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Rolfin's Orb
Book 5 - Topaz
Chapter 14

           A knock on the door woke Mairi up. She struggled out of bed, looked at the clock and sighed. It was only 9 a.m. She heard another knock. When she opened the door she saw Elspet and Callum standing there. “Is Fiona ready for school? We didn’t see her this morning so we came to check on her,” Elspet said. Looking at Mairi, she asked, “Are you all right, Mrs. McAllister?”

            “I’m just tired. We had a long night again last night. What day is it?”

            “It’s Monday morning. Is Fiona going to school?” Callum tried to look around Mairi into the house.

            “I think she’ll be missing school today. As soon as you get out, go right to Angus’s croft. It’s very important we get the next jewel as soon as possible. Drayton is getting more powerful.”

            “We’ll both be there as soon as school gets out. I told my mum we’d be home late today,” Elspet said.

            “I told my mum that too. She said that was fine.” Callum turned to leave. “Tell Fiona hello for us and we’ll see her later.” He and Elspet headed for school.

            Mairi stumbled back to bed and fell asleep right away. At two in the afternoon Fiona came into her mother’s room. “Mum, it’s Monday and I missed school.”

            Mairi woke up and looked at the clock. “I know. That’s all right. I missed work. We’re both in trouble. Are Johnny and Jimmy up yet?”

            “I think they just got up. I hear the tea kettle going,” Fiona said.

            Mairi got dressed and went into the kitchen. Jimmy and Johnny stood there, both of their faces covered with stubble. “You two are a mess. Why don’t you shower and shave and then we’ll head for Angus’s after we eat. Elspet and Callum are going there right after school. We should get there at the same time.”

            After a full English breakfast and showers, the four of them went to Angus’s house. Mairi found them nibbling on stale bread and pastries. “I’ll run into work and explain to my boss why I didn’t show up today and then I’ll run by the school and make up some reason to tell Fiona’s teacher about why she wasn’t there today and I’ll bring back something for you five to eat.” Without waiting for an answer, Mairi drove off.

            The doorbell rang. It was Elspet and Callum. Angus let them in. “You guys all look dead. What happened last night?” Callum saw Fiona with her head on the table.

            “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it. We need to go to the next place right away. I have no idea where it will be, or what the weather will be like, but we’ll go like we are dressed now. I hope we can have a good sleep while we’re there.” She yawned. “Uncle Angus, I need some more money. Oh, I just thought of something, did you take Jock’s SUV back to him?”

“I did it first thing this morning,” Angus said.  He handed her a wad from the drawer near his bed. “Now don’t forget to use your magic powers. You’ll need them.”

“We don’t have backpacks this time and we’d better not take your camera. We’ll just go like this. Wish us luck. Thanks for the money, Uncle Angus. We’ll try to be careful. Come on, Callum and Elspet.” She stood up and they held her hands. “We’ll be back in a few minutes,” Fiona said, winking. “Daleth shapish yam.”

            The room swirled around them. Colors danced before their eyes. When they stopped they stood on a sand dune. A camel bent down and licked Fiona’s hand. “I think I know where we are; Jordan.”

The End

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