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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Now That’s A Big Bone!

Angus MacScot put a large bone into Malcolm’s dog dish. "Here boy," he called. Malcolm came running through, hungry and ready to eat. "I’ve got a nice bone for you, and I even left some scraps of ham on it. I know how much you like ham bones." He petted Malcolm on the head and went into the living room.

Malcolm picked the bone up in his mouth. He could taste the delicious flavor of the ham. Holding it tightly in his mouth, Malcolm stepped through his doggie door and went outside. He found a nice comfortable spot on the grass, lay down, and began gnawing on the bone. He sat there all day long tugging the meat and gristle off and then chewed the whole bone to bits. He savored the marrow, his favorite part.

Feeling satisfied and no longer the slightest bit hungry, Malcolm ran up the dirt lane to visit his friend Fiona, the Shetland collie. As he trotted towards her place he saw patches of bluebells growing along the side of the road. He ran up to them and sniffed them. He loved blue bells. When he arrived at Fiona’s, he started to bark. BARK! BARK! Fiona came running to the front gate and opened it so Malcolm could come into her garden. For the rest of the day, the two dogs played and rested in the shade of an old willow tree. There were some larks standing on one of the branches. Malcolm and Fiona listened to them singing and chirping. As the sun began to set, Malcolm ran home. He would come back tomorrow.

The next morning, after breakfast, Malcolm dashed up to Fiona’s house. They were going to get Jock and Paddy and go exploring in the hills near the village. After the four dogs were together, they were on their way. Paddy, the largest of the dogs, ran ahead. The others had to struggle to keep up with him. Their legs were much shorter.

At last they reached the hills. They were covered with bright lemon-yellow buttercups and small white daisies with sunshine-yellow centers and bright green leaves. The dogs had so much fun running through the flowers, chasing bees and butterflies. Jock found a plump orange caterpillar standing on a nasturtium leaf. The others gathered around to see it. It was the funniest looking thing any of them had ever seen. It had a big black spot with a white center on its back. They watched it for a while then ran off to play some more.

Paddy wanted to dig for bones. The others thought that was a good idea. They each started digging up the grass into the dirt with their front paws. Paddy, of course, dug the biggest hole, as his paws were the largest. Soon all the dogs were covered with cocoa- brown dirt. Jock started to bark madly. He growled and was very anxious. The others ran over to see what was wrong. Jock had dug up a huge bone. He’d only dug some of it. The others helped him dig around it. It took them a long time. The bone was big!

When all the dirt had been tossed aside, there lay a bone, bigger than all four dogs put together. It must be a dinosaur bone, thought Malcolm. It took all four of them to lift it up and put it onto the grass. None of their mouths could hold it so they had to lift it with their legs and paws and their backs and shoulders.

Jock licked it. He was surprised to discover that it tasted like a normal bone. Paddy joined in, trying a taste. Fiona and Malcolm each took at lick. It was delicious. This bone was much larger than the hambone Malcolm had eaten the day before. The rest of the day the four dogs sat and chewed on the bone. As the sun set that night, they had barely made a dent in it. Every day they went back to the huge bone and gnawed at it. None of them every wanted to eat the food at home. Angus MacScot wondered if Malcolm didn’t feel well. Finally, after a week, they finished the bone. They were so full that none of them were hungry for several days. But things got back to normal.

They went into the hills now and then to dig for bones, but they never found one as big as the one they found that day.

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