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Rolfin's Orb
Book 2 - Spinal
Chapter 7

Letting go of each other’s hands, Callum pointed to Angus. “He’s asleep. Maybe we should just tiptoe out and leave him alone.”

“We can’t do that. We’ve got to get the spinel into the orb.” Fiona shook him gently. “Wake up, Uncle Angus. We’re back and we brought the second jewel.”

Angus opened his eyes and jumped up, not expecting to see them back so soon. “I must have dozed off. Well, I see you’re here again, safe and sound. You’ve got the spinel?”

Fiona put it in his hand. “It wasn’t easy to get. We had a few run ins with trolls and earthquakes and Vikings.”

“Puffins saved us. The trolls were going to roast me alive,” Callum said.

Elspet jumped in with her comments. “We took a ferry and we swam in the Blue Lagoon and we met an elf and a light fairy.”

“Yes, I’m sure you had many adventures. Why don’t you tell me all about it, Elspet, since Fiona did last time,” Angus said. When he saw the pout on Callum’s face, he said, “Next time it will be your turn to tell the story, Callum.”

“It’s always my turn next time.” The boy smiled and sat down while Elspet told him about their journey.

“My goodness. It seems you ran into all sorts of problems,” Angus said

“I’m going to write them down in my journal again. I’m even going to draw pictures of the trolls and Magnus and a puffin. Are you going to write this down in the book?” Elspet looked at him.

“For certain. I’ll do it later this evening.” He yawned and went to find the orb.

“Uncle Angus, it’s sitting on the table right next to you,” Fiona said.

“Oh yes, there it is. Let’s see if it fits.” He looked for the obsidian stone. “My guess is that the spinel goes in the hole next to the first one. Wouldn’t you think so?”

They nodded. It fit in the first hole he tried. “Way to go, Uncle Angus.” Fiona clapped her hands.

Both the obsidian and the spinel glowed a little brighter now that there were two of them. “The dragons are lit up,” Callum noticed.

“You know what this means, don’t you, Fiona? You’ve got the second power now. You have the power to make yourself big or small.”

“Wow! I can make fire and make myself grow or shrink. I like having powers. This is so cool,” Fiona said.

“Fiona, always remember what I’ve told you. While this seems exciting to you and lots of fun, there’s something evil out there. Never feel too confident. Always be on the alert,” Angus said. “Now, let’s take a look at that book and see if we can figure out what’s going to happen next.”

* * *

From the woods, Drayton saw light coming from Angus’s croft. “Someone’s home. Is it you Angus and do you have the orb? Maybe I should just break the door down, bash your head in and take it.”

He saw the glow coming from his necklace. “Ah, there are two jewels now. What are they up to?” He crept to the window and looked inside. “What are those three kids doing in there with him? One of them must be the fair Fiona.” Next to Angus, sitting on a table, was the orb. “Two stones now. Why should I have to go to all the work getting the jewels? I think I’ll let those brats find them and when they’ve got them all, I’ll kill them and take what is rightfully mine.”

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