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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
I Wish I Was Big

I Wish I Was Big"I hate being so tiny! I wish I was big like a butterfly or a bumblebee," the ladybug mumbled. Iím so small that these flowers are like giants to me. I want to be big."

Lily stood on the tip of an iris leaf. Purple iris bloomed around her, along with bright yellow daffodils. "If I was big, I could play with the frogs and jump from lotus pad to lotus pad. I could look for acorns with the squirrels and play hide and seek in the corn stalks like the cows do."

A raindrop splattered on Lilyís wings. "A cloudburst!" she sighed and ran under the petals of the iris. "Now the rain canít get me." She could see the meadow. Several sheep were standing in it and were getting drenched. Their wool started to smell and drip water. "Those poor sheep have nowhere to go to stay dry."

Lily watched as the cows and horses were pelted with the raindrops. "They have to stand in the mud," she said.

Birds flew into the treetops and started fighting with each other because there wasnít room for them on the branches. "Itís awfully crowded in the trees. Just listen to those birds fighting."

When the rain stopped, the sun came out and a rainbow spread across the sky. Lily climbed back up the iris leaf and looked around the meadow. The birds flew from the trees. One headed right for her. "Yikes! Iíd better hide," she said and crawled inside the daffodil trumpet. "Iím safe in here." The bird flew past, not being able to see where the ladybug was hiding.

Lily started to think about all the things going on around here. "Maybe I am happy that I am small. I can hide under the iris petals to stay dry. I donít get my feet muddy and I donít smell like the sheep. I donít have to fight with other bugs because Iím so small and thereís a lot of room. I can hide from the birds when they come to look for a morning snack too. I have decided that I donít want to be big after all. I want to stay small." Lily began to smile. She spent the rest of the day watching the other animals as they tried to get dry. "Iím happy to be small," she laughed out loud and sipped a drop of rainwater from the irisís petals.

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