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Rolfin's Orb
Book 9 - Sapphire
Chapter 15

“Oh, you’ve decided to show up again. I see you’ve come empty handed once more.” Phelan hissed the words venomously.

“I passed out. They found me and kept me drugged. I only got away because my mother and auntie were the only ones there.”

“Well, at least you got the books.” Phelan looked at Drayton. “I don’t see any books. Where are they?”

Drayton didn’t know what to say. He’d never thought of it. He was in the house, alone with two women, invisible, and he forgot to pick up the books. “I couldn’t get to them.”

“You mean you were too scared, don’t you? You will be worm fodder, Mr. Steele. I’d slice you into pieces right this second, but I need your powers. Consider yourself lucky. Stay here at the castle until further notice and do not, under any circumstances disturb me.” With that, Phelan disappeared through the wall.

·        * *

Jason, Jacob, and Jeffrey arrived at the croft with Callum. “Here’s our boy,” Jeffrey said.

“Callum. How did you get his mum and dad to let him come?” Fiona ran over to Callum. “I’m glad you’re here. Are you feeling all right?”

“Yes. I can’t wait to get all the jewels in that orb and get rid of that Phelan. He’s…he’s….evil.” Callum’s gaze wandered around the room.

“Yes, Jeffrey, how did you get Malcolm to let Callum come?” Johnny put his arm over Callum’s shoulder.

“There was a stipulation,” Jason said.

“A stipulation? What sort of stipulation?” Johnny leaned against the table.

“He said Callum could go, provided one of us goes with him. He selected Jimmy.” Jason turned to Jimmy.

“Of course. I’ll go with them, though it’s more likely they’ll protect me instead of me protecting them.” Jimmy looked around the room for a pack. “I’m taking a few things with me.”

“Very well. Fiona, you, Elspet and Callum get whatever you need.” Angus handed them the customary wad of money. “This should do you.”

Mairi handed Fiona a few bags of sweets and pastries. “For later.” She winked. “Have you got your flashlights and cameras?”

Jimmy filled his pack with food, bottled water and other items he felt he might need.

“Uncle Angus, we are either going to Argentina, Mongolia or Malawi, Africa. Right?” Fiona tried to picture in her mind where each place was located.

“It’s spring in Africa and Argentina and probably bitter cold in Mongolia. I hope we go to one of the warmer places. We can buy coats there.” Fiona pulled the pack over her back, as did Jimmy.

“Come on, Jimmy. Take Elspet’s hand. We’ll form a circle. Ready?” Fiona’s gaze went from one to the other.

“Ready,” Jimmy said.

“All right. Daleth shapish yam.” Fiona had barely spoken the last word when the colored lights flashed and they disappeared.

“I will never get used to seeing that. It’s simply amazing,” Nellie said. “What should we do while they’re gone?”

“I think you should stay with us. Jason can walk with you to your home to get clothes and then come right back.” Johnny smiled at the two elderly women. “He’ll take care of you. They’ll be back in less than five minutes.”

“I’ll go and buy some more food,” Mairi said. “Who wants to go with me?”

“I’ll go,” Julian offered. “I’ve grown quite partial to 21st century food.”

“Jason can’t go,” Jeffrey said. “He needs to stay here and study the book. I’ll take Nellie and Penelope. I can’t translate Xilian.”

“Good thinking, Jeffrey. Johnny can look over his book and I’ll study Drayton’s book. I’m sure there are a lot more secrets to discover.” Angus waved the others goodbye, picked up his book and found a quiet corner to sit.

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