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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Blue Snowman

Derek lay in his bed, all snuggly and warm. He heard the wind blowing outside his window. He was glad that he was inside. He fell asleep knowing that when he woke up, the ground would be covered with snow and he could build a huge snowman. He loved making snowmen.

All night long it snowed. When he woke up, he hurried and made his bed, ate his breakfast, and got dressed in his snow boots, coat, hat and gloves. He couldnít wait to build a big snowman and make snow angels. He opened the front door and ran outside. He stopped suddenly and looked around. Something was different and very unusual. Instead of white, fluffy snow, the ground was covered with blue snow.

He touched it. It felt like real snow. He packed some of it into a snowball. It packed like real snow. He picked some up and ate it. It tasted like real snow, but it was blue, the same color blue that was in his swimming pool in the summer. How could this be?

He started walking around in it, making footprints with his boots. It made footprints and crunchy sounds like real snow. He grabbed a handful and threw it up into the air. It fluttered to the ground like real snow. It must be real snow!

Derek decided to make a snow angel. He lay down on his back and started waving his arms and legs out to the side, up and down, up and down. When he finished, he stood up and looked at it. It was blue, but it was a snow angel. He started laughing. He liked blue snow.

He made a snowball and started rolling it around. It got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Soon he couldnít push it because it was so big. He left it there, made another snowball and pushed it around, but didnít make it as big as the first. He picked the blue ball up and put it on top of the other one.

He rolled another snowball around to make a head. He put it on top of the second ball. He stood back and looked at it. It was a big, blue snowman. Derek started laughing. Heíd never seen a blue snowman before. It looked funny. He found a handful or rocks under the snow. He carried them in his gloved hand and stuck them into the snowman, making two eyes and a mouth. He ran into the back garden and found an old carrot in the rubbish. It was a little limp and soggy, but good enough to use for the snowmanís nose. He used two twigs for the arms. When he was finished, he examined his blue snowman.

"Derek! Derek! Itís time to wake up," his mother called. Derek sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. What was he doing in bed? He had just been outside building a blue snowman. "Time to get up, Derek. It snowed all night. Iíll bet you want to make a snowman," she said, turning and leaving the room. "Get up and Iíll fix breakfast and then you can go outside and play."

Derek ran over to the window. He pulled the curtain open. It had snowed, but all the snow was white. He smiled. It had only been a dream. There was no such thing as blue snow after all, but he was still going to build a snowman and make a snow angel!

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