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Rolfin's Orb
Book 7 - Amber
Chapter 11

Jason turned the pages of the book. “I’ve got it.” He stood up, holding the book and recited the words on the page. With the half-filled orb in his hand, he called, “Carti fakr humidi bral.” At first nothing happened, then a soft glow appeared in the corner of the room. The pale yellow light grew until it shone brighter than the sun. Imploding upon itself, Jason fell backwards into the chair. When he opened his eyes and was finally able to focus them after the flash of light, there stood Zerahemna. “It’s good to see you,” Jason said. He put the orb on the table.

“You found my book. I see my lessons did do some good. You listened,” Zerahemna said. “Why did you call me from Xilia?”

Jason spent the next half an hour telling the wizard about Phelan, Drayton, Castle Athdara, the orb, Fiona and Angus. “My father’s orb. It is here?” The wizard sat down on the settee.

“Yes, it is here.” Jason nodded to the orb sitting on the table next to him. “There is your father’s orb, or Rolfin’s orb.”

Zerahemna turned to see it. “It’s as beautiful as I remember it. I see seven of the stones are back in place. Five are left. This young girl, Fiona, has ventured well. She and her friends have been brave and retrieved the stones. The others have faced grave danger. Phelan is wanting the orb so he can live again in his old body, for eternity and will stop at nothing to get it.”

“That’s one of the reason I called for you. Who is the Chief Wizard?”

“His name is Nahimena. He leads in a pleasing manner, all of us in Xilia.”

“It is no longer Samothi then? Can you take a message to him. Tell him Phelan is here and still practicing dark wizardry. I know you’ve tried to capture him. If Nahimena can send an army of righteous wizards to capture him, this can end once and for all. Mairi, Fiona’s mother, the child and her friends, and Angus are all willing to go to Xilia and testify.”

“What you say is true. I shall take word back to Xilia and talk to the Chief Wizard.”

“How is Cloudwaltzer and how is your son, Lephimah?”

“Lephimah is well and the proud father of two wizardresses and one wizard. All three are in school now and doing very well with their wizard studies. Marissah just turned ten and received her dragon egg. It’s purple. She’s quite excited, running abot showing it to everyone. Marona is quite jealous, but she’s not far from turning ten. Abindah has a few more years to wait, but he is patient. Cloudwaltzer is very old. She is doing well though, as well as can be expected.”

“You sent her to help Fiona and the others in Hydra, didn’t you?”

“I did. I am allowed to help when needed, under special circumstances. The poor girl needs help now and then, but I’m very proud of her. She’s doing extremely well. Nahimena was talking of bringing the three of them here after the orb is complete to begin training as wizardresses and the boy as a wizard. What do you think?”

“I’m not sure their mothers and fathers will agree, but who am I to say.” Jason closed the book.

“It’s good to see you, Zerahemna. It’s been a long time.” Jason took the wizard’s hand in his. “You’re doing well?”

“I’m doing well, my friend. And the others here? Are they all well?”

“Yes. This century is very different from what we are used to, but it has its perks, as Fiona says.” Jason laughed.

“I must go. I chose to leave earth and return to Xilia. While I can leave for short periods of time, I cannot stay long. My body has been transformed now and will age rapidly if I stay here. I must go.” The wizard hugged Jason. “Until next time. Do not worry. I will discuss this with the Chief Wizard.” He stopped and put his finger to his chin in thought. “There is another way.”

“Another way?”

“If you can somehow lure Phelan out of the castle, away from the loch, it will make it much easier. When he leaves, the Great Wizard will know and retrieve his soul. For now, if he stays within Castle Athdara and the surrounding area, we cannot touch him. Keep that in mind.”

“I will. It’s been good to see you again, Zerahemna.”

In a flash of brightness, the wizard disappeared.  Fiona, Callum and Elspet burst through the door a moment later. “We’re here, Jason. Where is everyone else?”

Jason smiled. “Angus and Jimmy are out back. The others went to the castle. I expect them shortly. Why don’t you treat yourselves to some of Nellie’s shortbread. She let us bring all of it home and I think there might be a few pieces left. Go on. Help yourselves.” He closed the book and put it and the orb back in the closet. Opening the door he called to Angus and Jimmy. They came right in and headed for the sink to wash the paint off their hands.

“What are you painting?” Fiona chewed on her cookie

“Just making some repairs around the croft. Nothing for you to concern yourself with, young lady.” Angus wiped his hands on a towel.

Mairi, Jack, Jesse, Julian and Jeffrey walked in the door. “Well, Fiona, you’re here, just as I expected,” Jesse said. She rushed into his arms and wrapped hers around his neck. “I’m happy to see you too.”

           “Where’s Johnny and Jared? I’ve not even got to speak to him yet,” Fiona said. “I was going to chew him out for all those horrible traps he set for us in Mexico!”

“Johnny and Jared will be along shortly. You three have a mission to complete,” Mairi said. She helped them fill the backpack with shortbread, bottled water, a flashlight, and whatever else she saw lying around. “There you go. You’re all set.”

“Where do you think we’ll go this time, Uncle Angus?”

“You’ve got five more places, Argentina, Spain, Mongolia, Malawi and Nepal. My guess is as good as yours. I’ve not a clue. I’d take your jackets though, just in case it’s Mongolia or Nepal. Both of those places are cold.” Angus winked at his niece.

“Are you all ready?” Mairi gave them each a hug.

“We’re ready. I wish Johnny and Jared were here so we could say goodbye to all of you together,” Elspet said. “Oh, wait. Mairi, will you open my school bag and get out my pictures. Jimmy, this is what I’ve drawn so far about our trips. You can look at them while I’m gone. Be careful with them though.”

“Thank you, Elspet. I’m sure they’re beautiful,” Jimmy said. Mairi opened the bag and handed them the pictures. He blew Elspet a kiss.

“I hope Johnny and Jared aren’t too late,” Fiona said.

“I’m sure by the time you return, they’ll be here,” Mairi said.

Elspet, Callum and Fiona held hands. “Daleth shapish yam.” The colored lights flashed around them and they disappeared.

“That’s the same lights we saw in the cave,” Mairi said.

“What’s going on now?” Angus nibbled on a slice of bread.

“Johnny and Jared went into one of the tunnels. It led to a cave filled with light, just like we saw when Fiona left. They weren’t there, but their torches lay on the floor outside the cave.” Jack explained the situation.

“There’s no sense of any of us going anywhere. We’d better wait here, together, until they show up,” Jesse said.

“Good idea. Now, where’s some food,” Julian said. Jason kept his visit from Zerahemna to himself. Jimmy and Angus didn’t tell the others about the dollhouse. They filled their plates with leftover food and sat down to eat, each of their minds full of questions and secrets.

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