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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Bacon and Eggs

Farmer Fred walked to the barn to get some hay. Heíd just had his breakfast Ė a huge plate of crispy fried bacon and eggs. He loved bacon and eggs. He had them for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. Farmer Fred raised pigs and chickens so that he could have bacon and eggs any time he wanted.

Running around in the barn were five piglets. Farmer Fred had just bought them. He was going to raise them to be big, fat pigs. The fatter they got, the more bacon he could have. They squealed and ran about, tossing hay into the air. "Ah, there you are. Come and have some corn. It will make you grow quickly," he called to the piglets.

The five of them ran up to Farmer Fred. They were oinking and grunting with glee. He put a huge bowl of corn down on the hay for them to gobble and then went back to his farmhouse.

"If you eat all that corn and get fat, Farmer Fred will eat YOU!" a white-feathered chicken clucked. It flew up to the rafters of the barn. The piglets stopped eating and looked up. "Youíd better hide, and if you know whatís goof for you, you wont eat any more corn," the chicken added.

Later that day when Farmer Fred went back to the barn, he saw that the piglets hadnít eaten any of the corn. They werenít running around in the barn any more either. "Where are my piglets?" he wondered. He sat down on a rock. SQUEAL! SQUEAL! SQUEAL!

"What was that?" he said and jumped up. It wasnít a rock he was sitting on. It was one of the piglets. SQUEAL! SQUEAL! SQUEAL! He quickly tied a rope around its neck and put it in a mesh wire cage. "Stay in here while I find the others," he said.

Farmer Fred looked all around his farm but couldnít see the piglets. He climbed to the top of a hill to get a better look. UP at the top was a hollow log. Farmer Fred sat down on it and the log began to move. He fell backwards as it began to roll down the hill. SQUEAL! SQUEAL! SQUEAL! One of the piglets went flying out of the log. It lay on the grass, dazed and dizzy. Farmer Fred shouted, "Thereís another one of my piglets." He ran down the hill and tied a rope around the pigletís neck. He took it to the cage and put it with the other piglet.

"I think Iíll go fishing now," Farmer Fred said after searching for an hour for the three other piglets. He sat in the grass at the edge of the pond and started to put a wriggling worm on the hook. It accidentally slipped off and fell into the water. Farmer Fred looked all around for it. "Ah, there you are," he said, reaching in the pond to grab the worm. He pulled it out, but it wasnít a worm after all. It was a pigletís tail! SQUEAL! SQUEAL! SQUEAL! He held the piglet up in the air. "Iíve found my third piglet," he smiled, carrying it by the tail to the cage. He dropped it in with the other two. "Now, Iíve only got two more piglets to find."

Farmer Fred noticed that his flower garden was filled with beautiful flowers. There were fragrant pink roses, white daisies with yellow centers, purple pansies touched with gold, and bright red poppies. He also noticed that there were a lot of weeds. "I think I need to do some weeding," he sighed. He knelt in the dirt and started to pull them, tossing them into a pile. "Itís going to take me hours to weed my flowers." He reached over and pulled a big pinkish weed. SQUEAL! SQUEAL! SQUEAL! It wasnít a weed! It was another piglet! "Aha! Iíve found the fourth piglet. Youíre going to join the others," Farmer Fred said, carrying the piglet to the cage and putting him inside with the other three. "Now I have four of the piglets. Only one more to find."

Farmer Fred searched, and searched, and searched. The sun was beginning to set and he still hadnít found the fifth piglet. "Iím feeling hungry. I think Iíll go inside and fix myself some bacon and eggs. Iíll find the piglet after supper," he said, rubbing his tummy. He walked towards the farmhouse, looking at the trees as he walked past them. "I think Iíll have some big, juicy apples this fall," he said. "The pears look good too. My peaches are doing well and so are my plums. Whatís this growing in the apricot tree?" Farmer Fred wondered, looking up into the branches. "Itís a very odd shaped apricot." He looked closer. "I donít think thatís an apricot at all." He pulled the last piglet from the tree. It fell down on top of him, knocking him to the ground. "My last piglet! Iíve found you all." SQUEAL! SQUEAL! SQUEAL! The piglet wiggled around and tried to get out of Farmer Fredís arms, but he wasnít strong enough. Farmer Fred carried him to the cage and put him in it with the other four. "There now! Iíve found all my piglets. Iím going to the house to have some bacon and eggs and then Iíll be back out with your supper."

The piglets could smell the bacon cooking. They could hear it sizzling in the pan. Their snouts twitched as the aroma of the bacon surrounded them. A while later Farmer Fred came out with a huge bowl of corn. "Hereís your supper," he said, putting the bowl into the cage with the piglets. They were starving and gobbled the corn all up. Every day Farmer Fred gave them more corn and the bigger they got, the more corn they were given to eat.

Every day the chicken flew to the cage. "Iím warning you not to eat the corn," the chicken said, but the piglets ignored her. Soon the piglets were huge, fat pigs.

One morning when the chicken flew over to the cage, she saw that the pigs werenít there. As she stood on the side of the cage clucking, the aroma of bacon came floating out of Farmer Fredís house. She heard it sizzling in the pan. "I warned them," she said and flew back to the henhouse.

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