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Rolfin's Orb
Book 3 - Pearl
Chapter 8

            “The meal was delicious, Mairi. I’ve been thinking about something and I think I’m ready to tell you what’s going on. I wanted to tell you many times, but didn’t think it was the right time,” Johnny said.

            “You think now is the right time?” Mairi wiped her hands on a tea towel and sat down on the couch next to him. “Now you’ve got me curious.”

            “Mairi, my name isn’t really Johnny and Jimmy isn’t really my brother. Neither is Jesse.”

            She stood up and went to the window, pulling the curtains back and looking into the starlit sky. “You’re name isn’t Johnny? I suppose you’re not from London either. Who are you then?” She turned back to face him. “You know, I sensed there was something strange going on here.”

            “Come and sit by me. I’ve got a lot to explain,” Johnny said.

            Mairi sat and folded her hands in her lap. J

            Johnny reached over and took one in his. “Mairi, my name is Alroy Cathmore. Jimmy’s name is Cowan and Jesse’s name is Pond. It’s a complicated story. I’m not sure where to begin.”

            “Why not start at the beginning, Alroy.”

            “Call me Johnny. I like the way it sounds when you say it.”

            “All right, Johnny. Go ahead. I’m listening.”

            An hour later Mairi stood up. “What you’re telling me is unbelievable. You mean my Fiona has been traveling around in the world by magic, encountering all sorts of dangerous traps and spells and there’s someone evil out there trying to harm us?

            The front door burst open. Jesse followed Fiona into the house. She ran to give her mother a hug. “Mum, Jesse brought me home from Uncle Angus’s house.”

            “That was nice of you, Cowan,” Mairi said.

            Fiona pulled back. “You know his name is Cowan?” She looked at Johnny.

            “I told her everything,” Johnny said.

            “Well, young lady. You’ve got some explaining to do. Did you just return from some adventure? Look at your face. You’ve got a suntan.” Her mum led her to the couch and they both sat down.

            “Callum, Elspet and I have been in the Seychelles.”

            “Where?” Mairi stared at her daughter.

            “The Seychelles. They’re islands off the coats of Africa in the Indian Ocean,” Fiona said.

            “You’ve been to Africa?” Mairi flopped back on the couch. “This is all too incredible.”

            “Did you get the pearl?” Johnny shrugged his shoulders and smiled when Mairi glared at him.

            “Yes and it’s in the orb. Uncle Angus knows who the bad guy is. His name is Drayton Steele and he’s here in Inveralba. Jimmy and Jack, Artur, are going with Uncle Angus to Castle Athdara. They want you and Jesse to go there too when you leave here,” Fiona said.

            “Artur’s here now. That’s grand,” Johnny said.

“You’re not going anywhere without me.” Mairi grabbed her cardigan. “Fiona, change into something warm.  You’re not in the Seychelles any more. We’re going with you, no arguments, and when we get home, Fiona and I are going to have a nice, long talk and then I’ll deal with all of you.”

            Johnny stood. “I wish you’d stay here.”

            “No. We’re going. If my daughter and I are direct descendants of this King what’s his name, we both have the right to know everything and to be involved,” Mairi said.

            “His name is King Kegan and I understand.” Johnny took Mairi’s hand. “I’m sorry I had to deceive you, Mairi. I…I…I won’t lie to you again.” He lifted her hand to his lips.

            She fell into his arms and he held her for several minutes.

            “Mum! Must you hug in front of me? Save that for later! I’m ready. Let’s go find Uncle Angus and the others,” Fiona said.

            An embarrassed Mairi pulled away from Johnny. “Did Elspet and Callum get home safely?” She was concerned. “Do their parents know any of this?”

            “They are home safe and sound. No, their parents don’t know anything and its best that it continues that way. No harm will come to Elspet or the lad. They are part of this though,” Jesse said.

            “We’ll have to wait and see about that.” Mairi slipped the cardigan on her shoulders and locked the door behind them.

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