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Rolfin's Orb
Book 1 - Obsidian

Glossary for 1st of 12 book series – Some of the people, foods, places and things mentioned in this glossary will be found in other books in the series. Some will not. Some are merely mentioned in passing and have no important part in the story, however, I included all characters, including animals with names, into this glossary. Some will go on to be important in future books, but since they aren’t yet, they’ve been listed in the minor category column.


Main Characters:

Angus Roderick McAllister – Fiona’s Uncle – her father’s older brother – age 50, lives in Inveralba. Light brown hair with gray, blue eyes. Lives in a croft in Inveralba with his many cats. Carves things from wood and travels around UK selling them at shows.

Callum McAllister – 10 years old, brown eyes, dark brown hair, cousin to Fiona and Elspet.

Elspet McAllister – 10 years old, reddish hair and blue eyes, cousin to Fiona and Callum, artistic, draws.

Fiona Isabella McAllister – 11 years old, blonde hair, green eyes, lives in Inveralba and is a descendant of King Kegan and King Dugan.

Mairi Anna Ferguson McAllister – Fiona’s mum, makes honey from heather and bluebell and thistle.  Sells it in the shops to tourists and also sends it off to Edinburgh and Glasgow. She also is a good cook and works part time at McKenzie’s bakery in town.  Age 35, brown hair and fern green eyes

Drayton Steele – Descendant of King Dugan and Princess Isabella and owner of the necklace stolen from King Kegan – Age 19. Son of Shardow Steele and Penelope McAllister.

Jimmy Thomson/Cowan – Pretending to be the brother of Johnny. Is one of King Kegan’s 12 most trusted men and he hid the 1st jewel, black obsidian, in Hydra, Greece. He is from Arabia – so he has dark hair and eyes. Age 30

Johnny Thomson/ Alroy Cathmore – Posing as a tourist from London, come to Inveralba to fish and hunt – Age 37 – He has light brown hair and brown eyes – his ancestry is Persian. King Kegan’s scribe and author of the book the children found.

Minor Characters:

King Abbasan – King Kegan’s father, ruler of Burill, did trade with many other nations, including the Vikings from Norway.

Abebi – a Nok (Nigerian), 3rd wife of Rolfin. She came from area famous for iron works and terra cotta. At her marriage she was 17 and Rolfin 26

Afton – Rolfin’s 9th wife – a Celtic with red hair and blue eyes, from Ireland. She was 18 when married and he was 43.

King Aluric – Father of Queen Sarmantha, a Viking, King of Norway. Did trade with the Burillians

Ambar – Rolfin’s 7th wife, a Scythian. Age 20 when married. He was 38.

Anat – Rolfin’s 11th wife from Alexandria, Egypt. She was 15 when married and he was 49.

Princess Anna – Daughter of King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha, wife of Robert of Ferguson in Scotland and mother of Jorbi. Also ancestor of Fiona and Mairi. 14 at time of capture by King Dugan. 15 when she gave birth to Jorbi.

Astaroth – Father of Rolfin and Bartolf – lived in villa in Hadrumetum. Married to Ib. Were not royalty, just rich. Rolfin and Bartolf didn’t proclaim themselves  kinds until they left Hadrumetum and established own kingdoms in Zanaad and Burill.

King Bartolf – Evil king, brother of Rolfin, who lived in Hadrumetum, near Carthage before moving and setting up a new kingdom at Zanaad in  North Africa. Had several wives, Suraat, Jadaayil, Shuuriit, Majdal, (all of Phoenician descent); but most of his children were born from his concubines.

Bettine – Rolfin’s 2nd wife, a Frank. When married she was 19 and he was 23. She gave Rolfin his first son.

Gordon Bruce – Conductor at Inveralba Train Station

Carrina – Rolfin’s 8th wife – an Etruscan from northern Italy. She was 20 when she married. He was 40.

Creanth – Malcolm McAllister’s hunting dog, Scottish deerhound

Devlyn – Malcolm McAllister’s hunting dog, Scottish deerhound

King Dugan – Descendant of King Bartolf, evil king, who lived in Zanaad, North Africa. Father of Ithgar and Jorbi (birth father).

Arthur Dunn – Proprietor of ‘It Makes Scents’ soap shop

Ian Ferguson – Mairi’s father

Heather Gow Ferguson – Mairi’s mother

Queen Finna – Mother of Queen Sarmantha and wife of King Aluric.

Griselda – Rolfin’s 5th wife – Germanic with long blonde hair, blue eyes, his most beautiful wife. She was 18 at time of marriage and he was 32.

Hadria –Rolfin’s 4th wife – a Roman. She was 19 when married and Rolfin 29

Helena – Rolfin’s 12th wife, a Spartan. She was 10 years old when she married him and he was 53. Together they had 10 children.

Talon Hormdin – King Dugan’s scribe, wrote book which Drayton has in possession.

Ib – Mother of Rolfin and Bartolf and wife of Astaroth.

Princess Isabella – Daughter of King Kegan, wife of Colin of Ferguson and mother of Ithgar. 16 at time of capture by King Dugan. 17 when she gave birth to Ithgar.

Ithgar – Son of King Duncan and Princess Isabella. Never knew his mother. Raised to be evil like his father in Zanaad, North Africa

Jadaayil – Bartolf’s 2nd wife. Phoenician

Jorbi – Son of King Duncan and Princess Anna, but raised by Anna and the villager she married, Robert of Ferguson. Never knew his true heritage

King Kegan – Descendant of King Rolfin – good king, he lived in Burill on the Arabian Peninsula and left, taking his family to Scotland and built Castle Athdara. Father of Isabella, Anna, Cerdic, Gelis, Rayad and Gilian. Married to Queen Sarmantha. Died at age 43. Son of King Abbasan and his wife, Queen Nadia.

Kristoff – The rude waiter on Hydra

Auld Mr. Lamont – Villager who boasts of grouse at Castle Athdara

Wizard Lehimna – Rolfin’s wizard who made the orb, from Xilia

Lila – Rolfin’s 6th wife, from Bharat/India – long dark hair and eyes. Age 21 when married and Rolfin was 35.

Lily – One of Uncle Angus’s cats

Flora Anne MacDunnie – Owns MacDunnie’s Tea Room

Majdal – Bartolf’s first wife, Phoenician

Marmaduke – One of Uncle Angus’s cats – his favorite

Alastair Bruce McAllister – Younger brother of Elspet, 3 years old, brown hair, brown eyes

Anne McGregor McAllister – Callum’s mother - knits gloves and sweaters, uses Elspet’s mum’s wool and sells the things she knits to tourists that pass through and stop in the village shops. 36 years old, brown eyes, mousy brown hair

Catriona McAllister McAllister – Kenneth McAllister’s and Angus McAllister’s mum and sister of Nellie and Penelope, the 2nd of the 3 sisters, died several years ago. Aunt of Drayton Steele.

Catriona McKenzie McAllister – Elspet’s mother. She has a spinning wheel and spins wool from their sheered sheep. Spins it into wool, cards it, and then she sells the wool to knitters etc. She knits things for her own family Age 29,  red hair, blue eyes

Elsie Jean McAllister – Runs McDougal’s B&B

Jamie Robert McAllister – Elspet’s father. He herds sheep and a few highland cows. Age 32

Kenneth Duncan McAllister – Fiona’s father, died when she was a baby

Malcolm Keith McAllister – Callum’s father – is a gillie. When people come to the highlands to shoot grouse, partridge, or hunt a deer, or want to go fishing, he takes them and shows them where the best places are. He has a few hounds that he uses to scare out the grouse. He often brings home fish he’s caught in the loch and streams for his family and also venison. Age 38, brown hair, brown eyes

Malcolm Andrew McAllister – Younger brother of Elspet, 6 yrs old, red hair, blue eyes, also called Wee Malcolm

Murdoch John McAllister – Callum’s younger brother, age 5, dark brown hair, brown eyes

Nellie McAllister Crawford – Fiona’s great aunt on her father’s side, age 72, sister to Catriona and Penelope, oldest of the 3 sisters. Aunt of Drayton Steele. She had no children. Her husband was Gavin Crawford.

Shona Maureen McAllister – Callum’s sister, age 2, fair hair, brown eyes.

Queen Nadia –Mother of King Kegan and wife of King Abbasan of Burill.

Nikolas – The donkey owner on Hydra

Wizard Phelan -  King Dugan’s evil wizard, wizard of Xilia

Poola – Rolfin’s first wife; Punic/Phoenician, both age 20 when married. She’s bossy and jealous. She and Rolfin only had daughters.

King Rolfin – Owner of the original orb – good king, brother of Bartolf. Lived originally in Hadrumetum, near Carthage, but fled and moved to Burill on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula(Yemen). Son of Astaroth and Ib. He had 150 children, total, many illegitimate through concubines. There are 45 generations between him and King Kegan through the first born son of Bettine.

Queen Sarmantha – Wife of King Kegan, mother of Princess Anna, Princess Isabella, Prince Cerdic, Princess Gelis, Prince Rayad and Princess Gilian. Comes from  Viking stock, born in Norway.  Her father, King Aluric, did trading with Kegan’s father, Abbasan, and when Kegan and she met, they fell in love. She had fair hair, violet eyes, and was 35 when she died. Her mother was Queen Finna.

Penelope McAllister Steele – Drayton’s mother and wife of Shardow Steele, who is now dead, age 51. Youngest of the 3 sisters, Nellie McAllister Crawford and Catriona McAllister McAllister

Shardow Steele – Father of Drayton, drank himself to death.

Shuuriit – Bartolf’s 3rd wife, Phoenician

Suraat – King Bartolf’s first wife. She was Phoenician

Tiana – Rolfin’s 10th wife, a Cypriot, age 17 when married and he was 46.

Wizard Zerahemna - King Kegan’s wizard, from Xilia, long nose, eyes sparkle like diamonds, but his iris are white, long dark brown hair that hangs down his back, wears purple hat and robe decorated with symbols from Xilia


Aegean Dreams – Café where the eat when they first arrive in Hydra, with rude waiter, Kristoff

Anstrathven Street – Angus lives in a croft at the end of it – 23 Anstrathven St.

Bruce’s Meadow – Meeting place for Fiona and friends. Home of the old willow tree

Burill – name of King Rolfin’s kingdom in the Arabian peninsula after he moved from Hadrumetum

Castle Athdara – On a small island in Loch Doon – King Kegan built it

Cheshire Road – Where Fiona and Mairi live. 290 Cheshire Road.

Crianlarich - Important in Train Routes of Scotland. This small village lies on the western fringes of Perthshire at the junction of Glen Falloch, Glen Dochart and Strath Fillan. Comes from a Gaelic word meaning ‘low pass’. It’s an ideal place for hillwalkers.

Dandelon Bridge – Spans the River Alba and is a 700-year-old stone bridge.

Dougal’s Woolens – Sells Arran wool and other woolen goods

Hadrumetum – city where Rolfin and Bartolf were born near Carthage

The Hogshead Inn – The local pub in Inveralba

Hydra – A Greek Isle and the name of the main town on island

Inveralba – Village where Fiona and her family and friends live in the highlands of Scotland.

Inverdrochit – Mairi was born here, a village on the opposite side of Loch Doon

It Makes Scents – Soap shop in Inveralba

Jimmy Noble Grocers – In Inveralba , sells fruits and vegetables among other things.

Loch Doon – River Alba flows into it

MacDunnie’s Tea Room – In Inveralba

McDougal’s Bed & Breakfast - In Inveralba and  run by Elsie McAllister.

McEwan’s Butcher Shop and Fishmonger – In Inveralba

McKenzie’s Bakery – Mairi works there part time, owned by Mac McKenzie, in Inveralba

The Perfect Bee – Located in Inveralba, the shop sells Mairi’s honey, sweets from the Highlands

River Alba – Flows through village of Inveralba into Loch Doon (where does it start and end)

St. Alexander’s Monastery – Where they find the first jewel on Hydra

Tarphil Moor – Angus goes here to get peat, outside of Inveralba

Truro, Cornwall – Place where Drayton and his mother live

Xilia – Kingdom where the wizards come from.  The rivers look like gold when the sunshines because they are filled with tiny bubbles of air. The leaves are perfect shaped and no insects eat them. The flowers are brilliant and the birds sing perfect melodies. All animals live with the wizards in peace and harmony and it is a land of fruit and honey on every table.

Zanaad – Kingdom of Bartolf in North Africa, after leaving Hadrumetum


Bittie sandwich – A chip sandwich – fries on buttered white bread, popular in Scotland

Branston Pickle – British – name brand pickle, You put your cheese on the roll, add some Branston Pickle and smoosh it down.

Cornish Fudge – Fudge made with clotted cream in Cornwall, England

Greek Salad – Consists of lettuce, olives, tomato, cucumbers, feta cheese with oil and vinegar dressing

Gyro - A traditional Greek food consisting of pita bread filled with lamb and vegetables and doused with tzatziki sauce. Considered to be ‘fast food’ in Greece.

Highland toffees – Creamy, buttery and chewy caramels made from milk of highland cow

Mince and Tatties- A common dish in Scottish households. Heat the oil in a pan and saute the onion until it is brown.Add in the mince and cook until well browned. Add the carrots and oatmeal, mix well and pour in enough water to just cover. Crumble in the stock cubes, season and stir. Cover the pan and simmer the mince for about 20 minutes. Once the mince is cooked thicken the mince with about 3 teaspoons of gravy powder or corn starch mixed with a little cold water. Serve the mince with boiled potatoes.

Neeps – Scottish word for turnips

Ploughman’s sandwich – It is a mini version of a thing called a Ploughman's lunch, which is some fruit, some veggies, a block of cheese and bread with a small cup of carrots, cauliflower, gherkins, marrows, onions. rutabega, tomatoes, and apples in a thick sweet and tangy sauce

Shepherd’s pie – Combine meat, gravy, and chopped onion; season with salt and pepper to taste. Line the bottom of a buttered baking dish with a layer of half of the seasoned mashed potatoes. Add meat mixture then cover with remaining mashed potatoes. Bake in oven and sprinkle grated cheese on top.

Souvlaki – Greek dish of roasted lamb, onions and green pepper skewered on a stick. ‘Fast food’ in Greece.

Tablet – A sweet, made with coconut and sugar, popular in Scotland.

Tzatziki sauce – A Greek sauce, made from crushed cucumber, yogurt, garlic, salt, pepper, dill and olive oil. Ideal for dipping fresh vegetables in. It’s a white sauce, spicy,  and also used on gyros.

Biscuit – the Scottish word for cookie

Tea – dinner, supper


Lehimna’s Table – Wooden table where the wizard was sitting when murdered. A plaque on bottom in his honor. Fiona and friends find it at Castle Athdara.

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