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Rolfin's Orb
Book 9 - Sapphire
Chapter 13

An hour later they were all sitting around Angus’s table, or spread out on his settees. “Well, that was an eventful day for you all,” Angus said after listening to Fiona’s detailed oral journal. “Sounds like we should fill up on delicious food.”

“I’ll run into town with Johnny and pick up fish and chips for everyone. Stay here and rest.” Mairi grabbed Johnny’s hand.

After they’d left, Fiona said, “They like each other. I wonder if they’ll get married.” Nobody responded. “Well, why isn’t anyone saying anything. Didn’t people in your time ever get married? Some must have or you wouldn’t be born. You’ve all go a mum and dad, don’t you?”

Jasper answered first. “We all do. People did get married in our time, but you see, Fiona, you need to remember that Johnny too is from our time, not from yours and your mum’s time. I’m not sure what will happen if we stay here for a long time.”

You mean you might turn into Martians or something?” The men looked confused by Fiona’s words. “Never mind. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we.” Fiona lay her head on the back of the settee and sighed. “Hurry with the food, Mum. I’m starving. By the way, Uncle Angus, where else do we still have to go?”

“That’s a good question. Let me look.” He pulled the book down from a shelf and opened it. “You have to go to Mongolia, Malawi, and Argentina. There are three more men to come until the orb is complete.”

Fiona looked at the object sitting on the table. “It is so cool looking. There are nine stones in there now. Each of them has a dragon etched into it. I can feel the power growing stronger. I wonder what will happen. I wonder if Phelan will win.”

“Certainly not, Fiona. Don’t even think that way.” Jasper stood and marched over to the table. “Good always prevails. This orb represents honor, tradition, life. People died for this orb. Myself and all the rest of us wandered the land for years guarding the stones from King Dugan and his wizard, Phelan. There is no way I will allow him to win this battle.”

“I agree,” Jimmy said. “We are here for a reason. Each of us is. You forget that sometimes, Fiona. We are the guardians of the orb, not some plain folk that stopped by for a visit. You’ve not seen us at our best yet. I have a feeling you will. This is far from over. I think the best thing is to have a good night’s sleep and then tomorrow morning you, Elspet and Callum be on your way. Some of us might have to go to Malcolm’s house and talk him into letting Callum go, but I’m confident we can convince him.”

Fiona gave Jimmy a hug. “I do know you’re a great man, Jimmy. You all are. This is all like a dream to me, but here you are, sitting in Uncle Angus’s croft. We’ve got the orb, the three books and each other.”

“Hoorah for Fiona!” Julian shouted and clapped his hands. Soon the others joined in.

                                      *  *  *

Drayton reached Inveralba. His wounds had continued to bleed and were now infected, red and throbbing. By the time he arrived at Angus’s cottage, he passed out, lapsing into unconsciousness.

“What was that noise? Something just banged into the front door.” Jeffrey stood and opened the door. “It’s Drayton. He’s dead.”

The others rushed over. Angus knelt next to the lad. “He’s not dead, but he’s in a bad way. Fiona, run to town and get Doctor Innes. Have him come immediately. After you’ve sent him, go to Nellie McAllister and have her and her sister come over. Drayton’s in grave danger. His mum needs to be here with him.”

“All right, Uncle Angus. Will you come with me, Jason?”

Jason didn’t argue. He went off with the lass.

Mairi and Johnny came back and saw the crowd gathered on the porch. “What is he doing here?” Johnny nudged Drayton with his foot.

“He is wounded and they are infected. I’ve sent Fiona and Jason to get Doctor Innes and Penelope and Nellie. I’m not sure how sick this boy is. Help me get him inside.” Angus lifted Drayton’s legs.

They put him on the settee. “While we’re waiting, why don’t you all come and have a bite to eat. Its great fish and chips. I’ll clean the wounds. Save some for me and for Fiona and Jason.” Mairi tore up some old shirts and ran them under water. While the others feasted, she cleaned each wound. “What happened to him?” She tucked a blanket around him. ‘He looks like his mum when he’s asleep.”

“I think it was the animals that attacked him at the castle, or at least the redcaps and sluaghs. I’m sure they weren’t the cleanest creatures on earth.” Johnny shoved a piece of fish in his mouth.

They’d all eaten when Fiona returned with the doctor, Nellie, Jason and Penelope. “What has happened?” Drayton’s mother rushed over to him.

The doctor knelt down. “He’s going to need massive doses of antibiotics. Was he attacked by a savage animal? There is a lot of infection here around the wounds.”

“Fiona, you and Jason eat something. Nellie, Penelope, are you hungry?” Mairi put her arms around them both.

“We’re fine, lass. We finished our supper a while ago. Is Drayton going to be all right? Should we take him home?” Nellie frowned, looking at her nephew.

“He needs to stay here. Make no attempt to move him. It could be a deadly mistake. I’m leaving these antibiotics here. Make sure he gets them regularly. Someone did an excellent job cleaning his wounds. Watch them incase they get a deeper red. Keep cleaning them and put this ointment on them.” The doctor handed Mairi a tube of antibiotic cream.

“You’re his mother?” The doctor asked Penelope, who nodded. “Here’s his medicine. He must have bed rest, a lot of liquid and please, if there is any further sign of infection, you must come for me again. I would suggest you find the animal that did this to him and have it put down.”

“We’d love to do just that,” Mairi said, winking at Johnny.

“Very well. I’ll be off.” Dr. Innes left.

“I’m spending the night,” Nellie said.

“I am too.” Penelope sat on the settee.

“Perhaps a few of you should come to my house tonight. Johnny, Jimmy, Jared, Jasper, and Jack, you come with me. I’ve room for you all. Fiona, you’ll be sharing a bed with me tonight.” Mairi opened the front door.

“Cool, Mum. Goodnight everyone,” Fiona said, waving. As they drove home, Fiona rubbed her tummy. “The fish and chips were good, but I’m still hungry. We’ve got food at home. Can we have a second supper, a bigger one?”

Mairi looked in her rear view mirror at the others. Their heads nodded up and down in agreement. “I’ll fix something for us.”

Fiona clapped her hands. Mairi snickered when she saw Jimmy clapping his too.

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