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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
I Want A Bite

Gary and Mary wanted to bake a cake. Their mama said they could as long as they cleaned up their mess. Mary mixed the flour and sugar and salt, while Gary added the eggs and oil and water. Soon they had the cake batter. Mary poured it into the cake pan and Gary carried it to the oven.

While it baked Mary and Gary went out to play with their pets. Rusty, the dog, loved to run around chasing his tail. Sometimes he barked and other times he sat quietly. Ginger, the cat, licked her fur clean and slept most of the time. Gary had a pet mouse named Bruce. Ginger didn't ever try to eat Bruce. They played together most of the time. Rusty didn't try to bite Ginger either.

When the cake was finished baking, Gary and Mary made some icing. They mixed the powdered sugar with butter and milk. Gary wanted chocolate icing and so did Mary. After they spread the icing all over the cake, they called for Ginger, Rusty and Bruce. All three pets came running in.

“Who wants a bite?” Gary stuck his finger in the icing and licked the chocolate sweetness off it.

“I want a bite,” said Mary. She put her fingers in it and pulled off a big chunk. “Do you want a bite, Ginger?”

The cat went meow and licked her lips.

“I think Ginger is saying, 'I want a bite'.” Gary giggled.  “Do you want a bite, Rusty?”

Rusty ran around the room and barked.

“I think Rusty is saying, 'I want a bite'.” Mary laughed and threw some cake near Rusty's paws.

Bruce, the mouse, came running over. He squeaked and climbed up the cake, pulling a big chunk of it off. It fell to the floor, along with the mouse.

“I think Bruce wants a bite too.” Gary picked up his pet mouse and kissed him on the nose.

Gary, Mary, Bruce, Ginger and Rusty ate the whole cake. When they finished eating, Gary and Mary cleaned up.

When Mama came into the kitchen she saw how clean it looked. “Very good, Mary and Gary. You cleaned up after yourself.” Mama looked down and saw chocolate icing all over Ginger's paws. “You need to clean yourself up,” Mama said. She picked the cat up and put her outside.  She looked at Rusty. “Rusty, just look at you. You've got chocolate icing all over your snout. Go outside and clean yourself up.” She opened the back door and Rusty ran outside.

Gary was happy that Mama hadn't seen Bruce. Mama didn't like Bruce, especially when he was messy.

Later that day Gary and Mary went out to play. Mary pushed Gary on the swing and then Gary pushed Mary. The cat, dog and mouse ran around the back garden, having fun.

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