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Rolfin's Orb
Book 1 - Obsidian
Chapter 15

Fiona, Callum, Elspet, and her two brothers left Uncle Angus’s house and headed into town. “I’m not sure where Mum is. She might be at work. I think I’ll stop by the bakery. Do you want to come with me?”

“I’d better go home. I know we’ve only been gone a few minutes our time, here in Scotland, but to me my body is crying for a rest. I’m sure my mum will be anxious to see how Alastair and Malcolm are doing. I’m going to lie down for a while,” Elspet yawned. “Later on, I’m going to write in my journal and try to draw some pictures of some of the things we saw today.”

“Elspet draw cat,” Alastair said.

“Yes, Alastair, I’ll draw you a cat. Cheerio then.” She walked off, hand in hand with her brothers’.

“Dad will want me to help him with Mr. Thomson.” Callum and Fiona stood at the edge of town. “You know, Fiona, he’s sort of weird. He doesn’t even know what tablet is, or Yorkshire pudding. Have you ever known an Englishman who didn’t know about Yorkshire pudding?”

“That’s silly, Callum,” Fiona said.

“I’m going home too. I hope I don’t have to work too hard this afternoon. I’m tired too. Ciao, Fiona.” He ran toward home.

“Well, I guess that leaves me all by my lonesome. I’ll go and see if Mum’s at work.” Fiona walked down the street toward the bakery. She opened the door and saw only one person inside. “Hello Mr. McKenzie. Is Mum working today?”

“She’ll be coming in soon, I hope. I only need her for an hour or two and then she’s yours for the night. Would you like to try some of this?” The baker pulled out a tray of pastries.

“What is it? I’ve never seen this before?”

“I just tried it for the first time. I’ve never been able to get it quite right until now. It’s called baklava and it’s Greek,” Mac McKenzie said, handing her a piece.

“Greek?” Fiona laughed. “I’d love to try it,” she said, taking a bite. “It’s good, much better than a milk pie.”

“What in the world is a milk pie?”

“It’s from Greece too. This is much better though. I love it.”

“It’s made of honey and thin sheets of Filo pastry, lots of butter and chopped nuts. It will put the pounds on quickly if you eat too much.” He warned as she reached for a second piece.

“Thank you, Mr. McKenzie. I’m going to find my mum. Cheerio. She must still be at home. Wait a minute. I remember. She was going to take some vegetables to Callum’s house. Oh well. I’ll just go home and wait.” Fiona skipped down the street.

* * *

Fiona sat on the couch watching television.

Her mum opened the door. “Oh there you are. How was your visit with your Uncle Angus? You weren’t gone long.” She slipped off her cardigan, hung it on the back of the chair, and sat down on the couch next to Fiona.

“It was interesting, Mum. Callum came and so did Elspet and her wee brothers. They played with blocks.” Fiona switched the television off. “Have you ever seen the carved blocks he made with a Celtic design? They’re gorgeous.”

“I haven’t. They sound lovely. Did you know Angus was leaving in the morning to go to Crianlarich for a day or two? Did he mention it to you?”

“No, he didn’t tell us that. When will he be back?”

“Probably on Monday morning. It’s a short visit. I’m surprised he didn’t mention it. He’s catching the train first thing in the morning and will be home late Monday afternoon. He's doing a show on some of the other things he's carved. It must have slipped his mind,” Mairi said.

“A lot of things slip his mind. If he has other things like those blocks, he'll have no problem selling them. How did it go over at Callum’s? Did his mum like the vegetables? Did you see Mr. Thomson?” Fiona giggled.

“Anne loved the vegetables and the bouquet of flowers and everything else I put in her basket. She’s invited you and I over for supper tonight.”

“She has? Will Mr. Thomson be there?”

“Yes, both of them. His brother arrived just as I was leaving. His name is James. I must say though, he’s not as handsome as Johnny. I don’t suppose you’d mind eating something besides mince and tatties.”

“Callum said that Mr. Thomson is weird. He said he’d never heard of Yorkshire pudding. Do you think Mrs. McAllister will fix some for him tonight?”

“I have no idea. I told her I’d bring something for sweet. I took her a fruit tart. I’ve got to go to work for an hour or two. I’ll pick something up and be home around 6 p.m. Be ready to go,” Mairi said.

“Mum, bring some baklava. It’s from Greece. I know Callum will like it. I sure did and I think you will too,” Fiona said, remembering the taste.

“Baklava? I didn’t know we sold it, but will do. Watch television and keep yourself occupied. If you find yourself with nothing to do, feel free to go and do some weeding in the flower garden.” Mairi slipped her cardigan back on and heading out the door.

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