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Rolfin's Orb
Book 4 - Emerald

Glossary for 4th of 12 book series Some of the people, foods, places and things  mentioned in this glossary will be found in other books in the series. Some will not. Some are merely mentioned in passing and have no important part in story, however, I included all characters, including animals with names, into this glossary. Some will go on to be important in future books, but since they aren’t yet, they’ve been listed in the minor category column.


Main Characters:

Angus McAllister - Fiona’s Uncle – her father’s older brother – age 50, lives in Inveralba. Light brown hair with gray, blue eyes. Lives in a croft and has lots of cats.

Callum McAllister -10 years old, brown eyes, dark brown hair, cousin to Fiona and Elspet

Elspet McAllister -10 years old, reddish hair and blue eyes, cousin to Fiona, artistic, draws

Fiona Isabella McAllister - 11 years old, blonde hair, green eyes, lives in Inveralba and is a descendant of King Kegan and King Dugan.

Mairi  Anna  Ferguson  McAllister -– Fiona’s mum, makes honey from heather and bluebell and thistle.  Sells it in the shops to tourists and also sends it off to Edinburgh and Glasgow. She also is a good cook and works part time at McKenzie’s bakery in town.  Age 35, brown hair and fern green eyes

Drayton Steele - Descendant of King Duncan and Princess Isabella and owner of the necklace stole from King Kegan – Age 19. Born and raised in Truro Cornwall. Son of Shardow Steele and Penelope McAllister

Jack Thomson/Artur – Pearl – Pretending to be a brother of Johnny. He is actually Artur, one of King Kegan’s 12 men and hid the 3rd jewel, the pearl, in Seychelles. He is from Arabia with dark hair and eyes, about 32 years old.

Jesse Thomson/Pond- Spinel -  one of the 12 men, who hid the 2nd jewel, spinel in Iceland. From Burill in Arabia so he has dark hair and brown eyes. His is 27 years old.

Jeffrey Thomson/ Kitar- Emerald – One of the 12 men, who hid the 4th stone, the emerald, in Yukon. From Burell in Arabia, but with Germanic descent, so has blond hair and blue eyes. His mother was Arabic, but his father was of Germanic blood who came to that land. He is 39, the oldest of the 12 men.

Jimmy Thomson/Cowan – Obsidian - Pretending to be the brother of Johnny. Is actually Cowan, one of King Kegan’s 12 most trusted me and he hid the 1st jewel, black obsidian, in Hydra, Greece. He is from Arabia – so he has dark hair and eyes, about 37 years old.

Johnny Thomson/Alroy Cathmore – Posing as a tourist from London, who has come to Inveralba to fish and hunt, he is actually scribe to King Kegan– Age 37 – He has light brown hair and brown eyes – his ancestry is Persian.


Minor Characters:

Princess Anna - Daughter of King Kegan, ancestor of Fiona and Mairi, married  Robert of Ferguson in Scotland. 14 at time of capture by King Dugan and 15 when she gave birth to Jorbi.

Bobby Jean Butler’s Shetland collie dog

Mr. Brown – River’s Edge Inn manager in Yukon

Buntabi – one of the 12 men who will come later and can read Xilian

Steve Bush – Man at archeological dig in Yukon

Jean Butler – A woman who lives in Inveralba, Scotland

Prince Cerdic – The oldest son, but 3rd child of King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha. He has golden hair, curly like his mother and violet eyes. 8 years old when killed

Crystal – Ice fairy in Yukon, trapped for 1000 years inside Donjek Glacier

King Dugan - Descendant of King Bartolf, evil king, who lived in Zanaad, North Africa. Father of Ithgar and Jorbi (birth father).

Princess Gelis – 4th child of  King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha, with light, sandy brown hair, usually wears braided. Blue eyes. Plays harp. 7 years old when killed.

Princess Gilian – yellow curly ringlets, violet eyes, happy nature, 3 years old when killed.

Princess Isabella - Ancestor of Drayton and daughter of King Kegan, wife of Colin of Ferguson in Scotland and mother of Ithgar. 16 at time of capture by King Dugan

Shane Jenkins – Tour guide in Yukon, mossy green eyes

King Kegan  - Descendant of King Rolfin – good king, he lived in Burill on the Arabian Peninsula and left, taking his family to Scotland and built Castle Athdara. Father of Isabella, Anna, Cerdic, Gelis, Rayad and Gilian. Married to Queen Sarmantha. Died at age 43. Son of King Abbasan and his wife, Queen Nadia.

Wizard Lehimna – King Rolfin’s wizard, who made the orb, from Xilia

Elsie McAllister – Runs McDougal’s B&B in Inveralba

John and Susan McAllister – live in Inveralba, close relatives of Callum McAllister. Drayton trashed their home.

Wizard Phelan - King Dugan’s evil wizard, wizard of Xilia

Prince Rayad – 2nd son of King Kegan and Queen Sarmantha, dark hair and dark eyes like his father’s ancestors. Likes to read, quiet in nature. 6 years old when killed

King Rolfin - Owner of the original orb – good king, brother of Bartolf. Lived originally in Hadrumetum, near Carthage, but fled and moved to Burill on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula(Yemen)

Ruth – waitress at café in River’s Edge Inn in Whitehorse, Yukon

Queen Sarmantha - Wife of King Kegan, mother of Princess Anna, Princess Isabella, Prince Cerdic, Princess Gelis, Prince Rayad and Princess Gilian. Comes from  Viking stock, born in Norway.  Her father, King Aluric, did trading with Kegan’s father, Abbasan, and when Kegan and she met, they fell in love. She had fair hair, violet eyes, and was 35 when she died. Her mother was Queen Finna.

Tumbles – A stray gray kitten, female, that found its way into Jean Butler’s garden and tree

Wizard Zerahemna - King Kegan’s wizard, from Xilia, long nose, eyes sparkle like diamonds, but his iris are white, long dark brown hair that hangs down his back, wears purple hat and robe decorated with symbols from Xilia



Burill - name of King Rolfin’s kingdom in the Arabian peninsula after he moved from Hadrumetum

Castle Athdara – The ruins are on an island in Loch Doon near Inveralba

Crianlarich – Important in Train Routes of Scotland. This small village lies on the western fringes of Perthshire at the junction of Glen Falloch, Glen Dochart and Strath Fillan. Comes from a Gaelic word meaning ‘low pass’. It’s an ideal place for hillwalkers.

Donjek Glacier – A glacier in Yukon Territory

Donjek River – A river in Yukon, near Whitehorse

Hadrumetum -City where Rolfin and Bartolf were born near Carthage

Inveralba – The town in Scotland where Fiona and her family live

Kluane National Park – A national park in the Yukon

Mt. Logan – Canada’s highest mountain and the second highest peak on the north American continent, close to 20,000 feet in elevation. Also known as Valley of the Glaciers.

Orkney - Orkney is a group of islands situated a few miles off the north-east tip of mainland Scotland. With its green fields and hills, stone pinnacles rising out of the sea, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, it is the ideal place for getting away from it all.

River’s Edge Inn –Hotel Fiona, Callum, Elspet and Drayton stayed in Whitehorse, Yukon

St. Elias Mountains –a 250 mile long mountain range in Canada, the highest coastal range in the world. Has the greatest number of glaciers in North America

Whitehorse – The capital of the Yukon Territory

Xilia  - The place where the wizards come from. The rivers look like gold when the sunshines because they are filled with tiny bubbles of air. The leaves are perfect shaped and no insects eat them. The flowers are brilliant and the birds sing perfect melodies. All animals live with the wizards in peace and harmony and it is a land of fruit and honey on every table.

Yukon River – Runs through Whitehorse, fed by the Llewellyn Glacier, is about 2000 miles long

Yukon Territory– A territory in western Canada



Auroro Borealis – display of Nothern lights in northern hemisphere during autumn and winter months

Bison/buffalo - Massive head and forequarters covered with long, dark brown woolly hair. Short broad forehead, short neck, and high humped shoulders, with tufted tail. Long hairs of chin form long beard. Hips and hindquarters are much smaller and without long hair thus forming a distinct slope from hump to tail. Some stand six feet at the shoulder and weigh as much as a ton. Have short, sharp, upcurved horns. Shaggy winter coat falls off in patches in spring; color is dark brown in winter, lighter in summer. raze mostly in the morning and evening. Grooming is an important daily activity. Scrub heads, necks, and sides on trees, branches and tree trunks. Like to wallow in dust or mud. Grunt while on the move; make roaring sound when mating. Curiosity highly developed. Highly developed sense of smell. Good hearing. Will charge when cornered. Bulls can run up to 30 m.p.h. Herd size varies from a family unit to thousands for migration; cow is leader. Fights for rank in the herd often end with serious injuries or death.

Gooseberries - Goosberry' has been the common name for this plant in the English language from at least as far back as the 15th century. It is known that gooseberry preserve was favoured when serving a goose. Perhaps an even earlier name, certainly used through the middle ages in some regions, was 'Feaberry' or 'feverberry'. The fruit had a reputation for its cooling property; an ability to control fevers.

Mooseberry jelly - is a straggling to suberect shrub, or sometimes larger and treelike. The leaves have lovely brilliant red fall colors; the flowers are small and WHITE. The FRUITS are in berrylike drupes, in clusters of 2-5, 8-15mm, RED to ORANGE, translucent when ripe, edible and juicy, but acid. Deseeded (WARNING: do not eat the seeds!), cooked and run through a food mill they make good jam, jelly, syrup, sauce (mix with rose hip puree). Pick them before they are quite ripe or they will be bitter. They become soft and less sour after frost but then have a musty odor objectionable to some. They were an important food to many aboriginals. The flowers may be added to pancake batter. Also used medicinally; the bark is a source of a natural muscle relaxant. Wildlife browse the foliage, and the drupes are an important food for over-wintering birds.

Saber-tooth tiger- grew normally to about 4 feet in length, found in North American during the Pleistocene Period, a carnivore

Song – The Northern Lights of Aberdeen- Traditional Scottish song

Zerahemna’s book – Written in Xilian, in possession of Angus and the men

Yukon Gold Potatoes - Golden flesh and buttery, almost nutty flavor. Tubers slightly oval, may be somewhat flattened with yellow-white skin and light yellow tuber flesh. Its shallow, pink eyes distinguish Yukon Gold from other yellow-skinned, yellow-fleshed cultivars. A sweet-tasting potato with a golden color. Retains its color when baked, boiled or fried. The Yukon Gold potato should be cooked whole and without peeling. The nutrients in potatoes are close to the skin and when cooking whole it retains most of the nutrients.

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