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Rolfin's Orb
Book 9 - Sapphire
Chapter 14

Drayton lay unconscious as Fiona, her mum and the others arrived at Angus’s croft the next morning. “He’s still out of it. What are you going to do with him when he wakes up?” Fiona plopped herself on the settee. “He has powers, you know. He can do all sorts of things to you, even with his hands tied up. It’s not safe to keep him here.”

“It’s not safe to let him go either. He’ll head straight to Castle Athdara and get himself into more trouble. Look at him, Fiona. It’s obvious he’s no friend of that wizard.” Penelope yawned and sipped her tea.

“I know that. Maybe it’s a good idea, while he’s out, to go to the next place. I’m not sure how Mr. McAllister will be with Callum. He might not let him come.” Fiona took a bite of a stale bagel that sat on the counter.

“You run over to Elspet’s and pick her up. Tell her mum you’re going to school and come here,” Mairi said.

“Mum, you want me to lie?” Fiona gasped with a smile.

“I don’t think you have a choice right now. When this mess is over you will have some catching up to do. Run along and pick her up and come back here as soon as you can.” Mairi kissed Fiona and the cheek.

 Elspet left her house with no problems. She and Fiona waved goodbye. “I hate lying to my mum,” Elspet said.

“I talked to my mum about it. This is one of those times when we have to do it. Let’s go and get Callum.” Fiona took Elspet’s hand and they ran off.

When they knocked on Callum’s front door, his father answered. “I hope you lassies aren’t here for what I think you’re here for.”

Fiona looked at Elspet in a confused manner.

“Don’t give me that look. You two know what I am talking about. He can’t go with you. It’s over. When Anne saw the cuts and bruises, she raised the roof. She won’t let him out of her sight and neither will I.”

Fiona and Elspet stood at the door for half an hour doing their best to persuade Malcolm to let Callum come with them. Seeing their attempts were failing, they bid farewell and rushed over to the croft.

“Fiona, Elspet, you’re back. Where’s Callum?” Johnny looked out the door. “He’s not here.”

“His father wouldn’t let him come, Johnny. We tried our best.” Fiona sighed.

“All right. It’s time for us to interfere. Jacob, Jeffrey and Jesse, would you three mind going over and bringing Callum back. Tie Anne and Malcolm up if you have to. Just get him to let Callum come.” Johnny winked at Elspet.

“Don’t tie Mr. McAllister up,” she said in horror.

“I was joking, Elspet. I’m sure they can persuade him to see our way without resorting to that,” Johnny said.

                             * * *

Drayton opened his eyes. Nobody was in the croft except his mum and aunt. His body ached, racked with pain and throbbing sores. Where are the men? I’ll have to read my mum’s mind.  He entered Penelope’s thoughts and discovered all the men were either gone or outside helping Angus with the side of the house. Someone crashed their car into his croft. Stupid fools. Well, since it’s just the ladies, this is a great time for me to escape. His mum sat at the table sipping tea, her back to him. Nellie lay on the settee, her eyes closed. Rough night, ladies? I’ve got just the cure.

Drayton made himself invisible and lay still, seeing if either of them noticed. They didn’t. He walked over to the table and hit the cup of tea. It, along with the hot tea inside, went flying across the room, landing on Nellie. She shouted in pain and Penelope gasped in horror and rushed over to her sister. “Nellie, Nellie, are you all right? I must have bumped my teacup. I’m so sorry.”

While the two women fussed and fidgeted, Drayton went out the door and into the woods. Where do I go? If I go back to the castle, Phelan will be displeased with me again. I hate him. I can’t leave though. He finds me no matter where I go.  With a sigh of frustration, he headed for the castle.

                                      *      *      *

Penelope wiped her sister off and when she turned around to get another dish towel, she saw that Drayton wasn’t there. “Och no. He’s gone, Nellie. It was probably his dirty deed that knocked my teacup flying. Well, he deserves whatever he gets from that Phelan character. Mind my words, Nellie, he’s going to get himself killed.” Penelope went to the door and pulled it open. “Angus. Johnny. Come quick.”

The men heard her cries and rushed to her. “What’s the matter, Penelope?” Angus stepped into the croft.

“It’s Drayton. He’s gone. He made himself invisible and hit my teacup. Poor Nellie’s arms are scalded from the hot tea. I’ve put a cold, wet cloth on it. I think he’s gone back to the castle. Are you going after him?”

“No, I don’t think so. We’ve got things to do here. Drayton will have to get by on his own. I hope he doesn’t die before he realizes the mess he’s in.” Angus went to check on Nellie. “Let me see your arm.”

Fiona and Elspet came running into the croft. “Uncle Angus, we found a rabbit. We followed it and it has babies. Do you want to come and see?” Fiona saw Nellie. “What’s the matter? Where’s Drayton?”

“It’s a long story, Fiona. You and Elspet go on out and play and wait until they get back with Callum,” Angus said.

Johnny and Mairi looked at each other. “Show us where the bunnies are, Fiona. I’d love to see them. Elspet, are they adorable?” Mairi took Elspet’s hand. “Show us.” They ran off into the woods.

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