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947. Prince Charles, now the Prince of Wales and heir apparent to the throne, was born in 1948, the Princess Anne, now the Princess Royal, was born in 1950, the Prince Andrew, now the Duke of York, was born in 1960, and the Prince Edward, in 1964. The Queen and the Duke celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in London in 1972. In 1977, the Queen's Silver Jubilee was celebrated in the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth. Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen traveled some 56,000 miles to share the anniversary with her people. 2002 marks the 50th anniversary of The Queen's Accession to the Throne.

Colin Ferguson – Brother of Robert, married Princess Isabella. Settles with her in Inverdrochit. He and his wife run a sweetie shop, The Loose Tooth.

Robert Ferguson - Married Princess Anna, brother of Colin. They live in Inverdrochit, two houses down from Isabella and Colin. He and Anna are expecting identical twin boys.

Ferran – King Kegan’s server (food, beverages)

Princess Gelis – Surname Camille. 2nd  child of  King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha, with light, sandy brown hair, usually wears braided. Blue eyes. Plays harp. 7 years old. She  attends primary school and is learning how to draw, taking private lessons from Elspet.

Gho'a - Means beautiful in Mongol. Genghis Khan names Fiona this.

Princess Gilian –Surname Camille. 4th child of King Kegan and Queen sarmantha, yellow curly ringlets, violet eyes, happy nature, 3 years old. She divides her time between her family at the castle and visiting Mairi and Johnny’s house in Inverdrochit.

Ginton- One of King Kegan’s guards in Burill. Wears orange robe.

Gruznig – A redcap sent to spy on Angus

Handit – One of King Rolfin’s guards

Princess Isabella – Daughter of King Kegan, wife of Colin of Ferguson and mother of Ithgar. 16 at time of capture by King Dugan. 17 when she gave birth to Ithgar. Isabella and her husband, Colin Ferguson, live in Inverdrochit and run a sweetie shop, The Loose Tooth.

Prince Ithgar/Kenneth McAlpin Ferguson – Son of King Duncan and Princess Isabella, but is being raised by Colin Ferguson as his son. Kenneth/Ithgar is in primary school and loves playing with his friends.

Jabberwock – Callum’s dragon, blue in color

Jorbi - Son of King Duncan and Princess Anna, but raised by Anna and the villager she married, Robert of Ferguson. Never knew his true heritage. Jorbi is looking forward to the birth of his identical twin brothers that are due any time. He also goes to primary school and loves to play football

King Kegan (surname Camille)- Descendant of King Rolfin – good king, he lived in Burill on the Arabian Peninsula and left, taking his family to Scotland and built Castle Athdara. Father of Isabella, Anna, Cerdic, Gelis, Rayad and Gilian. Married to Queen Sarmantha. Died at age 43. Son of King Abbasan and his wife, Queen Nadia. Kegan Camille, who has enough wealth to live comfortably without working, travels around Scotland with his wife, Sarmantha. When they aren’t traveling, they work at the local schools, reading to the students.

Genghis Khan – Genghis Khan c. 1162–August 18, 1227,also spelled as Cengiz Han in Urdu "Changez Khan" in Turkic, Chinggis Khan, Jenghis Khan, Chinggis Qan, etc., born with the name Temüjin, was a world-renowned 13th century Mongol Khagan (Emperor). His name is synonymous with brutal and bloodthirsty conquest. To Mongols today, he is seen as the father of the Mongol Nation due to the years that he spent unifying and enlarging the multitude of tribes that once dwelt in the area now known as Mongolia. Historians recognize him as one of the greatest military minds in recorded history, establishing as he did the largest contiguous empire ever, the Mongol Empire, from 1206 until his death in Autumn 1227, which on its height encompassed half of the world population. Before he took the title of Khan, Temüjin spent more than 22 years uniting the many Turkic-Mongol confederations of Central Asia. Tying them to one another through oaths and mutual territorial expansion, he provided a common identity to what had previously been a territory of nomadic tribes sharing only a language and culture. Equally well regarded are his contributions in directing the effort to create a writing system for the Mongolian language based on existing Uyghur script. Little is known about Temüjin's early life, and the few sources providing insight into this period do not agree on many basic facts. He was likely born in the mountainous area of Burhan Haldun in Mongolia's Hentiy Province near Onon river and Herlen river. He was the eldest son of Yesükhei, a minor tribal chief of the Kiyad and a nöker (vassal) of Ong Khan of the Kerait tribe, possibly descended from a family of blacksmiths. Yesükhei's clan was called Borjigin, and his mother, Hoelun, was of the Olkhunut tribe of the Mongol confederation. They were nomads like almost all Central Asian Turkic and Mongol originated confederations. Temüjin had three brothers, Khasar (or Qasar), Khajiun, and Temüge, and one sister, Temülen (or Temulin), as well as two half-brothers, Bekhter and Belgutei. Genghis Khan's empress and first wife Borte bore him four legitimate sons, [Jochi] (1185–1226), Chagatai (?—1241), Ögedei (?—1241), and Tolui (1190–1232). Genghis Khan also had many other children with his other wives, but they were excluded from the succession, and records on what daughters he may have had are scarce. Based on legends and later writers, Temüjin's early life was difficult. His father delivered him to his future wife's family when he was only nine. He was supposed to live there until he reached the marriageable age of 12. Shortly thereafter, his father was poisoned by the neighboring Tatars while returning home. This gave Temüjin a claim to be the clan's chief, though his clan refused to be led by a boy and soon abandoned him and his family.

For the next few years, he and his family lived the life of impoverished nomads, surviving primarily on wild fruits, marmots and other small game. In one incident, Temüjin murdered his half-brother Bekhter over a dispute about sharing hunting spoils. Despite being severely reproached by his mother he never expressed any remorse over the killing. In another incident in 1182, he was captured in a raid by his former tribe, the Ta'yichiut, and held captive. The Ta'yichiut planned on executing Temüjin, but he escaped with help from a sympathetic captor, the father of Chilaun, a future general of Genghis Khan. His mother, Hoelun, taught him many lessons in survival in the harsh landscape and even grimmer political climate of Mongolia, especially the need for alliances with others, a lesson which would shape his understanding in his later years. Jelme and Borchu, two of Genghis Khan's future generals, joined him around this time. Along with his brothers, they provided the manpower needed for early expansion and diplomacy for Temüjin. Temüjin married Börte of the Konkirat tribe around the age of 16, being betrothed as children by their parents as a customary way to forge a tribal alliance. She was later kidnapped in a raid by the Merkit tribe, and Temüjin rescued her with the help of his friend and future rival, Jamuka, and his protector, Wang Khan of the Kerait tribe. She remained his true love and only empress, although he followed tradition by taking several morganatic concubines. Börte's first child, Jochi, was born roughly nine months after she was freed from the Merkit, leading to questions about the child's paternity - although Genghis fiercely contended that Jochi was his son. Temüjin became blood brother (anda) with Jamuka and thus the two made a vow to be faithful to each other for eternity.

General Khasir – Highest general in Genghis Khan’s army

Kuujujuk – Genghis Khan’s cook

Wizard Lehimna - King Rolfin’s wizard, who made the orb and gathered the jewels to put in it. 

Wizard Lephimah - Zerahemna’s son and caretaker of Cloudwaltzer, the black dragon

Locke – female, one of the cooks at Castle Athdara during King Kegan’s reign. She came from southern Spain near Barcelona. She takes last name Baker. She, Carling and Ackley own a catering service, specializing in weddings.

Manassah – A wizard who teaches Elspet art lessons

Elizabeth McAllister – Callum’s auntie (father’s sister)

Mrs. McDonald – One of Mairi’s neighbors in Inveralba who is invited to her wedding.

Mac McKenzie – Mairi’s boss and owner of McKenzie’s Bakery

Jenny Mills – Penelope Steele’s next door neighbor

Wizard Nahimena - the Chief Wizard of Xilia

Nicolette – Queen Sarmantha’s children’s nanny

Onga – King Rolfin’s servant, elderly, works in the palace.

Oyunchecheg - means turquoise flower in Mongol. Genghis Khan named Elspet this name

Wizard Phelan – Son of Samothi; evil wizard who leads final battle. His older brother, Sidero, is wizard of King Bartolf.

Prince Rayad –Surname Camille. 2nd son and 3rd child  of King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha, dark hair and dark eyes like his father’s ancestors. Likes to read, quiet in nature. 6 years old. Spends a lot of time with Jason at the local library when not attending primary school.

Wizard Samothi Sidero and Phelan’s father and former Chief Wizard during days of Zerahemna

Sapphiremist – Drayton’s wizardress girlfriend/fiancé. Long golden hair, sparkling blue eyes. Marries Drayton and plans to have as many children as possible. They live in Xilia.

Queen Sarmantha - Wife of King Kegan, mother of Princess Anna, Princess Isabella, Prince Cerdic, Princess Gelis, Prince Rayad and Princess Gilian. Comes from Viking stock, born in Norway.  Her father, King Aluric, did trading with Kegan’s father, Abbasan, and when Kegan and she met, they fell in love. She had fair hair, violet eyes, and was 35 when she died. Her mother was Queen Finna. Sarmantha Camille, who has enough wealth to live comfortably without working, travels around Scotland with her husband,Kegan. Sarmantha. When they aren’t traveling, they work at the local schools, reading to the students. Sarmantha wants to earn a degree in teaching.

Selby – Servant of King Kegan, takes last name Binder, works teaching sewing and cooking at local high school and is dating Joacquin Thomson

Wizard Sidero – King Bartolf’s wizard, as evil and bad as Phelan. He is also Phelan’s older brother and both are sons of Samothi, former Chief Wizard of Xilia and a good wizard.

Penelope McAllister Steele – Drayton’s mother and wife of Shardow Steele, who is now dead, age 51. Youngest of the 3 sisters, Nellie McAllister Crawford and Catriona McAllister McAllister

Stroud - male, one of King Kegan’s hunters in charge of hunting food (A lowland Scot from Fife) He takes the last name Fisher and marries Penelope McAllister Steele. He works with Tomkin and Malcolm McAllister in his gillie/tourist business. He and Penelope live in Inveralba.

General Timori – One of King Bartolf’s generals. Phelan possesses his body during the last battle.

Tomkin - male, one of King Kegan’s hunters in charge of hunting food. He came from Devonshire, England. He takes the last name Hunter and marries Nellie McAllister Crawford.  He works with Stroud and Malcolm McAllister in his gillie/tourist business. He and Nellie live in Inveralba.

Trow - The legends of the trows are probably the best known, and widespread, of the tales concerning Orkney's supernatural creatures. In many cases practically indistiguishable from fairy folklore found throughout Northern Europe, the archetypal trow was an ugly, mischievous, little creature that dwelled within the ancient mounds found scattered across the islands. Although some tales declare that a trow could pass for a human - although usually old, wizened or deformed, in general, they were said to be short, ugly, stunted creatures, considerably smaller than a man. Their traditional grotesque and outlandish appearance is confirmed by some of the names ascribed to them - names such as Truncherface (trencher face) and Bannafeet (bannock feet). In what may be one of the earliest recorded tales of the trows, the creatures were said to be nocturnal and never appeared in daylight. Even when they emerged at night, to many they were invisible. This element of trow folklore echoes both the traditions that the Orkney was invisible and that the Norwegian troll was unable to venture outside in sunlight. Another account of invisible trows explains how an Orkneyman was unable to see the creatures dancing on the shore. Only by holding his wife's hand, or placing his foot on hers, was he able to watch their exploits.The reason why this ritual broke the trows enchantment is unclear. Also found in Shetland.

Zargax – A redcap

Wizard Zerahemna - King Kegan’s wizard, from Xilia, long nose, eyes sparkle like diamonds, but his iris are white, long dark brown hair that hangs down his back, wears purple hat and robe decorated with symbols from Xilia. Son of Lehimna

Zu – Wizard Drayton’s purple dragon



Castle Athdara - Built by King Kegan on the shores of Loch Doon near today’s Inveralba

Burill- name of King Rolfin’s kingdom in the Arabian peninsula after he moved from Hadrumetum

Dandelon Bridge - Spans the River Alba and is a 700-year-old stone bridge.

Dunrobbie Hills – West of Inveralba

Flaming Red Cliffs – Rectangular peaks the color of rust appeared on the horizon like a plant sprouting from the ground after a heavy rain. Bayanzag or the " Flaming Red Cliffs" are probably the best-known attraction in Mongolia, becoming world famous in the 1920's after the discovery of dinosaur bones by American, Roy Chapman Andrews.
In Andrew’s long-gone footsteps, we played at being amateur paleontologists, a few of our group lucky to find some small dinosaur bones. A year earlier, Zolo had found a full dinosaur tail and head. He tried to show us where they were hidden but the cherished examples had vanished, taken by other fossil hunters or possibly swept away by the moving sands.

Hadremutem - city where Rolfin and Bartolf were born near Carthage

Inveralba – Village where Fiona and her family and friends live in the highlands of Scotland

Inverdrochit- Mairi was born here, a village on the opposite side of Loch Doon

Loch Doon- a loch (lake) near Inveralba, Scotland

McKenzie’s Bakery- Mairi works there part time, owned by Mac McKenzie, in Inveralba and his new wife Aileen Pepper.

Mongolia – Mongolia (Mongolian: Монгол Улс) is a landlocked Central Asian country, bordered by Russia to the north and the People's Republic of China to the south. It was the center of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century, but was ruled by the Manchu Qing dynasty from the end of the 18th century until an independent government was formed with Soviet assistance in 1921. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, Mongolia adopted electoral politics. The 18th largest country in the world by area, Mongolia has very little arable land: much of its area is grassland, with mountains in the north and west and the Gobi Desert in the south. A little over 30 percent of the population are nomadic or semi-nomadic Tibetan Buddhists of the Mongol ethnicity. About one-third of the population resides in the capital city Ulaanbaatar.

The Perfect Bee - Located in Inveralba, the shop sells Mairi’s honey, sweets from the Highlands

Truro, Cornwall - The bustling cathedral city of Truro is a city for all seasons and for all interests. From the flowing rivers to the picturesque Georgian streets, the 18th and 19th century town houses and the magnificent Victorian Cathedral that dominates the city there is something for everyone. Truro derives its name from the Cornish Tri-veru, meaning three rivers, and developed as a tin port between the Truro River and the rivers Kenwyn and Allen. There has been a town here since the 12th century when Richard Lucy, Chief Justice of England in the reign of Henry II, built a castle at the top of what is now Castle Street. Remains of the castle were found during excavations for the cattle market that was held there until recent years. It is now the site of the Courts of Justice, the County Courts for Cornwall. By the 14th century Truro was an important inland port and one of the five stannary towns in Cornwall. Copper and tin were assayed and stamped here twice a year and then shipped from the port. The Black Death arrived in the late 14th century and with death and a mass exodus the town was neglected. In both the 17th and 18th centuries Truro was quite industrialized with tin smelting, an iron foundry, pottery, a tannery and carpet and wool making. The rivers were essential to all this industry and it would have been a busy place. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that Truro flourished. Tin prices increased and wealthy mine owners built elegant town houses. Truro was called the London of Cornwall and the Assembly Rooms on High Cross, with a theatre as well, were the centre of this high society. Queen Victoria granted Truro city status in 1877, three years before the laying of the cathedral's foundation stones. The cathedral was built on the site of the 16th century parish church.

Xilia- Kingdom where the wizards come from.  The rivers look like gold when the sun shines because they are filled with tiny bubbles of air. The leaves are perfect shaped and no insects eat them. The flowers are brilliant and the birds sing perfect melodies. All animals live with the wizards in peace and harmony and it is a land of fruit and honey on every table.     

Zanaad - Kingdom of Bartolf in North Africa, after leaving Hadrumetum



Carnivore - Terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal; terrestrial carnivores have four or five clawed digits on each limb.

Herbivore - An animal that feeds chiefly on plants.

Omnivore- An animal that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances

Moonstone – A variety of feldspar valued as a gem for its pearly translucence.

Oviraptor – An omnivore that likes to eat eggs, fruit and shellfish. Has two teeth and a sharp beak. Walks on two legs, parrotlike head with strong jaws.

Protoceratops - A small horned dinosaur. Is a herbivore.

Sand Niarts - Winged insect, half an inch in length, glowing green eyes and coal black body, non poisonous, but have sharp stingers that cause severe pain

Tarbosaurus – The tarbosaurus is a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex and they were of similar size. It roamed in Mongolia, while the Tyrannosaurus was the king of the late Cretaceous in North America.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – A very large carnivorous dinosaur of the Upper Cretaceous Period of North America, characterized by small forelimbs and a large head. A carnivore.

Velociraptor - Small active carnivore that probably fed on protoceratops; possibly related more closely to birds than to other dinosaurs. A carnivore.

Yurt (or Ger) - A circular, domed, portable tent used by nomadic peoples of central Asia.

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