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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Five Pink Pigs

Five pink pigs lived outside in the field of Mrs. McIver's croft. Every morning she brought out a bowl of slop for them. If they were lucky, they'd find bits of turnip and potatoes, or even some chunks of onion. The pigs loved onions and leeks.

The problem with the pigs was that they were always covered with mud. It rains a lot in Scotland and the ground always turned to mud.

One day the oldest pig, Neal, decided he was tired of living in the mud. He wanted to dress up, like Mrs. McIver. Neal and the four other pigs waited until Mrs. McIver went to town to buy some flour and sugar to make shortbread and then they snuck into her croft.

"Come on, lads. She' s gone. Let's go and find some of her clothes." Neal opened the back door and the five pigs went inside.  Mud fell from their bodies all over Mrs. McIver's clean floor, but the pigs didn't even notice. They were too excited about wearing clothes.

They found her dresser drawers and opened her closet and started picking out things to wear. "Och, this is a lovely heather purple skirt and blouse," Neal said. He tried to slip it over his plump body. Mud got all over the skirt and the blouse tore right in half. "Oops. I'd better find something else."

Since the pigs didn't know anyone but Mrs. McIver, they didn't realize they were trying on lady's clothes instead of mens, but they didn't even notice that either.

One pig put on a yellow cardigan and some orange slippers. "Och, aye, don't I look smashing." Geordie buttoned the cardigan. Mud clung to the slippers and the buttons popped off.

Angus put on one of Mrs. McIver's nightgowns. "Och, this is far too warm. I do look rather pretty though, don't I?" He smiled at the other pigs.

Malcolm lay on the bed and rolled up in a blanket. "I like this blanket. I think I'll wear this."

Devon slipped on one of Mrs. McIver's yellow dresses. There were tiny white daisies on it, but soon it was covered with so much mud that you couldn't see a thing. All the seams burst open. "Neal, I don't think I want to wear clothes after all. I'd much rather lie in the mud," Devon said.

"Me too," added Angus, Geordie and Malcolm.

"I have to agree lads. Let's head back to the mud." Neal led the pigs out of the room. They'd left the torn clothes and all the mud behind them. They settled down in the mud just as Mrs. McIver came home.

She went into the croft and shut the door. A few minutes later the pigs heard an ear shattering scream. Mrs. McIver came to the door and looked out at them. Shaking her head she went back inside to clean up the mess.

Neal and the other pigs looked at each other and then ate their slop.

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