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Rolfin's Orb
Book 8 - Opal
Chapter 10

Fiona ran to the fence and watched the whirlpool spinning. A man and his two children sat inside a clear plexiglass bubble, bobbing up and down as the whirlpool spun them around and around. “That looks like fun.”

“No, Fiona! It'll make us sick to spin around like that. Don't you have another suggestion?” Jack swayed with dizziness just watching the bubble bouncing.

Jimmy pointed to a long dragon. “That must be the Dragon Shute. It looks sort of wild to me. Let's find something a bit  more calm.”

Fountains bubbled with colored water and small plastic balls floated on the surface. Waterfalls dropped from man-made cliffs into deep pools below. Geysers that erupted and pirate ships shot people from cannons into deep pools.

“Look everyone. There's the wave pool. Can we at least go in that?” Fiona ran to the sign. “It says that the pool generates waves and that we can body surf. How about it? You can't get sick from spinning and there are no sharks in the water.”

“All right,” Jacob said. “It sounds safe enough.”

“Good! I thought you'd try to stop me from having any more fun. Where's Uncle Angus? He should come in here with us. He's missing out,” Fiona said.

“Yes, he's missing out. Poor Uncle Angus,” Jack said sarcastically.

They went into the pool and enjoyed themselves, as Fiona had promised they would.

                                                #  #  #

Argulig went from ride to ride, searching for the group. “If I don't find them here, I'll have to start all over again, and I don't want to do that!”

The trow stood at the fence, his eyes wandering around the pool. “Well, well, well. There's Fiona and her pals. Let's see what sort of havoc I can wreak here.” Argulig went to the back of the pool and found the room with the control panels. Toying with the buttons, he changed the wave height, making them bigger and more frequent. “That should do it. I've got time to run back to the front of the pool and watch. Hee hee.”

A few minutes later he leaned against the fence and slid down his bottom. “Let the games begin.”

                                    #  #  #

Fiona was the first to notice. “Jesse, do the waves seem bigger to you? Look out!”

A huge wave smashed down on top of them. No sooner had they caught their breath when another came, and then another. Screams filled the pool as people swam to the sides, trying to climb out before they were swamped by another wave.

Jesse grabbed Fiona and held her close. “Fiona. Something's wrong here. We need to get out or we'll drown.”

She nodded and took a deep breath before the next wave pounded down on top of them.

Making it to the side, Jesse pushed her to safety. A wave beat him down to the bottom of the pool. He gasped for breath.

Fiona coughed water up. Unable to see Jesse, she knew she had one alternative. She grew ten times in size. Able to look down on the wave-riddled pool, she saw Jesse. An arm reached for him and lifted him into the air. Once she'd put him down on the grass, she helped the others get out of the pool. Once all was safe, she shrunk down to her normal size. Relieved that everyone had fled the area and not seen her grow, Fiona lay down next to the men.

 “We can't call that a coincidece! Two horrible things happening is just too much. I say Phelan's involved with this disaster.” Jimmy lay on his belly, exhausted from the struggle.

A worker rushed to the back room and turned off the wave machine. The water went calm.

“It's time to go now,” Jesse said. “The next accident, we may not be as lucky.”

They found Angus, who was totally unaware of anything aside from his book, and drove home.

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